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COBRA | Two Cobra Interviews -- Prepare for Change June 2017 & Essayenya Mosteenya Second Interview

Source - Prepare For Change

by Staff Writers, July 12th, 2017

Cobra is a Pleiadian contactee and has been in contact with the underground for over 35 years. He has been told to remain anonymous by The Resistance and has ongoing communications with beings from Planet X that assist The Resistance Movement. As an earthly representative of the Agarthan network and the light forces, he strives to prepare humanity for the up and coming event horizon.
Our intention is to dissipate fear, clear up any misunderstandings, and add insights into what is really happening behind the daily headlines. For more background you are invited to read his blog archive totaling 808 entries to this date.  See:

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Transcript of the June 30th, 2017 interview posted on July 12th, 2017

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June PFC ( & Cobra interview 2017 and Cobra Interview Transcript
Malawi Update for June 30, 2017
The need in Chikwawa District is growing larger day by day. Keyason told me this week that the number of orphans is now nearing 300. They come to him because they have nowhere to go. There are no social services in this area and the children are left to live on the street. Keyason has been stretching every dollar we send him but with the growing number of children, it has become inadequate. The food runs out before the money comes in. Do to the lack of housing, Keyason is building a second adobe dorm for the children. He has the adobe bricks but needs the cement and the windows.
This week Keyason told me that there is now a cholera outbreak there. Many people are sick. Today, I sent him videos to watch to stop the spread of the cholera. This community needs much more than our little group can give. I am searching for larger donors. The Event cannot come too soon. Every time I have problems or hardships I think of what Keyason has to cope with every day and I say to myself, “My life is not so bad.” I will be happy when I can make the Malawians’ lives better. That day will come.
This month’s child is Enelesi Mayeso. At just 14 years old she is on her own as both parents have died. She is in school and it sounds like she is a very bright and gifted girl. Her favorite subjects are mathematics and reading English. Keyason tells me that she supports herself by doing people’s laundry. She is a happy child that loves to sing and dance as well as play football (our version of soccer) and volleyball. I would like to find a sponsor for Enelesi so that she can have less work time and more time for school and play as would be normal for any other 14-year-old girl. If you can help Enelesi monthly or if you can help support Keyason’s efforts with the orphans of Chikwawa District then please write to me: Checks can be made to Prepare for Change and mailed to: 1441 Huntington Drive, Suite 1110, South Pasadena, CA 91030 or donations to PayPal (on website) with a notation that it is for Malawi.
All donations to Prepare for Change are tax deductible.
Thank you for your assistance.
Lynn – Hi Cobra. Welcome to our June update. We’re happy to have you today.
COBRA – Thank you for invitation. It’s always a pleasure to do those interviews.
Lynn – This is Lynn and I have my partner Aaron and we’re going to share questions as usual. Today I thought I’d start out by talking about the Grenfell Tower fire in June 14th a couple weeks ago in London, United Kingdom.
We express our sincere condolences to all those that suffered a loss in this fire.
Cladding is used to provide a degree of thermal insulation and weather resistance to improve the appearance of buildings. … Cladding can become a fire risk by design or material. Was this the case with the Grenfell fire, Cobra?
COBRA – This was one of the, I would say, outer cases. I would say the whole infrastructure in that building was outdated and not maintained properly. This was simply because the owner of the building chose not to invest enough in maintaining the building properly.
Lynn – So you don’t think this was a UK 9-11 event or a false flag?

