Saturday, July 22, 2017

Special Cobra and Corey Goode Joint Interview—Coming Soon! (Submit Questions)

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) I'm happy to announce that I will be co-hosting a special interview between Cobra and Corey Goode with Lynn from the Prepare For Change crew. This will hopefully be the beginning of a greater level of cooperation between these two figures and their respective followers. Unity in the community founded on diversity. 

We'll be answering questions from the audience, via a submission form. We'll also be discussing the two eclipse meditations planned for August of this year (numerological reduction of 8/17 is 8/8). 

The first is a partial lunar eclipse on 8/07 to 8/08. The second is on the last day of the Eclipse of Disclosure Conference, where I will be speaking as well, on the 21st. These two eclipses falling on the month of the lion's gate will likely be excellent opportunities to provide coherence to the collective consciousness via synchronized mass meditation.

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Be sure to submit questions for the interview no later than Wednesday the 26th of this week, using this form.

It should be an enlightening discussion!

- Justin

Source - Prepare For Change

by Lynn (AKA Angel Eyes ~**~), July 22nd, 2017

This is a shout out to all readers/listeners of our Cobra interviews. I will be joined by Justin Deschamps as co-host of this special interview. Prepare For Change is joining forces with Corey Goode and Justin Deschamps to promote a special meditation to be held on the day of the eclipse: August 21st, 2017.

For the next 4 days only—I am seeking questions on anything surrounding the topic of meditation. This is our chance to advance as a united people, to stand in solidarity for a common cause. We are all desiring a new society, free of debt slavery, where people can follow the path of the heart, be engaged in work that is joyful and fulfilling. Now is our chance to join with a larger community to create what it is we desire. It is through peaceful means, that we will overtake the dark and create our new society. It is by love that we will win.

Corey Good will be answering questions alongside of Cobra. They each come from a different experience but the goal is the same: to create “unity in the community.” Please submit only meditation oriented questions for this special interview. The days for these questions are July 22nd through 25th. Please place these questions on the normal “Cobra Questions” link of the website:

Please use the Cobra Interview FAQ page under meditation to check that your question has not been already answered:

We look forward to a lively discussion and wise words from both our honored guests.
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