Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Corey Goode Update: Happy 4th of July!, Future Events, Meeting with Raw-Teir-Eir and Ka Aree, and Unity

(Corey Goode) Happy 4th of July! We plan on spending the day at the pool and then maybe go and see "Despicable Me 3" as a family.

We are also excited about the upcoming MUFON Symposium (The Case for a Secret Space Program) in Las Vegas the weekend of July 21st.

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Source - Sphere Being Alliance Facebook

by Corey Goode, July 4th, 2017

Stacy and I should be flying into Las Vegas for the conference and we will then fly directly back home on the 24th. We then have to pack up the car and the family and drive 14 hours to the Boulder area. Marissa's birthday is on the 25th, we need to do something very special for her since one of my two aunts that passed away did so on her last birthday.

We are scheduled to shoot more Cosmic Disclosure episodes on the 26th and 27th. We plan on spending the following weekend and most of the next week looking at rental houses in communities within 20 or 30 minutes of Boulder or Lewisville, Co.

We have also secured the properties where we are hosting the Eclipse of Disclosure Conference in the Mt. Shasta area during the Eclipse in August. We hope to have the "Eclipse of Disclosure" website and ticket purchasing sites up withing the next 48 to 72 hours. Our team has been working heavily on making our first self-produced event as successful as possible.

I have also had a quick look at some of the rough draft chapters of the new book "The Case for a Secret Space Program" written by Dr. Woods, Dr. Salla, William Tompkins and Myself. I don't have the exact date of the release, but it should be around the same time as the late August Mt. Shasta conference.

We are also traveling to Barcelona, Spain to be at the Ufology World Congress in September. While in Spain we also hope to plan out two more self-produced events as well as an additional event either in Canada or the East Coast of the US as we return from Europe. I'm told that this will be around the same time that Gaia is releasing their content in Spanish which will soon be followed by Portuguese. This will probably raise the interest level in these events as well as our new book The Case for a Secret Space Program " (English/Spanish/Portuguese initially). It will be a great opportunity to promote Gaia TV and the New Book.

We would also like to schedule self-produced or partnered events in Brazil, Mexico and Peru late this fall into early spring of 2018. As the full story of the Nazca Mummy unfolds we could possibly be spending time in the area where this being (whatever it is) once walked. You can visit Gaia's YouTube Channel to follow the Nazca Mummy information in more detail.

We are also interested in producing events in Australia and New Zealand during this time period. If you live in these areas and are interested in helping us produce these events, please contact us at SBA.Producer@Gmail.Com. We will have more updates about our events posted very soon.

I am also continuing to release more updates via Dr. Salla. I speak to David Wilcock just about every day via Skype or phone. He is having a lot of positive things occurring in his life right now and is probably the busiest I have ever seen him. He has been receiving quite a lot of information from Pete Peterson, Myself and a few other insiders he speaks to from time to time. I look forward to seeing David in Boulder to catch up with him on a lot of recent events.

I have had a few meetings with Ka Aree in recent weeks as well as finally having a meeting w/Tear Eir after weeks of only dream contact. We will shoot more updates when we are in Boulder next that should be interesting.

We have to admit that the recent coordinated attacks (With Cabal/Illuminati ties) did quite a lot of damage (As intended) as well as caused us to fall over a month behind on many of our projects. David Wilcock has always told me to never respond to attacks as it fuels them. We attempted to do so, but this was more than a few people doing a coordinated attack, this is an ongoing counter-intelligence operation. Now that these attacks are becoming more visible for what they are, we are moving back to working 100% on these projects.

It has also been difficult that half of the people in this community wanted us to stay silent against these attacks while the other half saw our silence as an admission of guilt. This put us in a position to where we were damned if we did and damned if we didn't respond.

I do still intend on doing an interview with Teresa of Divine Frequency. I believe Roger may do a Skype interview with Justin Deschamps of Stillness in the Storm. When we do these interviews we will be sharing our last words on these allegations and attacks. Once we have responded we will no longer answer these questions and refer people to those interviews.

We hope now that people are seeing what type of operation has occurred in this community that we can truly put aside our differing belief systems and focus on unifying and demanding Full Disclosure. Not uniting under any one person or ideology but under a cause. Full Disclosure has to be something we all co-create together.

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Let's not wait for someone to come and save us from ourselves... It's time to get off of our knees before the self-proclaimed "Elite" and stand in our own sovereignty. I hope we can all agree on this Independence Day that we as a species have the right to Full Disclosure and True Independence.

Corey Goode
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