Thursday, July 6, 2017

Benjamin Fulford -- July 6th, 2017: Sounds like "American Lawyer" and David Crayford have provided a missing link for me in this article

(Benjamin Fulford) While we hear their buzz words like "Cabal" "Deep State" and similar labels, we almost never see a face to the ones who think they are the sole signatory to the collateral accounts and are behind the blockage of these accounts, so they are never used for the benefit of humanity.

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Source - Benjamin Fulford Typepad

Henry Kissinger, who needs no introduction is that person and I invite all of you to read the above article written by "American lawyer" and confirmed by David Crayford. It lends an explanation as to why Kissinger has been talking to Vladimir Putin.

I invite you to read the article above and comment if you wish?

First of all, we both seem to have our own direct sources who confirm that Henry Kissinger is indeed laying claim to be the sole signatory for the collateral accounts. Our sources also agree that Kissinger obtained this claim fraudulently.

I can add from my own sources, that Kissinger arranged for me to visit Bougainville where some mercenary troops tried to kill me. While I was there Kissinger managed to convince or blackmail the Japanese Emperor into signing off on a 4.3 quadrillion yen bond (actually it was 5 quadrillion yen but 7000 trillion had been paid out in advance).

Kissinger is, according to my Japanese royal family sources, hoping to use this money to finance a world government and is flying around the world using his connections to try to make this happen.
However, David Crayford once again slanders me by calling me a fraud. He says the net is closing in on me and that I am being reduced to begging. It is a fact that Finance Minister Taro Aso, who works for the French branch of the Rothschilds, arranged a bogus tax lien claiming I owed 10 years’ worth of payroll taxes and consumption taxes that I had already paid. Then, as it became clear I would be able to pay off even those bogus taxes, they arranged to have my paypal account shut down. In other words, these people are resorting to fraud to shut down my legitimate income from subscribers to my newsletter and from book publishing in Japan. Crayford, through his words, has revealed that he is a Rothschild agent.

Also, I do not think humanity wants all of its money to be controlled by a single, secret individual. As I have always said, the creation of money should be a transparent, publicly owned utility and not a private monopoly.

It has become obvious we cannot wait forever for these global collateral accounts to work for humanity so we are bypassing the old system using asset backed crypto-currencies. We will use assets that the Khazarians cannot possibly claim as theirs.
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