Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Divinity and Oneness: The Potential For Cosmic Growth In Analyzing John McCain's Brain Cancer

by Simon Esler

We are each beholden to the pressures of the high intensity, emotionally fraught global circumstances facing humanity at this time. This is an utterly incredible time for humanity as we rest on the horizon of immense and powerful changes in the realms of social organization, technology and consciousness. It is manifesting in so many different forms on so many different levels, from interpersonal relations to shared attention on large scale events. As we attempt to apply clear-hearted awareness and formulate our perceptions in terms of the events arising we are truly employing the most powerful expression of our free will. Pulling us in the other direction, away from applying our clear-hearted awareness to the challenges of this great change, is our social conditioning. These social distortions are extremely difficult not only to remove from our being, but to even identify in the first place. It requires calm focus, diligence and rock solid communities to move through these challenges in a way that sheds this social conditioning and all the entrapments it has been designed to sustain. 

Clear, public examples of these challenges that we can all study together as a means of identifying social conditioning and the expansive perceptions beyond it, are essential. This is what I intend to offer here as a thought experiment for our collective upliftment. 

I will be referring to some information offered by two prominent community members, Jordan Sather and Corey Goode. To be clear,  I am not implying that either Sather or Goode are intentionally seeking to limit our perspectives but instead that they are exploring sensitive topics that require deep contemplation. It is our responsibility as community members to engage what they are sharing with our own sense of clarity and truth. We are each responsible for our state of being and the perspectives stemming from it as information and experiences arise. 

Recently in his Destroying The Illusion July 19 update, Sather mentioned the brain cancer diagnosis given to John McCain. To quote Sather, "You're not going to be able to live in these new energies if you're living selfish, self-serving evil ways." 

In framing this information we are met with a number of temptations that might not be authentic to our role as light workers. Jordan's comment, that individuals like McCain will not be able to survive the oncoming high energy changes, is understandable. And yet, there are additional layers that can be explored to deepen our service to the situation at hand. This information requires a broader perspective if we are indeed looking to manifest the highest timeline as a collective endeavor. 

For many, this notion may be rooted in experiments mentioned by Corey Goode on multiple occasions, most recently in Cosmic Disclosure, season seven episode twenty-eight, Viewer Questions 9: Time Travel and the Future. Therein, Goode stated that in these experiments certain individuals were placed within conditions mimicking the oncoming galactic energies resulting in either states of bliss and joy or states of negativity and confusion depending on the predisposition of the individual involved. Spiritually speaking this is allegedly related to the positive or negative orientation of such an individual in terms of their refined intention to serve themselves or to serve others. 

Also of note in this episode, Goode states that none of the secret space program groups with access to the data of this galactic energy shift can agree on what may or may not happen beyond the event horizon being studied. This notion, that the human potential to process and utilize the oncoming change can not be reduced to the realm of statistical variables and preferred assumptions is important to keep in mind in gathering perspective on McCain's illness and similar events. 

The temptation here is to place the information presented by Goode, with McCain as an example, within the narrow parameters of operant conditioning. 

This particular form of social engineering states that human beings need an operant—an outside force—to govern (condition) their behavior by applying punishments and rewards based on the operant's arbitrary notions of good and bad. 

Through this rather limited lens, it would seem that the galaxy is an operant, governing McCain's poor behavior by subjecting him to brain cancer for not living a life in alignment with energetic anomalies entering the earth environment. The problem with this perspective is that it somewhat removes free will from the equation. The only restrictions McCain faces are those that came with his soul's desire to arrive within this incarnation. Within these limits his choice, as a soul, to utilize this life's set of parameters is infinite—so it is with all of us here on earth. We are each responsible for the incarnation we are exploring, and yet we are free to apply our energy to it in any number of ways. The essential distinction is: are we applying ourselves from awareness of the fundamental implications of our soul's choice to be here? Or are we operating as socially conditioned creatures under the illusion that our free will is at work?

To simplify, the pressure of either brain cancer (punishment) or bliss and longevity (reward) as a means of coercing a soul into behaving properly is really just a story of manipulation—within the limiting perspective of operant conditioning. While this is not necessarily being implied in Sather's comments, it is nonetheless an extremely tempting perspective to take, given the reality of social conditioning. There is a gravity pulling us towards perceiving things in this way due to how saturated we have become as a collective in the idea that we are faced with nothing but a series of punishments and rewards given from up on high—a rather myopic view of traditional spiritual thought. 

