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Call to Action -- August 21st Solar Eclipse Mass Meditation (Informational Video in 432Hz) #EclipseEvent2017

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) I was honored to participate in a joint interview yesterday between Cobra of the Resistance Movement, and Corey Goode, a secret space program whistleblower turned full disclosure advocate, truth seeker, and change agent. They have joined forces in an effort to create a point of unity for the great work of healing the planet and spreading the truth. Whether you're a fan of their work or have never heard of them, any one who loves the truth and seeks to end corruption can rally behind this call to action. Most of the awakening ones, in one form or another, are working toward this supernal goal of making this world a better place through our individual efforts. As such, I invite you to participate in one aspect of this work, a synchronized mass meditation.

This particular event is set to occur on the 21st of August, during the solar eclipse. But in general, the benefit of mass meditations is an excellent technique of raising consciousness. This is because we use our individual faculties to form a coherent unified and energetic field that radiates outwardly, raising consciousness and restoring balance and harmony to the world around us in the process.

As was discussed during the interview (to be released soon), this is just one phase of the great work. Meditation is a great tool for developing a clear and coherent intention, and once done, such an intention becomes more grounded as we act it out in our personal lives—whether in grand works of collective action, or individual moments of compassion, truth-seeking, shadow work, love of our fellows, and defense against corruption and oppression. Truly, the strength we impart to ourselves through developing a coherent intention and consciousness is well nigh limitless in power, especially when that intention suffuses every fiber of our being.

I invite you to participate in this meditation and others like it. There are several venues featuring synchronized meditation, like meet up groups (physically coordinated meditations) or global meditations that are coordinated online. Here is one example of an online venue that asks participants to take some time out of their day once a week.

How you phrase or visualize your meditation isn't as important as simply beginning the process. By and large, there is no "wrong way" to meditate in this vein—although as one advances it will become clear what methods are more effective than others. The more one takes part in these events, the more skillful they become.

I'll see you in the aethers.

- Justin

Published on Aug 5, 2017

Join us August 21st, 2017 for a mass meditation event at the Solar Eclipse! #EclipseEvent2017

Bring yourself and bring your family and friends if you'd like! The more minds joined in unity the better and the more of an effect it will have on the planetary situation.

We will be using the powerful energies of the August 21st Eclipse to declare our collective intention for Compression Breakthrough.

For the guided meditation in your language please go the following link:

Click the link below for the automatic conversion of the start time for your location:

We will be starting this meditation at 11:11:11 AM PDT (6:11:11 PM GMT) and will be doing it for at least 15 minutes.

For more information about the meditation itself please visit the link below:

For the Worldwide Synchronized Guided Audio Meditation (in multiple languages) that begins playing automatically at the exact time for this meditation, click here:

Use #EclipseEvent2017 to post your YouTube videos and tweets (and see other people’s tweets and youtube videos of the Eclipse) on our page for this event on:

For more information about The Event please visit the links below:

For information about the Event scheduled at Mount Shasta please click the link below:

Thank you to Arbre Solaire (credit for the video photo cover and other collaborative information) and Ada from the Prepare for Change team for putting together the script! The video was put together by and rendered by me, Jonathan.

Music credit:

Stellardrone - Breathe in the Light 432Hz

Video credit:

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