Wednesday, September 13, 2017

CME's & Strengthening the Geomagnetic Field w/ Our Pineal Gland

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) Could balancing our internal energies affect the earth? Science suggests that, through the principle of sympathetic resonance or entrainment, the earth's field influences our own, and in turn, our individual fields influence Gaia. While mainstream science has yet to acknowledge informational transference and resulting energy state changes, the ancients described this principle in the axiom: As Above So Below, As Below So Above. To be sure, the earth has a much greater impact on us than we do on her, but our influence is nonetheless real. And there's a wealth of science to confirm the theory that we are indeed receiving and transmitting information telepathically with our earth-mother. 

Nicole Frolick produced a short video discussing this little known yet vitally important phenomena. 

As a supplement to this video, consider the following related articles that lend scientific credence to the idea that we can help the earth by restoring energy balance within ourselves. 

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We often dismiss our personal contribution to the global conditions of our world, but it seems, we have much more power than we've allowed ourselves to believe. By developing holistic mind, body, and spirit practices, what I call self-mastery, we can improve our personal lives and help balance the planet, affecting weather, seismology, crime rates, and consciousness in general. 

- Justin

Last week our sun released the strongest Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) heading straight towards our planet in 12 years. There was some disruption amongst our communication devices like our cell phones. I know mine was acting up in very weird ways for a day or so.

This CME inspired this post because strengthening the geomagnetic field of our earth is not only something that needs to be discussed but it’s something we can all ACTUALLY PARTICIPATE in a very positive way.

In this video, I talk about the direct correlation of our pineal gland’s magnetic field with the earth’s. Gaia needs our help and not just for our own self-preservation. If you’re even a somewhat awakened individual you know how important your pineal gland is to strengthening the collective human consciousness. Well, it also plays a role in strengthening the geomagnetic field…if we make a collective conscious effort to do so. I’ll explain how we can do that and why it all rests on this tiny little organ in our brain that clearly is one of the most incredibly powerful parts of our human anatomy.

found on Operation Disclosure
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