COBRA – It was not a false flag event. It is simply there are many buildings, everywhere on the planet, that are a fire risk and sooner or later something like this can happen anywhere because the minimum safety standards are not observed. (I see) And actually the light forces have prevented many such cases throughout the planet in the last few years that did not happen.
Lynn – Wow, I know that there’s been much upheaval there over the situation with the government and relocating these people as far as 200 miles away from their current residence and this is a great hardship. Just a really bad situation for these people.
Aaron – Hi Cobra, this is Aaron, Lynn’s interview partner. We’ll start off with the 2nd question. It has been said that Justin Trudeau is the illegitimate son of Fidel Castro and that is why there is an ongoing trade between Canada and Cuba. Is this true Cobra?
COBRA – I cannot confirm that information. (OK)
Lynn – It has been reported that the shooting of Congressman Steve Scalise is related to his speaking out on the subject of human trafficking and child predators. Do you have any additional information on this Cobra?
COBRA – I would say that many people who are trying to cover this are being silenced one way or the other and this is one such case. But, no matter what the Cabal does, they cannot keep this under cover. There will be simply too many people because . . . exposing this because the awareness about this situation is rising dramatically in the last few months and it’s part of the operation of the light forces to bring this now into public awareness as soon as possible because people need to be aware of this and then actions will be much more easily taken against this. (I agree)
Lynn – Congressman Steve Scalise and others were shot by a supposed lone gunman at the annual congressional baseball game two weeks ago. Was this lone gunman, James Hodgkinson, part of the deep state Psyop, or was he just a brainwashed liberal who feels that the GOP is pure evil. Could you please comment on this Cobra?
COBRA – He was one of the people who were subjected to trauma based mind programming and he was just activated. His assassination program got activated. The cabal has many such people in critical positions within the United States also worldwide. (thank you)
Aaron – Dennis Rodman, the former U.S. basketball player, who visits the leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un, says that he is just a normal guy and doesn’t want to bomb anyone, including the U.S. We know that North Korea is a very repressed regime and it is very controlled by others of a higher power. So is Kim Jong-un just following orders and putting on a happy face to visitors like Dennis Rodman, or is he really the heart of evil that we are all meant to believe?
COBRA – He’s not the heart of evil but he is the puppet of Jesuit influence network that uses North Korean situation for their own purposes. (OK)
Lynn – There is talk and negotiation for regime changes in Saudi Arabia, Israel, Ukraine, Japan, the U.S. and other countries to end all conflict and prepare the way for a new financial system. Are these logical, necessary and are real negotiations going on?
COBRA – I would say on a certain level there are real negotiations for regime changes in those countries and they will happen. Those change will happen sooner or later but this is not the top most perspective of the whole situation because the real financial reset will happen only at the moment of The Event, not before. But certain political changes are possible before and will happen before. Actually in some countries they already have happened and they will happen in other countries as well.
Lynn – Cobra, do you know who is doing the negotiating? Is it the White hats? SSP (Secret Space Program)? or who?
COBRA – Most likely it is, actually in most cases it is the white hats in corresponding countries and certain other, I would say, more undercover positive groups that have not been mentioned in any of the blogs or any of the websites and they are not very public. They are very private and most of this is happening completely behind the scenes and is not being reported anywhere. (OK, thank you)
Aaron – Cobra, what intel do you have for the USS Fitzgerald that missile destroyer that was supposedly rammed by a Philippine cargo ship? What really happened?
COBRA – On a deeper level there is a lot of, I would say, games being played about disclosure of Navy Secret Space Programs and certain forces, I would say negative forces are trying to warm the Navy not to disclose too much because there is a very strong positive faction within the United States Navy that wants to release, that is actually in favor of Full Disclosure. They want to release everything. But there are other factions that are strongly against this. There is now quite strong infighting going on about this issue.
Aaron – Do you know who set this up?
COBRA – It was engineered by the orders of people very close to the Chimera group and the trail leads to the United States Air Force.
Aaron – Why did they set it up?
COBRA – As I said it’s a warning to the Navy not to disclose too much about the Secret Space Program.
Aaron – And obviously that’s What are they trying to accomplish?
COBRA – Yes. (OK, thank you)
Lynn – Are the Atlantean pyramids that are under water off the coast of Long Island being used by the light forces to help balance the energy of the black stone on Long Island?
COBRA – Yes.
Lynn – Would we benefit from having pyramids in our homes, our pockets or under (or over) our beds?
COBRA – Yes.
Lynn – How is it that these pyramids work?
COBRA – They work on principles of sacred geometry and pyramidal shape is actually creating an inter-dimensional doorway which makes higher dimensional energies easier to access the physical plane. The light forces can use all those pyramids as a part of a global planetary network of light and energies to channel more light towards the physical plane. (thank you)
Aaron – Cobra, in order to get a handle of the degree of evil that certain prominent people in the world are, could you give us, in your opinion, a rating on a one to ten scale, one being a good person, and ten being the epitome of evil. Since Zbigniew Brzezinski, after his death, was sent to the central sun, I would assume he would be a number ten on this scale. In your opinion Cobra, could you please rate the following persons:
Aaron – First one is David Rockefeller?
COBRA – I would say Brzezinski is 9 and David Rockefeller is 10.
Aaron – How about George Soros?
COBRA – George Soros 9.
Aaron – Is George Soros dead?
Aaron – How about Hillary Clinton?
COBRA – Hillary Clinton – 8
Aaron – And she is still alive?
COBRA – Yes, she’s still alive.
Aaron – How about Bill Clinton?
COBRA – Bill Clinton between 7-8.
Aaron – OK. That’s interesting. And he is still alive too, right?
COBRA – Yes. (We had rumors he already died.)
Aaron – How about Saddam Hussein?
COBRA – Between 7-8.
Aaron – And is he dead?
Aaron – And here’s a good one; Osama bin Laden?
COBRA – Also between 7-8.
Aaron – And is he definitely dead, right?
COBRA – Yes. (OK, the next question is about Osama bin Laden. Lynn)
Lynn – And speaking of Osama bin Laden, it has been said that in 2001, bin Laden was suffering from severe kidney and liver failure. He needed dialysis at the time, and was not able to get it. As a result, he died in Afghanistan in December of 2001. So when the supposed raid on his compound on May 2nd, 2011, by Navy Seals, happened and (he) was killed, we never were shown proof of the body or anything. We were just supposed to believe the government’s story. Cobra, could you enlighten us on what really happened to Osama bin Laden?
COBRA – Actually that raid did happen and he was killed in that raid but I would also say that he was not the key person. He was just set up as a puppet for a story which was being sold. The whole story about Al Qaeda group and all that. It was just an engineered story to ramp up the so-called war against terror and to maintain the U.S. Military presence in Middle East and to keep this petro-dollar machine running. That was the issue behind the whole situation.
Lynn – So the story that we were told that he died in Dec of 2001 is the incorrect story.
COBRA – Yes. (ok thank you)
Here is the link to what’s on the internet about Osama bin Laden: is working to make your browsing experience user friendly, with new features that will allow more communication between volunteers. Watch for our launch of the Volunteer Assembly.
Something new…. just added: We now have a page dedicated to letters from our readers to the Resistance Movement Members! Many people have asked about the RM and how can we communicate with them. Prepare For Change is now helping to facilitate this process.
The Resistance Movement have come to Earth to help with our planetary liberation. They are extraterrestrials whose main home base is on Planet X, beyond Pluto. They are here to help, but not to do everything for us. This is our planet and we must play a major part in this liberation process.
Cobra has stated that the Resistance Movement members, as they are extraterrestrials, have a different set of gifts, skills, and emotional make up than humans. Sometimes they have a difficult time understanding humans with all the different emotions that we express. To help them become more familiar with us humans, it will help if we can either mentally/telepathically connect with them or physically write to them; how we feel, what are our struggles, how we cope with 3D life on Earth. This is your chance to say what is in your heart to those who have come to help. This is to strengthen the bond between us. This is a way to heal.
We welcome you to contribute to the communication with the Resistance Movement. Add your thoughts, desires and prayers. This is your place to express yourself. What do you want to tell the RM?
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Aaron – There are reports that the radiation around Fukushima has all vanished after a huge fleet of unknown aircraft flew over the region, according to Japanese military intelligence. Is this new news or is this the intel you have been reporting for several years – that has finally made it to the news?
COBRA – This is actually old news. This actually happened years ago when this Fukushima event happened. Actually right now or the last few years there is not much about ambient radioactivity in that area except very, very close to the nuclear reactor. Actually I was myself was 20 miles away from the reactor and the radioactivity in the area was just normal and people are living there like everywhere else without any disturbance.
Aaron – And is a lot of that because the Galactics helped out to reduce it?
COBRA – Yes, there was an intervention to a certain degree immediately after this tsunami wave the Fukushima nuclear plant situation was contained greatly. And many reports about radiation throughout the pacific are simply dis-information. (OK, thank you)
Lynn – Can you comment on Leo Zagami, the ex-illuminati insider and his recent public coverage of the Illuminati? Is he truly exposing the inside?
COBRA – He is exposing much of it, not all of it that he knows but he’s exposing a certain amount of what he knows.
Lynn – Does he have a role in the liberation process?
COBRA – Yes, he has actually released quite much years ago and was actually assisting in releasing much deeper intel about certain factions of the illuminati especially in Italy P2 Lodge and similar organizations. (thank you)
Aaron – Benjamin Fulford said in his latest update: It’s a good guess that Karl Von Habsburg, head of the Pan European Union and the heir to the Habsburg throne, sees a chance to revive his ancestor’s Empire now that his Saxe-Gotha-Rothschild rivals have lost so much of their power. Would this be “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss” kind of a situation that people will have to endure until The Event?

