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David Wilcock Personal Update: Why David Needed a Time-Out, and What's Next....

(David WilcockAfter 20 years of what has felt like a non-stop emergency, David decided to take a much-needed rest, and cut the cords to all social media and public activity.

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Source - Divine Cosmos

by David Wilcock, August 5th, 2017

The results have been very positive. Inspiration has returned, and goals we have been working on for many years are now within reach.
This is an update for those who are interested in hearing the personal side of things before we go back to addressing the greater global concerns in the near future!
If it chaps your ass to read David talking about his personal life, and you count the number of "I's" in an article as a death sentence, then stop now!
Run, fly, be free. There is nothing for you to see here, no "New Information." LOL. Just hang on and wait for the next one, which shouldn't be long.
This website should get a huge upgrade before the end of the month and we are finally prepared to launch live streaming videos on YouTube.

The vast majority of this audience is extremely positive, supportive and encouraging. I really appreciate that, and I want to thank you for standing up for me.
It has not fallen on deaf ears. Your kind words and thoughts really do matter.
Well over 95 percent of them are extremely positive and supporting. The date of the post was August 4th, 2017.
The oddly consistent phenomena of "numerical synchronicity" -- unexpected patterns in numbers -- also happened again when I checked it before writing this.
The number of views at the moment I looked, for the first time since writing it, was exacty 29,299 -- three 9s and two 2s:

Already, just in the short time since I took this photo, it has gone up to nearly 29,500, so this was truly a brief little snapshot in time.
The frequency of appearances of these numerical patterns in my online activity goes far above any reasonable likelihood of chance.

I first began posting article-length pieces online in 1996, after gaining internet access in the fall of 1995.
By far, the most active and vibrant online community in those days for UFO-related matters was Richard C. Hoagland's Enterprise Mission forum.

Hoagland was by far the most popular guest on Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell, and the listening audience was estimated to be 20 million people at the time.
I was very surprised to see so much toxic hatred and negativity being voiced against a man who had information that, if true, would rock the world to its core.
If Hoagland was right, and the obvious humanoid face and pyramid monuments on Mars were in fact artificial, then nothing could be of greater significance.

You have tangible ruins on Mars, photographed by NASA. The more you do the research, the more inescapable it is to conclude they were intelligently-built.
This opens up a huge range of questions, including why the face has a half-lion, half-human appearance, and why we then see a Sphinx next to identical-looking pyramids on Earth.

Hoagland's compelling suggestion was that we were not indigenous to Earth, but were rather survivors of a much older civilization that destroyed their planet.

I was fortunate enough to learn that NASA was hiding the truth about ETs and UFOs in the spring semester of my sophomore year of college, in 1993.
This came from a friend of mine who gained first-hand NASA insider access. I read Hoagland's book that same year, and was awed by the implications.
It triggered a research binge where I assimilated about 100 books a year for three years, which is about two books a week, every week.
I would read them cover-to-cover and was able to remember the majority of everything interesting that was contained within each one.
I was truly impressed when Graham Hancock released Fingerprints of the Gods in 1995, and summarized much of the best data I had found in those 300 books.
I bought it in hardcover almost immediately after it came out, at around 30 dollars, and felt it was worth every penny even at a wage of $5.77 per hour before taxes.

By the time I got onto the internet in 1995, I was already very well-read on the subject, and was seeing many other connections Hancock had missed.
My insights delved into areas such as advanced physics that Hancock had never covered, but Hoagland had.
I took Hoagland's geometric physics discoveries and moved the ball much further forward, ultimately leading to a public research partnership starting in 2004.
I was on fire for the truth, and knew that I had tapped into an area that deserved much wider publicity and interest than it had gained up until then.

In the pre-internet era, I had no one to tell me what to think about anything I was reading. It was up to me, and only me, to decide what was truth.
Any television documentaries on UFOs were utterly unconvincing, with sarcastic skeptics who would "balance" any information that was conveyed with doubt.
I picked up those books because the idea of not reading them was unthinkable to me. I needed it. I was starving. I could never get enough. The cost was irrelevant.
Authors had to go through rigorous vetting processes to get a book deal, and had to generate a coherent narrative that was usually at least 300 pages long, with documented references.
One of the ways I would tell if I was going to bother with any given book was to immediately flip to the back, check the bibliography and note how many pages of references there were.
Anything less than two pages of outside sources wasn't worth my time, and I would put it back on the shelf. The best books also tended to have the largest number of references.
Hancock's books were absolutely loaded with references, and it showed in the quality that he had achieved.
There were no videos or radio shows whatsoever. No articles, no websites, no blogs, no social media. Just full-length books you could buy at the bookstore or find in a library.


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