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3-Fingered Mummy Update: Tomb Discovered By Guy Named Mario

() In what some may look at as an attempt to give a fading and controversial story an additional 30 seconds of fame, the folks who brought you the 3-fingered Peruvian mummy that might be an alien and its four friends have released new information about where they were found and it has to do with a guy named Mario who may or may not be super and is most likely not from Indiana. Meanwhile, a real Peruvian archeological find – the nearly 2,000-year-old mummified remains of the Lord of Sipan – got even more real when the Museum of the Royal Tombs of Sipan unveiled a lifelike reconstruction of the mummy’s face. Which announcement has a better chance of ‘changing everything’?

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One mummy as it was allegedly found inside the cave by Mario ( and

According to, the first and only source so far for the tomb story, and journalist Jamie Maussan released yet another fee-per-view video which revealed the “identity” of the discoverer of the 3-fingered mummies, a “world-changing find” and the location of their tomb.
“Mario helped with the discovery of many well known sites in Peru since the 1990s. He knows very well what he does, and he knows what he has found, and what he has found does not belong to any known culture in South America. Inside this tomb, in a secret place, he found two sarcophaguses. In one of them was just pure objects. In the second one he found two medium-sized bodies, and many little bodies. The big body was outside the sarcophagus.”

No last name, just Mario. And the location?
“He is afraid that somebody is going to find this and he is going to lose what is inside.”
The alleged cave entrance ( and

Not to mention losing his secret identity and this well-paying gig. Sorry, 3-fingered alien mummy fans. We all want to believe but this kind of drip-by-please-deposit-another-coin-drip of data is depressing, especially to other archeologists, members of the Peruvian World Congress on Mummy Studies and the Museum of the Royal Tombs of Sipan.

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On the 30th anniversary of the tomb’s discovery, Peruvian Culture Minister Salvador del Solar witnessed the unveiling of the Moche culture ruler’s face, which had been painstakingly recreated using skull and facial bones that had been damaged by being buried under earth and heavy burial jewels. The Huaca Rajada adobe pyramid complex where it was found was discovered in 1987 and is the best source of the history of the Moche culture which occupied what is now Moche in northern Peru from 100 to 700 CE.

The reconstructed Lord of Sipan (Museum of the Royal Tombs of Sipan)

While the recreation of the Lord of Sipan’s face doesn’t change everything, the reconstruction of the face of the Lady of Cao comes close – showing that a woman also ruled the Moche culture – something unheard of in pre-Columbian Peru.

What about Mario and the 3-Fingered Mummies? While that would make a great name for a band, this project has still not provided any undeniable evidence to make it a world-changer, game-changer or even a “holy cr@p” diaper changer.

The wait continues.

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