COBRA – Actually there are a few situations happening here. One is this infighting between the Rothschild-Saxe-Gotha faction and Habsburg faction. You need to understand that both factions are not that much different. But I would say that within the Habsburg faction there is an infiltration of a positive Templar group which is using this situation not in alignment with Carl Habsburg plans but in alignment with certain plans of the light forces. Actually I’m planning to release some intel about this shortly. (okay, thank you)
Lynn – Can you comment on the 3-finger mummy of Nazca that was found recently in Peru?
COBRA – O.K. What would you like to know about that?
Lynn – We would like to know if this is it legitimate report or is it fake?
COBRA – I would approach this with caution at this point. I would not put too much hope into this particular story.
Lynn – It could be fake?
COBRA – I would say there was interference in the whole process and not everything is what it seems to be?
Lynn – Is there any other information that you can give us about this mummy?
COBRA – Not at this point. But I would again say do not put too much focus on this and too much hope on this particular story. (OK, thank you).
Aaron – Recently you stated that after mid-June you would give us an update on some operations of the Light forces taking place. Since we’ve passed mid-June, can you talk about it now?
COBRA – Actually I have released intel about this just before mid-June already and I did say as much as I could say at that point.
Aaron – OK, What about Long Island with Chimera and black stone?
COBRA – I would say, this is one of the, this is THE primary focus of the light forces right not and for obvious reasons I cannot comment on this very critical very important on-going operation right now.
Aaron – How about the energy vortex in Syria, is it better now?
COBRA – Yes, it is better now. There is much progress in Syria. It is not fast but it is solid. The light forces are liberating Syria and you can almost see the end of this Syria horror story.
Aaron – How is the healing of the Congo vortex going?
COBRA – The healing of the Congo vortex energetically, there is quite much progress but on the physical plane the progress is not so much because there are many traumatized people there and there is simply not enough assistance and simply not enough good will to change the situation. This will heal gradually and slowly with the final breakthrough at the moment of The Event.
Aaron – What about the Plasma Plane around the earth?
COBRA – The plasma plane around the earth is improving quite much in the last few months especially since, I would say mid-June.
Aaron – And the Toplet bombs?
COBRA – The same.
Aaron – We have another question about Yaldaboath. Any comments on Yaldaboath?
COBRA – I have released as much as I could about this. As I’ve said before we’re right now in the middle of a very critical operation and I don’t want to give any update that could jeopardize any of this. (Alright, understandable. Thank you Cobra)
Lynn – OK Cobra, the following article is about the last Bilderberg meeting in early June 2017. We will have a link in the transcript for people to read the full report.
To read the full article:
Aaron – Critical to the Federal Medical-Biological Agency being able to “fully ascertain” CERN’s attempting to establish contact with other dimensional entities, a report reveals, that Scientist-Doctor Anatoli Bugorski—who on 13 July 1978, became the only human being in history to have ever stuck his head inside a cyclotron particle accelerator while it was in operation, and has left him with the ability to mentally transverse dimensions. Cobra, do you think that this was the result of this incident? Was he also left with side effects that were not so desirable or anything else that wasn’t revealed?
COBRA – Basically he and those experiments do open a portal through dimensions and he was experiencing side effects of this while he was there. (OK)
Lynn – In fact, this report notes, Einstein was conclusively proved wrong that particles not only exceed the speed of light, but can communicate instantly though separate and by any distance (or dimension) in 2015 by researchers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology— whose astounding findings were further confirmed this past week by Chinese scientists too. Is this accurate Cobra?
COBRA – Yes to a great degree it is.
Lynn – Is this what we do through meditation and telepathy?
COBRA – Yes.
Lynn – Can you talk a little about this?
COBRA – Basically the whole universe is interconnected on a quantum level and the speed of light is only valid for particles that travel in, I would say, ordinary space and time 4th dimensional continuum whereas, I would say, the unified quantum field goes far beyond that and that communication is always possible and not only possible it’s actually what is happening all the time. (thank you)
Aaron – As to what this all means in its most simple rendering, this report explains, is that the entire basis for all matter and human existence has been proven to be 100% false and built upon nothing more than falsehoods and deliberate deceptions—with the “real/true” truth being that at the instant life is created in the womb, an inseparable and instantaneous communication link between human beings and God is created. So, it sounds like this has been the major job of the cabal: to break this communication between man and God in every way possible. It sounds like the Emperor has no clothes. Is this right Cobra?
COBRA – Yes, yes.
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Lynn – The “Message of God” delivered to the Bilderberg Group, by CERN Director General Fabiola Gianotti that caused such terror among the Western elite master rulers, this report concludes, was an image produced by the Large Hadron Collider-LHC that formed a single word in the ancient Hebrew language תקל—that’s pronounced as “TEKEL”. The basic meaning is: “you have been weighed on the scales and found deficient”.
Cobra, can you give us any more information about this Cobra?
COBRA – I cannot confirm this actually really happened. I would say this is just a rumor and it can just can be a fabricated rumor. (OK, thank you).
Aaron – The LHC is due for a substantial upgrade in the mid-2020s too, which will enable it to boost the rate of its particle collisions and improve its accuracy even further. It will also get a name upgrade too, to the High Luminosity Large Hadron Collider (HL-LHC). Cobra, what are the chances that this will be built?
COBRA – OK, I would say that we can expect delays and problems in this being built. (OK)
Lynn – OK, we have a little section here Cobra, called Truth or fiction? What we want you to do is confirm that this is accurate, or it’s just made up.
Lynn – Reports that by the end of June we will see and hear more about criminal arrests.
COBRA – True, but I would say gradually. It will not be an explosion suddenly. It will just be gradual tendency to . . . . more of those arrest especially in child abuse networks. (great)
Lynn – Transition from 3D to 4D will happen this fall.
COBRA – I will not give any dates. (OK)
Lynn – Pope Francis has removed penalties for child sex abuse.
COBRA – I would just say that certain of his decrees can be interpreted in this way or any other way and it’s up to people who can use or mis-use this one way or the other. (OK)
Lynn – The Catholic religion was created by Dracos.
COBRA – Not true. It was created by the Archons engineered by actually . . . Dracos were just slave force that was furthering that agenda.
Lynn – The Dracos & Reptilians are fighting among themselves.
COBRA – To a certain degree. (ok)
Lynn – The largest populations of Dracos and Reptilians are in Antarctica & Yellowstone.
Lynn – European sex education has been imposed in schools.
COBRA – In certain isolated cases yes, but not as a priority of a policy throughout Europe.
Lynn – The United Nations is the Luciferian Trust.
COBRA – Yes and No. United Nations was created by the light forces but was then mis -sed by the Cabal. (OK)
Lynn – John Podesta is behind the death of Max Spiers.
COBRA – Not directly but he’s connected.
Lynn – Those that attended the Bilderberg Meeting left with ankle bracelets.
COBRA – Not true.
Lynn – Cobra, who are the Killdeckians?
COBRA – This is a certain, I would say Extra Terrestrial race and it was described in certain books by people who were having connection with them.
Lynn – I tried to look this up on the internet and I couldn’t even find them. What’s associated with them is Killdeckians do not “go to the light” at death. Is this a true statement?
COBRA – It’s a statement which was presented as such, but it is not true.
Lynn – Yellowstone is a volcano.
COBRA – There is a volcano below the surface of Yellowstone, yes.
Lynn – The last in this section – There is a 60 kiloton nuclear weapon buried under Yellowstone thanks to Obama et al.
COBRA – No. (OK, thank you)
Aaron – This next question is concerning The Event (only 1 question): Cobra, this person has been following you for years and remembers you saying after The Event we would have spring and summer only. Is this accurate?
COBRA – No. (OK, thank you)
Lynn – I have a few questions on Tachyon Cobra. In the Tachyon, this is what this person is reporting: In the tachyon chamber I got an inspiration to go and spill the tachyon water in different rivers in central Europe, going to different seas and thus within two years of the water cycle, according to meteorologists, have tachyon rain in our fields and gardens. Which I did. Do the tachyons multiply themselves in the water or do they attract other tachyons from space or do they influence the other molecules of water while they interact with them?
COBRA – They connect with other tachyons beyond the veil thus they strengthen the tachyon network on the surface of the planet. (thank you)
Aaron – What is the major benefit of tachyon chambers for personal healing?
COBRA – The major benefit is it actually those tachyon chambers harmonize all levels of a human being, physical body, higher energy bodies and this technology is actually the one that can quite effectively connect us with the Source. (ok)
Lynn – Are tachyon chambers able to accelerate the process of planetary liberation?
COBRA – Yes, they can.
Aaron – Are certain locations on Earth’s grids more powerful than others for healing Gaia?
COBRA – Yes.
Aaron – Are certain locations on Earth’s grids more powerful for piercing the quarantine veil?
COBRA – Yes. (OK, thank you)
Lynn – Cobra, what is the difference between the tachyon chambers that you have and the tachyon chambers that other people are advertising? Do they do the same thing?
COBRA – I cannot confirm that there are any other people who really have tachyon chambers on the surface of the planet.
Lynn – I understand there are others, so you’re just not aware of them?
COBRA – They are claiming, but I cannot support those claims. (OK, thank you)
Lynn – The last question in this area is: How exactly does tachyonization process affect Cintamani stones?
COBRA – Tachyons strengthen the connection of any object with the Source and with Cintamani stones this process is even more effective because Tachyons interacting with Cintamani stones make them more powerful because Cintamani stones are one of the purest forms of matter available right now on the surface of the planet. (OK, thank you)
Lynn – The next area is financial: The financial gurus have been talking for some time now that we are in for a huge financial collapse before the year ends. Cobra is there any way we can overt this collapse if this is true?
COBRA – Basically people are predicting the financial collapse for the last 10 years. Each year there is someone predicting this is happening this year so I would not be too worried about this and actually what those people sense is the financial re-set will happen and that includes the collapse of the old system and that will happen at the time of The Event.
Lynn – Is there anything we do anything on the spiritual or meditative level that will change this rolling snowball?
COBRA – Yes, of course Sunday weekly meditations are the perfect thing that can happen to make that transition easier.
Aaron – Are the crypto currencies part of the new financial system?
Lynn – OK, we’re going to move on to History: What is the real story of Moses?
COBRA – Basically, he was a priest that belonged to Egyptian priesthood and he then transferred those teachings to a certain area in which is now Saudi Arabia where he started a new religion.
Aaron – Did benevolent E.T.’s create the Neanderthal human species originally as a vehicle to reform formerly fallen E.T.’s?