This assessment of McCain's circumstance does not leave room for the true expansive nature of our situation. We are human beings waking up to our choice to be here on earth, and to the possibilities for our being to find expression within that choice. We are here to expand into this choice, and the responsibilities that come with it, not merely to react and survive. We cannot claim to know what level of awareness someone like McCain has in his true potential, or what he might really do if he became more expansive in this awareness. 

Similarly, this limiting perspective has the potential to be harmful in that many very positively oriented individuals around the world, and within this community, are struggling with very serious illnesses. Is this because they are negative beings, failing to keep up with positive galactic changes? This perspective is not only wrong and harmful to those facing illness, but it is a dangerous oversimplification of the individual journey and the power of one being to gain wisdom from all types of experience. The challenges we face can better be seen as a measure of our integrity and a constant calling to find deeper alignment with our heart's path. Life's obstacles can be seen as our own heart calling to us as opposed to an omniscient force applying pressure to us to change our behavior. 

Coming to earth is to choose the failing body, hardship and inevitable death. These factors create a pressure for our potential to be expressed, not to keep us from misbehaving. The reason there are limits on what can occur here is because these are the limits humanity chose as a means of realizing its potential, and we are only now beginning to remember these chosen limitations. Any "maintenance" in terms of positive forces outside humanity playing a role in this reality comes from an intention to help us protect the choices that we made when we decided to journey on this blue planet. Many of us have forgotten the reality of these soul level choices, and in this forgetfulness we are protected from dishonoring what we came here to do, for this would bring us sorrow on a very deep level as souls. This is true, even for an individual such as McCain. If he is being met with illness he is being honored and loved in this by being brought face to face with his soul's capacity to create via choice, desire and his human level of awareness. His free will is essential to the same extent as yours. Our creations as human creatures are never challenged by spiritual authority, only revealed to us within the context of why we came here in the first place. If we are challenged by what we have created, we have awareness to cultivate in terms of who we really are. 

Few on earth have the capacity, perspective, and memory to comprehend the implications embedded within our multidimensional choice to incarnate here. To be simpler, none of us are going to experience anything that goes beyond the parameters of our soul's choice to be here on earth at this time, and yet there are infinite choices within those parameters. The most fundamental act of free will giving birth to all of our human experiences in this life was to choose this particular incarnation. This is true from both an individual perspective and for humanity as one collective being. 

McCain, like all of us, is a fledgling soul in the cosmos making his way through the challenges of life on earth. He has arrived into this world with karma that is unknown to us. He shares the pressure of the inevitable, his death, with each and every one of us. What's magical about free will is that a human can, at any moment, dramatically transform their path. In terms of spiritual orientation, a being is always presented with the opportunity to change from one polarity to another. This means that the potential for McCain to use the impending pressure of his death to transform himself into a positive force is present, and in fact it is always being offered to him. This is the choice facing each of us in every moment of our lives. All of our choices are overflowing with this potential and this is our power as creative beings faced with the constant pressure of death. It is always there, advising us to use our time here wisely. Seeing another being, like McCain, being faced with this advisor, is a point of unity to be regarded as essential. 

As this time of great change unfolds we must be careful with our collective power, in this case as a community focusing on someone like McCain. When we use our communal power to focus on the story of this individual as an "evil person" who deserves punishment we are creating an energetic environment in which the potential for his transformation is being limited by the power of our collective intention. We have all seen the dangers of character assassination in this community. It is one of the Cabal's strongest assets as it quite skillfully coerces large groups of people to apply this limiting effect upon one person's potential. Also, consider that buying into character assassination pressures the individual in question to perceive themselves in similarly limiting ways. In pressuring someone to see themselves in such a limited way we are in fact collectively encouraging them to repeat the behaviors of their past. 

Transformation comes from making choices that are not anchored in the weight of past mistakes but rather in a new way of living and being that is necessarily free from the story of our past. This comes from forgiveness and understanding of who we have been and what we have done. When we make the shared statement that someone is merely the sum of their negative past behaviors, we limit the infinite potential contained within that being.

If we are each divine, and we are all one, then we have to ask ourselves what the consequences of such a shared perspective are. If we are using the power of our shared attention to limit someone like McCain then are we not limiting all of humanity? Are we making an open-ended conclusion or a closed and rigid judgment? When we do this to one human heart, do we not do this to all human hearts? Moreover, if our goal is to manifest the highest timeline can we really say the best manifestation of humanity's future is rooted in vengeful perspectives that desire punishment and revel in the idea of suffering for anyone? As we make our way through updates and intel from individuals such a Sather and Goode we are bound to be faced with information about people who's behavior makes the idea of harsh judgement extremely tantalizing. It is easy in this morass of human conflict to forget the innocence that began each being's journey here. Humanity's oneness means that no one person here on earth is more or less important than another, and yet each of us must individually quest to survive the pressure of our own incarnation. This is true for both negatively oriented and positively oriented humans and is not an easy contradiction to come to terms with. If we are reducing someone's role in this journey to that of a one dimensional villain we rob ourselves of perspectives and possibilities far beyond these notions. 

