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Facebook to Push More Left-wing Fake News by “flagging” Real News as Fake

(Lance D JohnsonWith approximately 2 billion monthly users from around the globe, Facebook is the most popular website for sharing information and interacting digitally with other people. The real problem with Facebook now is censorship. Facebook is censoring information that is truthful, bold, eye-opening, paradigm-shifting, controversial or dissenting to the status quo.

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Source - Natural News

by Lance D Johnson, August 11th, 2017

With approximately 2 billion monthly users from around the globe, Facebook is the most popular website for sharing information and interacting digitally with other people. The real problem with Facebook now is censorship. Facebook is censoring information that is truthful, bold, eye-opening, paradigm-shifting, controversial or dissenting to the status quo.

You shouldn’t be penalized or censored for thinking, writing or speaking about something from a different angle than what is currently popular. Popular ways of thinking need to be challenged and questioned from time to time, especially when human lives are involved. It’s easy to follow along, to get along. We shouldn’t be afraid to blow the whistle and discuss things that matter to life itself.

Information should flow freely. People should think for themselves. It’s up to the individual to think critically and form their own worldview. Having some “official” institution filter out what is true and fake is equivalent to indoctrination and brain washing.

Even the most firm conclusions are malleable to new thought and new perspective. Science isn’t “settled” on issues such as GMOs and vaccines. We were just taught to obey the conclusions, and now we’ve taken all the conclusions for granted. Good science challenges itself with new hypotheses and a yearning to explore what hasn’t been examined.

We now live in a world where Facebook has the power and authority to flag and filter out what you can and cannot read. Facebook is working on a platform that allows articles to be flagged and sent to third party fact checkers. Facebook management claims they are trying to stop the flow of fake news, but in the end, all they are doing is dubbing themselves the official authority for determining what is fact and what is fiction. Facebook is literally becoming a mind control platform.

This Facebook censorship power trip will easily be used by industry or government that has an agenda to push. All dissenting facts, experiences and opinions will be silenced through these clever Facebook algorithm filters. Those industries with the most money, political influence and connections will be able to have their news heard.

The truth, which could liberate people from being pawns of these industries, will be called “fake news.” The news that people don’t want to hear or realize, will be flagged. Unpopular truth will be made to look like second-hand, unfounded opinion, not backed by any “official” source.

The official news that Facebook will allow to flourish and remain in people’s Facebook feeds will be the news that the most influential people want them to hear, to ultimately push their agendas and uphold their net worth.

The new Facebook program will use updated machine learning tools to detect questionable news stories. The content not allowed by Facebook management will be sent to third party fact checkers, who will judge the stories further. The fact checkers will judge using their limited worldview, narrow education background, political stance and controlled decision making process. These fact checkers will alert Facebook users when they come across so-called fake news material. Millions of people will be brainwashed in the process.

Since the presidential election of 2016, Facebook has been under pressure from extreme Left Wing factions which decry the fact that Facebook allowed the spread of what they call “fake news” during the election cycle, which ultimately led to the nomination of Donald Trump as president. This ongoing pressure from the Left over the loss of their ideas, shows that this fake news witch hunt is all about censorship to control public opinion.

Since being in office, President Trump has used reverse psychology against the establishment to call out fake news hit jobs published by the mainstream media. Trump and the independent media have used the words “fake news” against the establishment and have called out the conflicts of interests and actual propaganda news stories that are being published through official sources such as CNN and the Washington Post.

The fight over freedom of information is far from over. The real news that comes through Facebook in the future will merely be the stories that the most powerful people want you to hear. Corporations, the CIA, the CDC and other powerful entities will determine what you read on Facebook.

The same regurgitated pharmaceutical and vaccine propaganda that gets played through NPR and CNN will be hailed as real news and prioritized on Facebook news feeds, while important information that liberates people from these harmful medical frauds, will be denoted as “fake news” by Facebook and their so-called unbiased “third party fact checkers.” (Related: For more discernment, check out

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