Aaron – Was the Neanderthal race then hijacked by the dark forces to act as vehicles for themselves and their minions to incarnate in 3 dimensional form on earth?
COBRA – To a certain degree yes. (OK)
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Lynn – There is talk of a “sun simulator”, a fake sun. Although I haven’t seen anomalies in the sun in my part of the world, (and apparently this part is the Far East), Is there really a sun simulator?
COBRA – No. (OK, that puts that to bed)
Aaron – David Paulides researched and wrote several books on the mysterious disappearance of thousands of people in national parks and the refusal of authorities to totally investigate or help.  Numbers of disappearances have increased in the last 3 years.  Some hikers literally vanished because they were last in line while hiking.  Some people and children are found miles away dazed and confused, with or without clothes and some are thereafter mentally handicapped with no memory of what happened.  Some are never found and no dogs can find the scent and search.  Some children report seeing creatures, others see military or aliens or nothing. Other reports from around the world show whole clusters of people disappearing under strange circumstances. One explanation is “batch Consignments” or kidnapping for break-away civilizations off-planet or slave labor on or off planet or is it portals, military, negative E.T.’s or other? Cobra, can you help shed light on this?
COBRA – Actually all of that was happening. There was, I would say until roughly 2002-2003 there was a whole network of military underground bases which were using these people for experiments for slave labor for various things and a lot of this was going off-world since not so far away. And still some people are now missing because they are taken into the Cabal’s abuse networks, so it is still an unresolved situation. (ok)
Lynn – Is it true that ancient India people received their Vedas from white people from the North (in today’s Russia)? And to a certain degree into what we know today as India Vedas and Vedic culture?
COBRA – OK, this is almost correct. The location the source is not exactly Russia but it’s part of the former Soviet Union, but I would say that this story is about 60-70% correct. (OK, thank you)
Aaron – The book series by Baird Spalding in 1924:  Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East tells the story of some American explorers in Far East in the early 1900’s.  They wrote a series of books about their experiences and the “Masters” including Jesus who would occasionally visit, could change weather, appear and uplift all, create light, food and music and other “miracles”.   On the inside page it reads: These Masters or Elder Brothers are assisting and guiding the destiny of mankind.  Who are these Masters or E.T.’s in this book series?
COBRA – These are the Ascended Masters. (OK)
Aaron – He goes on to say; Baird Spalding continued by giving lectures in the late 1930’s and had a big part in the spiritual community around the world.   Any other information you can give us about Mr. Spalding, Cobra?
COBRA – Actually he was chosen by the Ascended Master St. Germain to release one part of the teachings of the Ascended Masters at that time. He actually contributed a lot in raising the consciousness at that time, understanding of the Ascended Masters and understanding of that situation.
Aaron – He goes on to say; In these books they often traveled to different temples.  There was a large temple grid around the earth.  How does that grid help stabilize the energy of the earth?
COBRA – Actually this grid is part of the Agartha network. This of course helps stabilize the planet a lot and without that grid basically, the surface of the planet would not be inhabitable right now. (OK)
Aaron – Many of the temples were destroyed and other buildings built upon them, most of the time then used for the dark side.  What was the original use for temples?
COBRA – To anchor the Light.
Aaron – You said after The Event more Goddess temples will be built?
COBRA – Yes.
Aaron – Is there any further information you can give us on that?
COBRA – Not at this moment. Not yet, but information will be given when the time is right. (thank you Cobra.)
Lynn – There have been reports throughout history of Beings that do not die – but remain for centuries and travel around the world affecting history or performing “miracles” while acting human.  How does this relate to these Masters of the far east or how credible are these reports?
COBRA – Yes, this is very much connected because people who have Ascended do not die and this is part of the same story. (thank you Cobra)
Aaron – Cobra, are you aware of Wayne Herschel’s work at
COBRA – To a certain degree.
Aaron – He has made many discoveries that ancient megalithic sites are star maps of the Pleiades. Is this so and especially could you comment on the Cydonia on Mars, the pyramids at Abusir, Tikal, etc. are star maps of the Pleiades?
COBRA – Yes, his work is, I would say this part of his work is quite correct. Mainly not all the star alignments are exactly as he presents them, but the basic idea that he presents is quite much correct.
Aaron – Also do you know if the leg of the bull symbol of Egypt and other societies is a symbol of the Pleiades and if the center symbol of the Dendera zodiac is indeed the Pleiades?
COBRA – Yes. (OK, thank you)
Lynn – Are Inner Earth inhabitants in 3D or 4D?
COBRA – So I would like to ask how do you define 3 or 4D?
Lynn – 3D I would define as humans like us and 4D as the Astral plane.
COBRA – There are physical beings in the inner earth.
Lynn – Ok, so would that make them 3D or would they also be 4D.
COBRA – They are both actually. They have advanced consciousness but they have physical bodies. (OK)
Lynn – I remember Corey saying that, in fact, 4D and other dimensions are all physical dimensions (and so, visible too). It is not the same as astral plane. It is to say, the planes (astral, etheric etc.) are not the same as dimensions. Dimensions are more related to the degree of consciousness’ vibration of the beings, so their correlated matter will just be softer, but still visible. Is this correct Cobra?
COBRA – Yes, basically you have physical matter, you have astral matter, you have mental matter. You have various planes of creation. The consciousness is always present on all those levels. Everybody has an Astral body. Everybody has emotions. How those emotions are purified or evolved determines actually the particular state of consciousness of that particular being. (OK, thank you).
Aaron – How do E.T. societies create and keep moral values without having any religious and belief systems in place, since “right” and “wrong” are only relative constructs that can be changed at any moment?
COBRA – I do not agree with that. (OK) Basically right and wrong is clearly seen with the inner eye of the soul. You don’t need to have a police or any moral institution or religion to know what is right or wrong. (OK, thank you)
Lynn – Someone wants to know why the word “Event” was chosen instead of something like “milestone” or something else?
COBRA – It was chosen because this world, this word actually triggers certain associations that are not charged. They are neutral. (OK, thank you).
Aaron – At some point will we be able to be equal with beings from other Star Systems?
COBRA – It depends on which beings from star systems are you talking about. You need to be a little bit more specific or I cannot answer. (right)
Lynn – What star system did the Arabs ultimately come from?
COBRA – They did not come from any particular star system as a race. There were individual people who incarnated in that race that came from various different star systems.
Lynn – This person goes on to ask: Turkic language ethnic group. Did they come from a certain place? (Azeri, Kazakh, Turkmen, etc.)

