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Major Breakthrough in the Search for Hidden Chambers Inside Pyramid of Giza

(Ivan) Experts currently scanning the Great Pyramid of Giza believe that there is at least one secret chamber hidden inside. They say they have detected “cavities” inside the monument that could prove what many assume are hidden rooms containing 4,000-year-old secrets.

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Source - Ancient Code

by Ivan, August 4th, 2017

A project called ScanPyramids uses infrared thermography, and various other techniques to search for hidden chambers inside the Great Pyramid of Giza. So far, experts have found several anomalies inside the pyramid and say they could soon reveal their contents.

Using Infrared Thermography, scientists detect energy emitted from an object converting it into temperature. It displays an image of the temperature distribution, allowing experts to detect objects that are hidden.

Experts also use 3D scans with lasers. Lasers bounce narrow pulses of light off the interiors of a structure in order to create a detailed map. Once experts complete the scanning, obtained data can be converted into an extremely detailed 3D model.

And last but not least, scientists use Cosmic-ray detectors. This allows scientists to detect muons that are created when cosmic rays crash against our planet’s atmosphere. Muons are completely harmless and pass through people and buildings with ease. Muons pass through rock and other dense materials but eventually slow down and come to a stop. Scientists want to catch muons after they’ve traveled through a strcuture—like a pyramid—and measure their trajectories and energy. This can help scientists create a #d image that can reveal hidden chambers.

Researchers with ScanPyramids hope solve numerous enigmas surrounding the Great Pyramid.

ScanPyramids members inspecting the north face of the Great Pyramid, where there may be a secret passage. Courtesy of ScanPyramids mission.

It is understood how one of the “voids” is hidden behind the north face of the Pyramid. “It could have the form of at least one corridor going inside the Great Pyramid,” Scan Pyramid reported last year.
However, scientists now also believe they may be a second hidden void located beneath one of the descending corridors inside the Great Pyramid of Giza.

‘All the devices we put in place are intended to find where the cavity is located. We know there is one, but we’re trying to find out where,’ said Mehdi Tayoubi, chairman of the HIP Institute overseeing the ScanPyramids project.

The Great Pyramid of Giza is one of the most impressive ancien structures on the surface of the planet and remained the tallest man-made structure on earth for nearly 4,000 years. And is the only surviving monument from the ancient Seven Wonders of the World.

Last October experts announced that the Great Pyramid m ay contain several undiscovered recesses, but experts say that its still not clear what these hidden rooms may contain. However, the technology currently un use could help archaeologists in the near future “take a look inside an ancient Egyptian time capsule,” which could help sole many mysteries surrounding the civilization of the river Nile.

Depending on what experts find out at the Great Pyramid of Giza, archaeologists hope to use similar techniques and tools to locate the eternal resting place of legendary Queen Nefertiti, wife of Akhenaten—one of the most controversial rulers ever to rule over ancient Egypt.

Main Image: Courtesy of ScanPyramids mission.
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