Friday, August 11, 2017

The War on Truth Sharing is Here: #YouTubePurge: Book Burners of the Digital Age

by Justin Deschamps,

Welcome to the new world order's modern day book burning. For those long of sight and experienced in sharing information that shatters the false status quo, this shouldn't be news. But it is no less disturbing, nor is it something we, who love the truth, should take lightly. The time has come to make Google and Youtube obsolete, and I've started brainstorming ways of how to do just that.

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But we need your support.

For now, I would suggest you start educating yourself on the things being censored, likely things that sound good on the surface, but have a much deeper and insidious agenda.

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Social justice is one of them. NGO infiltration of Europe and other areas is another.

But in general, anything that has the power to be destroyed by the truth will come under assault.

As the saying goes: "Anything that can be destroyed by the truth, should be destroyed by the truth." For there is only one thing that can be destroyed by the truth, that's untruth, lies, and falsehood.

We've enjoyed relative freedom of information in the short 30 years of the beginnings of the internet age. But now that time is ending.

The powers that be have used various debased populist agendas to make this a popular thing.

Consider that in the United States, a country allegedly founded on free speech, a growing population of people are actually advocating for putting an end to this essential precept of a moral and just society, under the guise of protecting "easily triggered people."

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Of course, free speech, like any freedom, comes with responsibility. Your words have power, so you must use them with respect and wisdom. But to unilaterally censor people who say things that go against the status quo, regardless of the justification, is tyranny. And our children are being indoctrinated into this agenda.

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The times of change are at hand.

And our power as individuals, who've studied and understood the value of truth, is calling at the door.

Will you join us in defending the truth?

Or will you suffer the fate of so many generations of you who've accepted the yoke of slavery under the guise of safety and security?

I think most people reading these words will know precisely what they want. But we can't do this as islands. It's time we united, set aside our differences, and worked together for the benefit of ourselves and future generations.

Our grand children will look back at these times and ask us what we did. I, for one, want to tell them I didn't let petty differences prevent me from working with others to do what is right.

- Justin

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