COBRA – There was a mixed situation but there was a lot of Archon interference in that particular ethnic group.
Lynn – Then he goes on to ask about Tai-Kadai language ethnic groups (Such as Thai, Lao, Shan, etc.)
COBRA – I cannot answer this question as I’m not familiar with that. (OK)
Lynn – And then they want to know Danes, Finns, Germans and Poles. Did they come from a specific star system?
COBRA – It does not work like this. Basically what happens is people come individually in incarnations from various star systems, not as a group, not as a nation. (OK, that makes sense).
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Aaron – Asking about a planet named Thiaoouba. Are the beings from this planet Wing Makers?
Aaron – Is there anything else you can tell us about them?
COBRA – There was a group about that particular race and if you’re interested in that particular story you can read that book. From my perspective it’s not that important. See:
Lynn – Who and what are the Beings called Bigfoot or the Sasquatch?
COBRA – They are part of a certain evolution that went parallel to the evolution of surface humanity.
Lynn – Are they from inner earth or 2nd dimension?
COBRA – Many of them were connected to inner earth but not all of them. Some of them were simply living on the surface of the planet.
Lynn – What was their purpose for coming to earth?
COBRA – Simply to experience life.
Lynn – They seem to be able to disappear when needed and it can be quite an audible sound like a big crack or crash.  How does that work for them?
COBRA – I cannot confirm that this is actually happening. From my perspective these are just rumors. (OK)
Lynn – Are humans related to them in any way?
COBRA – Yes, in they’re distantly related. (thank you Cobra)
Aaron – The country of Iran is touted as the worlds “Bad Guy”, with their supposed nuclear program and chanting of “Death to the West”. Cobra, what is the current state of Iran, and are these people brainwashed and manipulated to be the world’s evil, or is this just more propaganda from the West’s news media?
COBRA – It is obviously propaganda from the West because Iran doesn’t want to obey the dictates of the Cabal, so this is why it is so maligned in the Western media. (OK, thank you).
Lynn – I know that the people of Israel are not representative of the policies of Netanyahu and his government. Cobra, could you comment on the state of Israel, as to their relations to the U.S., their struggle with the Palestinians, and their aggression towards Iran?
COBRA – It is simply that the same Cabal network that is controlling United States is also controlling Israel and there is a strong connection there and they have the same policy. (I see, thank you).
Aaron – Cobra can you please describe the difference between the Dracos and reptilians?
COBRA – I would say Dracos are more mental, they are able to plan and strategize where reptilians are more emotionally based and they just react. (OK, thank you)
Lynn – If Yaldabaoth is the plasma manifestation of the primary anomaly, what other dimensions is the primary anomaly in and if it’s so in the physical dimension how does Yaldabaoth manifest in the physical?
COBRA – Yaldabaoth is just a plasma entity and it’s not the only manifestation of primary anomaly. Primary anomaly is everywhere in all dimension and it manifests in different way. Sometimes very subtle, sometimes quite intensely so it is just a, I would say, a force which opposes the force of evolution.
Lynn – So it manifests in other dimensions as a plasma entity also?
Lynn – How many dimensions does this entity cover?
COBRA – It’s just a plasma entity. It has a low state of consciousness.
Lynn – It’s 4th or under.
COBRA – I would not describe this in dimensions because it just gets too confusing for people. (OK, thank you)
Aaron – Is Yaldaboath a sentient being or an AI (Artificial Intelligence)? or both?
COBRA – It is a sentient being but again I’ve said before it’s a low state of consciousness.
Aaron – Is the reason the Yaldaboath entity will not leave because a group on the surface or below the surface has its baby in a tank surrounded by guards or . . .
COBRA – No, no, no, no, no. (I didn’t want to go there) (laugh).
Aaron – You said you don’t want to comment about any more questions about Yaldaboath?
COBRA – We can talk about it but in a different way.
Aaron – This might be too sensitive a question to ask, but there is a website showing the Universal Dissolution of the Yaldabaoth. It started December of 2016 with 19% of the tentacles removed. By February 19th of 2017, 100% of the tentacles have been removed. By the end of March, 10% of the rest of the Yaldaboath had been removed. By the end of April, another 38% had been removed. By the end of May, another 8% has been removed. And as of the 23rd of this month, which was a week ago, only another 4% had been removed. This leaves 40% more to be removed. With the rate of slow down to only 4% a month, at this rate, it’s going to take another 10 months for the rest of the Yaldaboath to be removed. Cobra, is this accurate, and can you inform us on the current problems with the rate of the removal of the Yaldaboath?
COBRA – OK. I cannot confirm or deny the accuracy of that blog People need to find their own guidance about this. And I will not give any percentage, first because it cannot be expressed in percentage linearly and that information even if I had it it would not be very beneficial to announce publicly. (Right, good to know)
Lynn – Are the Chimera at the top of the food chain above the Archons?
COBRA – Yes.
Lynn – It has been said that Chimera are a mixture of human and E.T. species. Is this correct or if not can you tell us about their origins? I
COBRA – They came from the Andromeda galaxy and they are in human bodies. They are humanoid E.T. species and now they live in human bodies on the surface of the planet.
Lynn – Are you able to talk about the strength and number of the Chimera that remain on Earth?
COBRA – I would say there are less than 200 of them right now on the surface of the planet. (OK, that’s good to know. Thank you very much.)
Aaron – Who are the black eyed children or people?
COBRA – I cannot confirm that this even exists.
Aaron – And the 2nd question; Are they working with the cabal, same answer, right?
COBRA – Yes.
Lynn – I’ll go on with the light forces questions. We have 4 of them, is that OK.
COBRA – Yes, the last 4.
There is an underground tube or train shuttle that connects some military bases, test sights, nuclear weapon sights, uranium mining etc.  Is this all still operational in light of some of the underground bases being destroyed?
COBRA – Actually there were many networks of those tubes connecting various places underground and I would say one particular network was completely disabled a long time ago. One network was disabled not long time ago and I would say there are just fractions of this still operational in the hands of the Chimera Group. All the rest of this is in the hands of the light forces.
Lynn – So there are operational tunnels that the light forces are in charge of right?
COBRA – Yes, of course.
Lynn – Who has control over the train shuttle now, light forces or dark forces?
COBRA – The light forces. (OK, good)
Lynn – Is there a difference between underground bases and subterranean bases?
COBRA – That’s basically the same thing.
Lynn – How much of this system do the Agarthan network access or do they have a whole different system for travel underground that you can tell us about?
COBRA – They have many of their own systems, some of them are teleportation based and some of them are still shuttle based. But sometimes they do use parts of this system that they have liberated from the hands of the dark forces. (OK, good).
Lynn – Thank you Cobra, for being with us today and for giving us so many great answers on several new subjects that we haven’t touched on before. We welcome to hear from you again next month and we look forward to it.
Aaron – Thanks again Cobra.
COBRA – Yes. Thank you, thank you very much for this. And I would like to encourage everybody to hold your vision and together we will be victorious.
In closing I would like to thank the whole team that has made this interview possible:
Cobra for being a gracious guest. His website is:
Aaron—my interview partner, sound & editing technician
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And remember always that…. We are all Voices of the World.
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Post script
What light workers can do if they receive electro-magnetic attacks? How to protect themselves? Who can help us?
This is what Cobra suggests as the best method of protection in general for all of us right now. This is such a wonderful meditation to work with even though it takes a little practice to perfect it and will benefit people in so many ways!
Good Luck with this TZ

