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Why Clean Your Room or House?! & Cleansing Energies and Building Your Inner Temple

by Justin Deschamps,

I posted the following two blurbs on Facebook—part of my daily inspirational translations that come through randomly at times. I felt it would be good to share here as well.

Why Clean Your Room or House?

Cleaning your room is an excellent way to bring balance to your consciousness and life. It helps us redefine the meanings we give to the objects in our living space, which is crucial because these objects can take on negative meanings if we aren't careful—then the sanctuary of our room becomes a tomb instead of a temple for inspiration and rest. This metaphysical cleansing and reorganization is greatly enhanced by invoking a spiritual perspective, philosophy and consciousness. When you can look out into the world and see unending soul growth, adventure, and mystery to explore, all within an ever-increasing capacity for love and mutual cooperation—and bring that blissful upliftment into your living space—then surroundings will your fuel the creative spark within.

~ Inspired by Dr. Jordan Peterson

Cleansing Energies and Building Your Temple

I was having a discussion with a friend about what it means to "build your inner temple." What are your thoughts on this topic?

Here are mine:

Well, in a very real sense, we're building a temple of the soul. Our mind is the setting, where we organize the things in our lives. Think of your consciousness like a castle, in the throne room are the king and queen, your awareness (feminine) and free will (masculine). Awareness flows in and meets your will, where they merge (copulate) to beget a "son," a decision or choice. That choice then runs around your castle and organizes things in it, organizes your meanings and values, like your memories from childhood, the movie you saw last week, the way you felt when that guy almost hit you with his car, and so on. Every experience begets meaning and feeling. And how we choose to organize our meanings creates a structure in consciousness—your philosophy is the rule book for this organization. A really good example of this is language; we learn symbols and assign ideas to them. The agency that allows us to see words, or hear them and have a meaning pop in to your awareness as if by magic, is the coherence or order of that inner temple. That is, the philosophy we use to manage our inner life is actually manifested in the way we interpret language—just as one example.

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So, like your room or house that can get clogged up with mail, old dishes, and mess, so can your inner house or temple. The temple needs to be cleaned and maintained regularly; you need to think about your experience—what it means, why you feel the way you do about some event, and then make choices that better organize these things coherently. The more orderly and organized your mind space, the better you're able to make choices that agree with each other, the more keenly you grow and evolve as a person, expanding your knowledge into other areas which in turn are organized and become the fabric of your being. In the castle of your being, the part of you that sits in the throne room of consciousness and makes choices, governed the relationship between your awareness (feminine) and will (masculine), need to be maintained, just like any other marriage. The masculine and feminine within, when properly harmonized, produces offspring that keep your castle clean, well organized, and ready to handle any situation, even when the ramparts of your being are assailed at all sides by attackers. In my view, the key to keeping all these personality aspects in harmony is consciousness of law and a dynamic living philosophy, balanced and informed by an open and ever-expanding heart or capacity for unconditional love.

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