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Leaked Military Footage of Antarctica Pyramids or Disinfo Campaign?

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(Stillness in the Storm Editor) This is a rather interesting set of images that suggests there could be pyramids in Antarctica. Of course, they look just like mountains, and can easily be dismissed as nothing but a natural occurrence. However, recall that the Bosnian pyramid, one of the largest in the world, looks like a natural formation. It was only after investigation with ground penetrating radar and other image gathering technologies that it became clear it was a pyramid covered by debris and overgrowth. Could these be examples of very old pyramids that have been mistaken as natural features? I can't confirm if they are pyramids, but this is a subject matter worthy of investigation. 

Update (6:02pm EST): A reader sent me a link to a video of B Roll footage, shot in Deadhorse, Alaska February 22, 2017. This suggests that some of the footage in the video featured below is not from Antarctica. However, there are indeed pyramid shaped land features there, which, as I suggested above, could be pyramids or not. Regardless of the fact the footage doesn't appear to be from Antarctica, the idea that pyramids are hiding everywhere on the planet still has merit and is worth investigating. 

- Justin

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Source - Ascension With Earth

by Enerchi, July 29th, 2017 

Update: Is this the source of the video? Apparently this has been published by a few dozen Youtube Channels. The first publishing date I found is by Section 51 2.0 which was published on April 25, 2017.
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This video was shared without source documentation. Is this real footage or clever production to discredit the recent Antarctica disclosures coming from various sources? Sources talking about the secrets of Antarctica are Linda Molten Howe, Pete Peterson, Corey Goode and David Wilcock.

Are there pyramids in Antarctica? Do these satellite images on Google Earth show pyramids at the location coordinates 79°58’39.25″S 81°57’32.21″W?

Here is the link to Google Earth to see the alleged pyramid(s) yourself....'39.2%22S+81%C2%B057'32.2%22W/@-75.6653113,-101.3600463,2243638m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x0!8m2!3d-79.9775694!4d-81.9589472

Keep asking questions and find your truth.

The video below contains footage of active military operations with a backdrop of pyramids in a snowy environment. Real or fake?

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