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Divine Frequency with Teresa Yanaros and Corey Goode - Answering Viewer Questions and Addressing Critics

Source - Discerning the Mystery

by Shem El-Jamal, July 27, 2017

The past few months have been extremely interesting. Though at times, the state of the disclosure movement has been somewhat turbulent, there has always been forward progress. We have heard the many testimonies come from whistleblowers and sources such as Corey Goode. Some of the testimonies from these sources have been somewhat verifiable, while others have remained largely mysterious.

In the subject of ufology, mystery is nothing new. Every whistleblower has some amount of mystery to their testimony, and every source has some aspect of unverified detail. As most of us have known for a long time, when it comes to UFO and black project secrecy, the deeper the project, the less we will know about the reality behind eye-witness testimonies. The greater the cover-up the less evidence we will see that the alleged projects exist.

Cosmic Disclosure with David Wilcock and Corey Goode - Validating the 20 & Back Program with William Tompkins

Since we already know that most of these projects were never intended to see the light of day Earth-side, it is no surprise that any whistleblower does not have sufficient evidence to fully support his/her claims. The question becomes, if we already know this simple fact of secrecy to be true, why do so many people get angry at the lack of thorough proof?

In a state of secrecy of government, science, religion, and every institution in our world, the possibilities of truth could be endless. Therefore it is only responsible to consider all possibilities until we have the entirety of the truth. This is why myself and thousands of other people have enjoyed listening to the testimony of Corey Goode. The fact is that this testimony is part of the puzzle we have to solve, and no amount of defamation attempts will ever change that.

It is understandable that some have significant difficulty with certain claims. However, in any difficulty, it is important to forgo our urge to respond in anger and frustration simply because we do not immediately have every answer we desire. It is for this and many other reason why I am grateful for the efforts which Goode has made to attempt to answer as many questions as he can to give people a starting point to do their own research and find the answers we all seek.

Sphere-Being Alliance - A Short Post from Corey Goode on Current Issues and the Law of One Text

With that, here are Teresa Yanaros and Corey Goode.

Article - Corey Goode Interview - Current Events and Q/A - July 25, 2017

UFO Religions

The center of the accusation of religion seems to stem from one quote that was either neglectfully or deliberately taken out of context by Dark Journalist. This quote came from an article written by Dr. Michael Salla titled, Corey Goode on Nordic Extraterrestrials working with Religious Leaders for Disclosure.

Here is the excerpt in question.
Q3. What were you told about the contents of an extraterrestrial disclosure announcement in terms of why it would become the basis for a new world religion?

After these beings are introduced, they expect the public will have a lot of questions about the ET’s. The ET’s beliefs and knowledge of the Universe and God would be among the top questions. At this point these beings are expected to share a newly crafted belief system that is based on the ET’s true belief system. These beings will be doing this to help Humanity from the ET perspective.

Dark Journalist asserts that mere utterance of this statement is evidence that Corey Goode is promoting a new-age religionlead by blue avians with Corey Goode as the center. However, if Dark Journalist took the time to learn the actual message and the context in which this article was written, he would have known this was not the case.

Video Clip - "We have the tool to liberate ourselves." - Corey Goode

By simply reading the first paragraph of the article and taking to time and energy to learn that there are two completely different disclosure narratives in play, Dark Journalist could have avoided making this mistake. Below is the first paragraph of the article.
The following answers were received from Corey Goode on June 26 in response to questions I sent to him about information he shared recently in an article about the Vatican being involved in an extraterrestrial disclosure initiative. In his responses, he provides further details about what he has been told by multiple sources about ongoing events involving the Vatican, Nordic extraterrestrials and a US Air Force run secret space program.

As anyone who is familiar with the Cosmic Disclosure series will know, there is a very big difference between the partial disclosure narrative and the Full Disclosure narrative which Goode and many other people have been attempting to promote. Partial disclosure only involves the release of certain advanced technology, the disclosure of ETs to some extent, and the revelation of a small portion of the Secret Space Programs. This is the disclosure to which Dr. Salla's article is referring. But again, most of those familiar with the show already realize this.

Video Clip - "We are the ones we have been waiting for. We are the wave of the new age." - Michael Tellinger

This partial disclosure narrative is one narrative linked with the Catholic Church, the Air Force, and the Lower-Level Secret Space Programs. It is the one linked to the religious narrative, and it is this narrative which Corey Goode has warned us about in the past so that we are not taken by any new ET religions promoted by any religious entity.

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