Thursday, July 6, 2017

Beyond Meat “Chemical” Burger to Start Invading Fast Food Restaurants Across America

() Though the majority of the world population still has an insatiable hunger for meat, veganism has become the number one health and dietary trend. In 2016, Google Trends showed a 90 percent increase in “vegan” searches.

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Source - Natural News

by, July 6tth, 2017

With a growing community deciding to shun all animal products, the food industry saw its chance to increase profits by introducing fake, artificial meat. Backed by a former global chief executive of McDonald’s and Tyson Foods, a controversial fake meat company, called Beyond Meat, is on a mission to take over the food world with lab-grown, fake meat products.

Beyond Meat is the firm who claims to produce Petri dish burgers that taste more like meat than real beef. Touted as the first plant-based burger that sizzles and bleeds, Beyond Meat sealed a deal with BurgerFi to sell the burger in eight of BurgerFi’s 101 locations — Malibu; New York City; Poughkeepsie, NY; Philadelphia; Coral Springs, Florida; Coral Gables, Florida; and two stores in Delray Beach, Florida, reported the Daily Mail Online.

BurgerFi is currently offering the controversial Beyond Burger in two variations. One is marketed to the curious meat eater and includes onions, pickles, lettuce, tomatoes, and cheese. The other one is a vegan green style burger either wrapped in lettuce leaves or served on a vegan bun.

Today there is a growing appetite for meat alternatives due to the vegan food trend and concerns about animal welfare and health. Last year, the first Beyond Meat burger that looks, cooks, and tastes like a beef burger emerged in 200 Whole Foods Market stores across the United States.

Though Beyond Meat may be the first to enter the fast food world, other companies are also experimenting with lab-grown meat. The firm’s biggest rival at the moment is Impossible Foods. Backed by funds of the Microsoft billionaire, Bill Gates, and an arm of Google, the company is experimenting with fake meats made from wheat protein, coconut oil, soy, and potatoes.

The disgusting truth behind the production of fake meat grown in a lab

According to some experts, food grown in Petri dishes will take the food world by storm once they are able to perfect the process. We at Natural News, however, hope it never comes to that. In an eye-opening mini-documentary Mike Adams, Natural News founder and director of CWC labs, reveals the dirty little secret about artificial meat that no one’s talking about.

While the fake meat industry positions itself as the green and vegan industry that will help save the planet, in truth they are helping to destroy it. Though Mike is a strong opponent of the cruel and inhumane treatment of animals in CAFOs and confined meat factories, he shows that the fake meat industry isn’t much better.

In an ideal world, these fake or artificial meats would be made from organic plant ingredients. Unfortunately, the reality is that almost all these products are made using GMO crops, MSG (monosodium glutamate), and other chemical products to create the meat flavor.

Not entirely surprising, the same biotech companies that produce Franken seeds and poisonous pesticides are now pushing for fake GMO- and pesticide-laden artificial meat to increase their profits. What’s more, vegans are being tricked to do the exact opposite of what they stand for. Instead of making this world a better and greener place for all, the fake meat industry is polluting our world with toxic chemicals.

Though the end product may resemble meat, it is nothing more than a chemical cocktail of toxic compounds and GMOs. Consuming processed foods laced with these chemicals can cause infertility, cancer, and heart disease, among many other diseases and conditions.

For more information, watch the entire short video here:

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