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Corey Goode Update -- June 30th, 2017: Personal Attacks Continue, Updates Coming, MUFON, Interviews

(Corey Goode) Thank you, for all of the kind comments of support we have received. We attended my Aunts Viewing Tuesday evening and then the funeral yesterday afternoon. Please continue to send my family and team positive and protective energy.

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Source - Corey Goode Facebook

by Corey Goode, June 30th, 2017

We are all under serious character assassination attempts as well as very heavy spiritual/negative energy attacks that are extremely focused. Your energetic support has helped balance the incredibly negative energy coming from actual agents in our community, but also from triggered individuals that have knowingly spread lies about my team and myself.

Most recently we are finding out that people professing to be light workers are spreading very hurtful rumors about Stacy and I (Please keep forwarding those Emails/SMS & Facebook Messages from them to us).

Some of them so hurtful that Stacy is feeling the need to withdraw a bit. She was very excited to meet like minded people at recent conferences and was looking forward to future encounters until recently. She doesn't understand how people can get so locked into this negative energy, spread horrible lies about her and call it a positive thing for the community. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

I do hope that everyone can use this situation as a mirror and recognize any energy they are putting out. Most of us will see this as a positive mirror, as many of you have been sending out love and compassion. Those who have fallen for the PsyOps and vicious rumors that have been spread through these agents and their unsuspecting proxies may be able to use this as a learning opportunity and a tool for personal growth.

I do plan to take a day or two for more family time before getting fully back to work.

Quite a lot is going on right now to distract us from having a singular focus of guiding ourselves to the most optimal temporal reality. When we are diverted into these negative discussions it also diverts potential energy that we could use towards a positive future.

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I do plan on an interview on Divine Frequency in the next week. I will be answering general questions as well as ones regarding the recent infiltration of Ufology. That will be my last public response to these slanderous attacks.

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Privately we are working on gathering information for future legal actions. We will, however, be posting videos and articles of rebuttals from supporters and citizen sleuths that are showing much more journalistic integrity than any of the attackers have shown.

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Having some of these blatant lies exposed by people doing the investigation that the attackers should have done is a good thing in my opinion. I have been very impressed with what some of you are finding and presenting.

We are getting pretty excited about the MUFON Symposium, The Case for a Secret Space Program, in Las Vegas in a few weeks. FYI, MUFON is receiving the same attacks from the exact same people. What do these agents not want to occur because of this Conference and the Book by the same title we are releasing?

We will then be taking the family to the Boulder area to shoot more Cosmic Disclosure and to look around at houses and communities. We are learning more and more how incompatible our energies have become with the area we are currently living.

We are also about to get the final website up for the Eclipse of Disclosure Conference at Mt. Shasta the third weekend of August. The first 100 Early Bird tickets have sold out. The rest of the tickets and speakers list will be on the website shortly. I will post that URL as soon as its published.

Thank you, ALL once again. We will be putting out some updates soon through David Wilcock, Dr. Salla and Cosmic Disclosure on Gaia TV.


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