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Co-Creation and The Role of Innocence -- ThunderHeart Guidance Episode 3 (Video)

(Simon Esler) This episode explores the relationship between individual innocence and the co-creative abilities of humanity. Specifically, an exploration of the heart, vibration, and manifestation give us a deeper look into our potential for applying personal power on a collective scale.

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Here are some resources that inspired the episode:

For dropping the internal dialogue and deepening inner silence - 

For finding and loving your innocence - 

For heightening your inner sense of energy and feeling states - 

For directing energy and attention inwards and applying it correctly - 

For understanding operant conditioning and the harm it's doing to children/everyone - 

To explore studies on heart coherence - 

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) Simon Esler is an energy practitioner, researcher, philosopher, and adept student of experience. For over nine years, he has run a successful self-help practice called ThunderHeart Guidance, offering intuitive coaching and meditative practices for groups and individuals. Esler has taken the time to produce a video series that reveals methods, techniques, and approaches to enhance and support the awakening experience. His intention is to practice what the nagual Lujan Matus calls "soft shamanism," which utilizes gentle, selfless, unwavering intention to support spiritual growth. Whether you are a beginner or adept, these videos have something to offer.

In my estimation, the information and practices presented in this series represent what could be called a master class of awakening.

All too often we truth seekers crave information but do we take the time to process and observe how it makes us feel or think? The ability to use our philosophic potential to analyze information and comprehend how it affects our view of the world is critically important. The ability to observe our emotions so as to heal the disparate parts of our being is also essential. And using the whole of experience to move forward in spiritual progress, to become wise, honest, kind, and prosperous people capable of meeting the challenges of life is ever uplifted and up-stepped by the practice of self-mastery. In essence, Esler is giving us the tools he has tested and proven to be effective.

Esler hopes to do more of these presentations as time goes on, speaking of energy and spirituality as well as science, philosophy, and psychology. He plans on discussing issues specific to disclosure but also more generally addressing what we all go through as awakening souls.

Our world is sick with ignorance and suffers from the machinations of social engineers hell-bent on manipulating the minds of the people. As such, learning how to reclaim sovereignty over our consciousness and life is an excellent step toward freedom and a better world for all people.
- Justin

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ThunderHeart Series Playlist:

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