Source - Wholeness Navigator

The interview is conducted by Essayenya Mosteenya. Thanks Cobra for taking the time to do this interview. And a special thanks to Ada for volunteering to do the transcript. The Q&A is all posted here with the exception of one question. The host and Cobra both agree to have it not posted until the time is right.

EM: We were told that for the Earth to be liberated, the critical mass needs to be reached; however, in the recent conference, you say from now on, we no longer need so many as long as there is ONE single person who is fully connected with their I AM presence. What has happened for the Light Forces to have this message delivered to us?

C: Okay. These are two aspects of the same situation. One thing is the global critical mass which assists a lot in the planetary liberation and the other thing which is also true is that with just one person with a perfect connection to their I AM presence and with a complete understanding of the situation can liberate the planet so usually it’s a combination of both factors that can assist in transformation.

EM: Where should people start if they want to reach this fullest state of connection to their I AM presence? By being honest with their souls?

C: This is a good start, yes.

EM: In Godfre's “Unveiled Mysteries”, it said people used to know their origins, the used to know their Source, and they were carefully guided and protected by their I AM presence. Would you say that when this FULL connection with the I AM presence takes place, people will, at least, know they are no longer alone, though they might still have some doubts about how protected they are and whether the Light Forces are always around? Can this kind of knowing, in spite of some doubts, count as a form of full connection?

C: Gradually as your connection with your I AM presence improves there will be no longer any sense of loneliness and the protection will increase as your connection with your I AM presence increases. This is why it is very good to connect with your I AM presence with a pillar of light - as I have posted a link to that some time ago on my blog. There was a very nice article about a pillar of light…column of light…connecting with your I AM presence and that connection is one of the strongest forms of protection against any negativity that people [inaudible] can do on this planet.

EM: You said St. Germain was not aware of the planetary situation enough, and that to have complete success in this mission by having one single human liberate Earth via full connection with his/her I AM presence, one needs to be aware of many facts that St. Germain was not aware of at that time. How is knowing the planetary situation enough going to assist in this mission? Why do people need to be aware of the many facts that St. Germain was not aware of at that time?

C: Okay. You don’t need to be aware of those facts to connect with your I AM presence. But if you are aware of those facts and at the same time connected with your I AM presence, your I AM presence will begin transforming those facts. And that’s how you can be more efficient in the planetary liberation.

EM: What do you mean by FULL connection with the I AM presence? Could you give us an example of how this full connection will manifest, if a person is to be aware of many facts that St. Germain was not aware of at that time?

C: That full connection can manifest in different ways. It depends on the individual because your I AM presence will always give you guidance about how it will manifest so this is a very individual situation – it’s not the same for everybody.

EM: So, it (the FULLY connection with I AM presence) varies from person to person?

C: Yes.

EM: Is it true that what really preoccupies the Great White Brotherhood is the relationship that man has with his almighty God self?

C: The purpose of the ascended beings is to improve the conditions of every human being in two ways. Number one: by increasing their connection with their I AM presence. Number two: by improving their outer life conditions. So it’s both (of these things).

EM: Is it a good idea to interact with Ascended Masters and even our Higher Selves in the way we would interact with our friends? For instance, besides sharing our bitterness with them, we could also share some funny anecdotes in our lives, and maybe make fun of them like we do with actual friends?

C: Yes, you can interact with them as with your friends. Exactly.

EM: Is there a certain level of bonding that happens in this kind of interaction?

C: Yes, of course. There is always a heart connection which happens in the interaction with ascended beings.

EM: During these years, although we might have some quarrels with our family, it doesn't necessarily mean we don't love them. When we calm ourselves down, we just move along and cherish the time we spend together. Some people are asking whether this form of relationship can be applied to the relationship with our I AM presence and even to the Light Forces?

C: Yes.

EM: Have the Light Forces (even for Ascended Masters, and Source) ever worried that if the Event should be delayed further, they will run the risk of losing some Star Seeds?

C: They are fully and completely aware of that situation.

EM: Do they every worry?

C: I would not say worry in a human sense but they are aware of it and they do whatever they can to improve that situation.

EM: Is it true that throughout all the years of Galactic Wars that some beings in both Light and Dark Forces have grown tired of this battle that seems never end, and they have come to the realization that unity could not be obtained by controlling and subduing the opposite polarity?

C: I would say that it is not possible to reconcile those polarities in a harmonious way because the Dark Forces have no [inaudible] intention of cooperating. So the only way that this can be resolved is by transporting certain of those beings into the Galactic Central Sun. There is no other way. The Light Forces were trying to resolve that conflict in a peaceful way for a very long time – even for too long a time – and it was not successful. So the only way out is that certain beings will simply have to be disintegrated.

EM: Are we now in the third attempt – according to some websites - to achieve unity by having the Light to integrate their own shadows, and SIMULTANEOUSLY by having the Dark to embrace their inner Light?

C: No. As I have said, those attempts have been finished. Now the only thing that is remaining is removal of all darkness as soon as possible and liberation of every sentient being from the grip of the Dark Forces as soon as possible in a safe way.

EM: Did certain factions of the dark forces come to realize that what they’ve done to us is completely wrong, and sign the peaceful contract to end the Galactic war with the Light Forces back in 1996?

