Monday, August 14, 2017

The Appalling Horrors of the Soros Immigration Program in Europe; Jeff Rense & Dr. Leonard Coldwell—Must Listen [videos]

(BP) Something the lamestream media in America is not revealing is the devastation of Europe from NON-SYRIAN immigrants. The “sub-humans” as Jeff calls them and as I have often referred to them and others in the fading power structure, are not war refugees from Syria as the controllers would have us believe.

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Source - Starship Earth: The Big Picture

by BP, August 12th, 2017

Far from it. When you hear Dr. Coldwell’s description of what is going on in Germany, for example, it will curdle your blood. This is, I take it, one reason Trump has taken decisive action to curb immigration in America.

When coming by boat or raft, it appears no one stopped them and European women, in particular, are paying the price in multiple countries as a result of boatloads of “refugees” over the past year plus.

We are fortunate here in America that the People still have their guns. Many have warned Americans to ensure they keep their right to bear arms because it is the ONLY thing between them and complete tyranny.

European countries are not so fortunate. Dr. Coldwell tells us that in Germany they have no guns, and cannot even carry a knife over a certain small size. They have to request permits to carry pepper spray and Police won’t help rape and assault victims. Hasn’t Angela Merkel done a wonderful job of protecting her country and its people?

This is one discussion you don’t want to miss as Dr. Coldwell is well aware of the full agenda of the psychopaths on all fronts and they nail it, while adding details we perhaps hadn’t heard before.

For example, he says the death toll of holistic doctors is now at 131 in the US, which is far higher than we’ve heard, and many holistic doctors now have armed body guards at their clinics. Erin Elizabeth, Health Nut News author and wife of Dr. Joseph Mercola has told us they both have personal body guards.

It’s a miracle that after several attempts on his life through poisoning and multiple shots, that Dr. Coldwell is even alive to deliver this interview, but he says there is no room any longer for fear in his life. He is about to publish his latest book and it’s one we all need to read if we are to survive the eugenics plan as outlined on the Georgia Guidestones, which he mentions.

Now that more folks are getting their current events from the new media and have realized the folly of looking for truth in the propaganda networks, I hope they are beginning to understand that none of this just happens by accident. This entire plan was orchestrated decades ago, in great detail.

There are no regular folks playing the game; only players pretending to be like us. There are many creatures on this planet controlled and manipulated to do the bidding of the psychopaths. They may look like us, but don”t bother looking for reason or empathy. They have none; probably bred/created for this very purpose—the reign of terror.

One scenario we are now learning about has been termed a Muslim “game”, but it is disgusting crime against women. Read more about that at the link and watch the video. Thanks for the share, C.


Earlier news of the North African invasion came in articles like this one, below, from January 2017. Months of an insurgence of young men and little to no women or children have meant untold fear and misery for Europeans. As Dr. Coldwell mentioned, these men from North Africa have AIDS and unknown STDs which doctors are ill-equipped to combat. It appears to be very difficult to control the infestation of illegal immigrants and there have been casualties in the ranks of the defenders. Read more at the link.

More than 1,000 migrants storm border at Spain’s Ceuta

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