Consider the recent, brief update shared by Goode , referencing a conversation he was having with David Wilcockexploring the importance of a particular Law of One quote that was resonant for them at the time. To quote the conversation:
"Benevolent ET groups believe the Earth will experience some type of awakening in the near future. If this is true, it seems very possible that we are capable of attaining a positive outcome. However, our success in these endeavors would be conditional upon our ability to stop viewing everyone and everything that is different from ourselves as our 'enemy'."
Might this apply to our perspectives on McCain and others whom we perceive as oppressors, abusers and controllers?

On a smaller scale, we can all relate to being on both sides of the challenge to maintain an expanded perspective while the pressure of our circumstances demands that we take a narrow view. 

Think of the frustration and limitations we feel when, for example, a family member continues to energetically pressure us into repeating the same mistakes by constantly assuming we are bound by the story of our past. Have we not each also found ourselves assuming that someone in our lives who has struggled with the same chronic, self-destructive behaviors for years is only going to make the same mistake once again? We fear assuming that someone will break free from their past because we do not want to suffer the loss of hope and the weight of disappointment when they may fall back again. We often feel this way about our selves and tend to measure the belief we have in our own future against the perceived failures within our story thus far. The struggle to strive towards resolve and change instead of regret and repetition is our burden to bear with ourselves and each other and is an excellent example of where we often fail to apply our powers of manifestation. If we can get past our narrow, self-important desire to shy away from holding higher, more expansive perspectives, despite what we see arising from the past, we can begin to tap into the highest good for all.

When I meditate on the highest good for humanity I end up finding a child-like warlord within myself, wounded by generations of ugly choices and relationships rooted in endless manipulation, and I am brought to great compassion in seeing this. 

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One of the most powerful things we have in this life is the freedom of another human being. Even if only one individual from the depths of the Cabal made a final choice to support peace on earth before dying, would this not be an incredible gift? Think of the impact on our collective heart and on the potential for humanity to move forward as a species. How would such an occurrence support us in healing and realizing our true capacity as peaceful, space faring, inter-dimensional beings? To what extent would such an experience deepen our capacity to serve and uplift beings immersed in darkness, looking for a way out? Generations from now we may just be a species of healers uplifting populations immersed in the same trap. How can we begin to cultivate this medicine now? Would a "negative" life of harming others not frame a final redeeming choice of love as a miracle? And would not the wisdom gained from such a life be an immeasurable benefit to those of us seeking to help others on the dark path? Even the mere possibility can begin to open our eyes to what each of us is truly capable of. 

None of this is meant to be offered as a prediction, an attachment to a specific outcome or a shaming of the perpetuation of limiting perspectives. But I will say that holding the shared perspective that even the darkest hearts can use this time on earth to transform themselves is something we should all take very seriously. 

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We all play different roles in this drama. We are fortunate to have individuals like Sather, Goode, Wilcock and others making a genuine effort to disseminate information and ideas that may otherwise not be offered. If this is their role, then ours cannot be merely consuming as much of this information as possible, nor can it be reduced to feverish attempts to share it with as many people as possible. If our attempts to chase this collective narrative via consumption have left us with little inner silence, where within us is the potential for the unknown going to blossom? Where does a miraculous unrealized perspective have room to germinate? Rather than the intellectual stimulation that comes with overconsumption of information, less 
information can be brought into a place of quietude in which our heart's capacity to gather a larger perspective can be employed. Seeking the role of compassion, kindness and understanding in such maddening times is a call to wisdom that is only being made because you are worthy of it. Let's use what public figures offer very carefully by regularly applying calm  contemplation and detachment, by moving beyond socially conditioned perspectives. It is our task as consumers of this information to maintain a humble, quiet and open state for whatever is being offered to be transformed. 

The days ahead of us are crucial beyond our comprehension. When we lose a fellow human such as McCain to a dark path, to a painful confusing end, we end up a wounded species with much work to be done. When we have the capacity to forgive and believe in someone's transformation we must apply it. Every single heart counts right now. 

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Let's not fall into the trap of treating our oppressors as they manipulated us into treating ourselves and each other. They genuinely have no idea how loving we can be. Let's show them

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