C: Okay. There were certain factions that actually have surrendered to the light in the time period between 1994-95 until 1998. There were some massive surrenders taking place but unfortunately this did not include all the dark forces – just one faction.

EM: Did these beings that signed the peaceful contracts use to be at the upper ladder like the Chimera or Archons are? Or were all of them below the Chimera or Archons?

C: No. It was simply another faction which surrendered.

EM: With their knowledge of the weapons they made, wouldn’t it help the Light Forces remove the bombs much easier if these factions were to surrender?

C: It would actually be much easier if there were not a hostage situation but there is a hostage situation on this planet and that’s why the Light Forces need to be very careful how they deal with the toplet bombs. Otherwise, this situation would be resolved much faster.

EM: So what we are dealing with over these years is the remaining factions who are quite upset about the contracts to end the Galactic War, and still want to maintain quarantine Earth, want no peace in the universe, and certainly want more slaves by twisting some teachings in the “Law of One”?

C: Yes.

EM: Are the Creator God and the Prime Creator God waiting for the Galactic Confederation of Light to clear the bombs and the black stone, or have some secret operations been authorized to prevent the Event from being further delayed and ensure the final breakthrough?

C: There are many layers. This is actually one big operation that has many, many layers and some of those layers are classified and I am [inaudible] (prevented) from talking about them so I am talking about them as much as I can without jeopardizing the success and safety of the operations but there is much more going on than is being posted.

EM: What's the "original" meaning of the ‘Law of One” from the perspective of Light Forces?

C: I cannot comment on that channeled material because neither I nor the Light Forces can completely agree with what is written there.

EM: If the removing of toplet bombs proves to be so much more difficult than the Light Forces expected, then how come beings from a much higher dimensions waited until now to intervene? Is it because of the hostage-retaliation mechanism once again?

C: Actually it was always quite challenging to intervene on this planet because of this hostage situation and in the last 25,000 years the Light Forces always needed to be very careful in all their operations. And the situation is still not resolved because when the situation is resolved we will have the breakthrough. We will have the final liberation.

EM: Are these much higher dimensional beings one of the Seven Tribes of Light?

C: I cannot answer this question because I do not agree with Seven Tribes of Light – with that description.

EM: In view of the control over the flow of intel by the Chimera group, is it true that even for Resistance Members, they themselves also underestimated the quarantine Earth status, and are as shocked as we are? 

C: Yes, they also underestimated the situation and it was quite a surprise for them as well. Not as much as for the surface population but still they were not expecting this to be so difficult and they were not expecting this to be taking so long.

EM: Even for the Galactic Confederation of Light, the Ascended Masters, and theSphere Being Alliance, they all experience the same setbacks and can certainly understand the frustration and pains of the surface population?

C: I cannot comment on the Sphere Being Alliance because I either do not have contact with that group or I perceive those things differently but yes, for the Ascended Masters, even they were not expecting something like this. Actually nobody in this Universe was expecting the darkness to go so far and nobody was expecting the situation to be so difficult and so challenging so nobody was prepared for this really.

EM: What about Source?

C: Source – of course the Source was and is aware of this. But communication with the Source is never perfect in this dimension of the Universe. And understanding of the cosmic situation is never perfect because of the primary anomaly so this is why this perception from the Source did not completely transmit into the manifested Universe.

EM: Would you agree that even for Wingmakers, they have experienced the same setback?

C: They have experienced the same setback in a different way. Not so directly, not so drastically but more as the frustration of not being able to transmit the divine plan more efficiently to the Galactic Light Forces and to intervene more directly in the planetary situation. Their original plan was more direct contact with the surface population, more disclosure, and faster liberation.

EM: Is it true that Source with its all-seeing eye knows every scheme of the Dark Forces, but with hostages being held, the Source has to allow the control of the intel flow? Correct?

C: Unfortunately, yes, that is true.

EM: So the Source knows every scheme of the Dark Forces?

C: Yes.

EM: Can people ask the Source to intervene much more in view of the control of the intel flow?

C: It is good to ask Source for more direct intel flow and more direct intervention. That’s actually a very good idea.

EM: What would happen now if the Light Forces intervene with MILITARY FORCEto liberate Earth instead of focusing on removing the remaining bombs and disabling the black stone?

C: Okay. There is a certain possibility that the bombs would get detonated which would be – I would say – a global planetary cataclysm that I don’t think anybody would be able to survive. And the risk is still too great for that.

EM: So the Light Forces can’t intervene with military force because the bombs would explode?

C: Yes. Actually I would say that one faction is quite impatient right now and they would just like to intervene directly but they are being held back because the risk is still too big at this point.

EM: With the intel-compartmentalization, it might be hard for some to regain their faith in the Light Forces. What can be done if these people still want to assist the Light?

C: If people understand the situation more they will gain trust in the Light Forces again – and especially they will gain trust in the Light Forces when the Light Forces will be able to intervene more directly and more efficiently. Then that trust will be reinstated again.

EM: How does the Sphere Being Alliance assist the liberation?

C: Again, I cannot speak about that particular group because I have no connection with it. From my perspective I would describe this group as the Galactic Central Race and the Galactic Central Race is Number One – directing the flow of energies from the Galactic Center to the Solar System and it’s also directing the flow of Galactic Liberation energies from the Galactic Central Sun through every individual and group that is assisting in the planetary liberation, supporting them as much as possible directly and indirectly.

EM: Have the Light Forces also been integrating their own shadows over these years to help shut down this hologram of separation?

C: The Light Forces are always integrating their shadow as much as possible.

EM: Even Source, the Ancient Guardian Races and the Ascended Masters?

C: Yes. Their shadow does not manifest as darkness but simply as a lack of complete cosmic understanding and they’re always working on improving their understanding of the situation and doing whatever they can.

EM: What are the methods of shadow integration? Could you give us some examples?

C: Basically the principle is very simple. It’s to be honest with yourself, acknowledging all shadow aspects within and just observing them and being a loving witness to them and then they will get transformed.

EM: Before incarnation, we also sign contracts with the Light Forces. Are those contracts mainly dealing with protection?

C: Okay, basically one of the major contracts was done about your mission. So you made your agreement with the Light Forces that you will carry your mission and also major protection and life course agreements were made but the problem is here that many people did not follow up with those agreements and this is one of the reasons why this planetary situation is taking so long.

EM: So most of them don’t even follow their protection contracts with the Light Forces?

C: They don’t follow any of the agreements that were made, and that’s the main problem here. One of the main problems on this planet.

EM: So even with safety contracts with the Light Forces prior to birth, it certainly wouldn’t hurt if we ask again a FULL protection from them as we awake during the transition, right?

C: Yes, but what I’m saying here is that the people who were incarnated did not follow up with their contract. They did not follow the agreements and this is why the protection grid has collapsed on the surface of the planet.

EM: Among Sanat Kumara's various incarnations, did he, as a human, ever question himself about the value of this exile before his ascension?

C: Every human individual before the ascension had those moments.

EM: How did he overcome this bewilderment?

C: This always happens with the connection with the I AM presence.

EM: Do all Lords of Fire yearn to live in happiness with their multidimensional selves again after the Even just as the day they used to live together in previous Golden Age?

