Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Youtube Censors Conservative Political Views But Allows for the Promotion of Pedophilia

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by Conscious Optimist,

Hello everyone - I'm going to make this a short post.

Below is an 11 minute video highlighting the double standard employed by Youtube when it comes to censorship.  Namely, that Youtube has been famously demonetizing conservative-leaning and "skeptic" Youtube channels—not to mention truthful content in general—while allowing channels that promote pedophilia to reign free.

Whether or not you think of yourself as "conservative," "liberal," or simply beyond two-party politics altogether, I assume we can all agree that pedophilia is not something that should be promoted.  At the very least, pedophilia should not be considered "more acceptable" than "right-wing," conservative politics.

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Either Youtube is in the wrong, and all of Youtube's users have a massive, legitimate, and urgent grievance against the video platform; or, conversely, maybe there really is no meaning to life whatsoever nor objective morality at work in the universe, and pedophilia is "just another way of expressing yourself, equal to any other," as seemingly more and more establishment think tanks and media outlets have been claiming in recent years.

I don't say that to be ironic or facetious—I'm actually demanding (albeit, in a somewhat roundabout way) that everyone who comes across this topic give a damn about it, because when we ignore it and refuse to accept that pedophilia is a massive problem in our world, then we've essentially turned our back on life itself.

Willful stupidity is the essence of evil, and it is the main reason why our world is such a safe haven for child traffickers and criminals of many other stripes.

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