C: Okay, all Lords of Fire have ascended a long time ago and they are always living in a state of happiness.

EM: Oh, they have left this plane?

C: They are all ascended and they live in a state of happiness.

EM: According to “Unveiled Mysteries”, humans were intended to lead a life in prosperity and abundance with God and that was the very reason why humanity were created at first so as to live as Father and Son, but humanity at that time felt they were "less perfect" than Gods, disregarded Gods' warning about their impending adversity during cycle after cycle and worse, were later manipulated by the dark forces to doubt the Source, and thus they were not so ready to shoulder their responsibility as a co-creator? Is that correct?

C: Yes, that is correct.

EM: Is that why shadows must be integrated now if people wish to take that sovereignty back?

C: Yes, of course.

EM: But how did humans have those flaws when they were created? Were they created by Gods?

C: They were created with very advanced creator races, if we are speaking of the human evolution that belongs to this planet. But there are some people on this planet that came originally from the Source through the Galactic Sun birth process.

EM: But why do humans have those flaws?

C: Because of the interaction with the primary anomaly.

EM: Is it true a new type of being would come into emergence as a result of this shadow integration? A brand new kind, called the Man of the Sixth Race?

C: Basically the Man of the Sixth Race is the next stage of evolution which has already started a few centuries ago and this new stage of evolution is having a quantum leap right now and will have the biggest quantum leap at the time of the Event.

EM: You were threatened by the cabal years ago. How did you get past those traumas?

C: Basically there was a need for a lot of healing and integration which took quite a long time and what also helped was that I received intel that explained to me exactly what was going on, why it happened, and how to protect myself in the future. I have received very powerful protection protocols that protected me from that time on and basically I was contacted by the Resistance at the time of those attacks and shortly after those attacks with very direct and precise instructions about what to do to protect myself.

EM: Is it true that if certain intel is too overwhelming for some people to take in, that intel will become extremely shocking for them, and they then, psychologically speaking, “subconsciously” begin playing the movies, such as alien invasions, devil possessions, and going crazy, in their heads without consciously being aware of it?

C: Basically when the big changes happen and when a lot of very challenging intel is released, there will be a lot of support from the Light Forces and not so much of a negative influence and this is the reason why it will be easier for people to integrate all those disturbing pieces of intel. So it will not be as hard as some people are afraid it will.

EM: If a person asks to be protected by the Light Forces, but still sinks into their own doubt, that person will continue thinking this way, and even if the Light Forces are actually offering help, they still won’t feel it. So for the protection to work, our shadows of doubt and fear must be integrated to a certain level where we will no longer get mired down in them, is that correct?

C: This is one part of the situation but not the only part of the situation. It’s always good to integrate the shadow. But the Light Forces cannot completely protect us at this point. The do not control the situation completely but it always helps to integrate your shadow and clear your fears because fear is a doorway through which the dark forces can enter. The more of the fear that you process, the easier it is for you to be protected.

EM: Before these Ascended Masters ascend, do they also have their fair share of mind control as we do?

C: Yes of course. They have this.

EM: How do they liberate themselves from all this mind control? By loving and accepting themselves more?

C: Basically the situation with mind control was much easier in past centuries. And especially before WWII, it was much easier to ascend and most people have achieved their ascension before that time. 

EM: Should people learn to be more grateful for what they have, and have sympathy for others, instead of being constantly mired in guilt?

C: Gratitude is a very healing emotion. If you are able to have it, that’s a good thing but don’t force yourself into this. So positive emotions tend to improve your state of consciousness and tend to improve your life conditions always. And negative emotions tend to attract more of the same negativity.

EM: Can all this mind programming be healed pretty fast by using the technology from the Light Forces?

C: Yes.

EM: Should people be worried about what they've done in past lives, or should they ask the Light Forces to infuse unconditional love and light to all their deeds in past lives on their behalf?

C: It is always good to ask the Light Forces for unconditional forgiveness and to release the past, learn from it, understand it, and then move on.

EM: Corey revealed that the Blue Avians won’t respond to Agarthans’ telepathy and he said during one exchange between the Agarthans and the Guardians, the Guardians personally told the Agarthans that they do not tend the Earth as well as the Guardians think they should, and the Guardians are quite upset about them. Do you think that it might be genuine how these Guardians feel?

C: Okay, I cannot confirm that particular part of Corey Goode’s intel.

EM: Do the Light Forces have any “special” gifts for mankind and the Starseeds after the Event?

C: There will be many special gifts and many wonderful surprises as humanity after the Event begins to enter the Galactic Society. So it will be the beginning of something wonderful that we have all been waiting for and that we have all been dreaming about and manifesting consciously and working for.

EM: Could you talk about some of the gifts right now?

C: It is not time yet.

EM: Okay. There used to be a specific Ascension group in a certain country. Where could people find these beings?

C: There was a very specific Ascension group in the United States in the years between 1994 and 1998, yes, and this group has ascended and is no longer present on the surface of this planet.

EM: Who are the other six Kumaras, the remaining six (13 in total)? Who are they?

C: They are simply very advanced beings that are assisting in transmuting the energies from the Galactic Central Sun to Planet Earth and stabilizing the situation here.

EM: Do all these 13 Kumaras have higher selves back in Source?

C: They are their higher selves, actually, and they are connected with the Source.

EM: Do all the 13 Kumaras have daughters and sons?

C: They are not incarnated human beings so they do not have daughters and sons in that particular way.

EM: So Lady Meta is not the daughter of Sanat Kumara?

C: No.

EM: Then who is Lady Meta?

C: A certain ascended being that is part of the soul group of Sanat Kumara.

EM: How do we connect with them?

C: There are many different ways of connection and I will not name them because they are all over the internet and each particular being has her or his own way of connecting. 

EM: If we see a person suffering financially on the news, we often later learn that that person is offered a job by a local owner of a factory. Why does the same kind of assistance not happen to lightworkers and lightwarriors?

C: Sometimes this happens, but there are two factors here. The first one is the willingness of that particular lightworker to manifest abundance and the second one is the level of interference that happens. In the case of the lightworkers, the Dark Forces usually tend to interfere more with their lives.

EM: What do you mean by "Be you. The world will adjust." in your ATVOR Projectpost?

C: It means simply being yourself, being sincere with yourself, doing what you feel is the right thing to do, and not surrendering to the controlling factors around you. And if you are yourself, then this will create a very powerful manifestation vortex which will begin to adjust the reality around you to your own I AM presence more and more.

EM: How do some strong occult positive forces dissolve the energy background of the old system which was enabling spiritual slavery that was happening on this planet?

C: The Light Forces, what they are doing, is they are working with a planetary energy grid as I have explained in my post on Atlantis. This is a very good explanation of what’s going on.

EM: Will shadow integration assist the Light Forces to dissolve the energy background of the old system?

C: Yes.  

EM: That would be all. Is there anything you want to add?

C: Nothing in particular. I would just say for everybody to keep the vision. Hold the vision. Visualize a better life for all of us. Visualize liberation for humanity. And the other thing I would repeat again – train yourself in teamwork. Teamwork is very important in this stage.

EM: Thank you for taking time to do this interview.

C: Okay, thank you very much.

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