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Why Independent Media Needs Your Support Part 1

by Conscious Optimist,

Many people recognize that the human body requires food, oxygen, and water to survive; yet only a small number of people recognize the survival necessity attached to high quality information.  Indeed, many people get their news without charge via social media, and thus have come to expect regular updates on current events from their favorite sites and sources at no cost to themselves.  But is this attitude sustainable?  Is it realistic?  Is it respectful?

I bring these questions up because I recently discovered that one of my favorite news sources, Newsbud, is currently struggling maintain operations due to lack of finances.  In my opinion, it would be a tragic loss for independent media if they were to go under.  Their programs are impressive and numerous, and they cover a wide spread of topics that are vital for truth seekers to review and consider.  They have everything covered from international geopolitical updates to news regarding technology, the creeping Orwellian state, analysis of freedom in America from a law perspective, and much more.  Even more impressive, their content is forensically researched, of professional quality, and they are completely crowd-funded.

Newsbud founder, Sibel Edmonds, is well known within whistleblower groups, and is referred to as “the most silenced woman in America” after she worked for slightly less than one year at the FBI and, in the process, discovered the bureau to be a corrupt money-sink, among other things.

Here is there about me page, so you can learn more about them.  Below is a video covering their crowdfunding campaign.

Unfortunately, had I been aware much earlier that Newsbud's kickstarter needed more attention, I would have made these posts a couple weeks ago.

Alas, the point in all this is that I want to encourage you to consider helping or supporting Newsbud.  If you’re someone who has already benefited—as I have—from their hard work, then it would be the moral thing to make a donation if you can.  Every little bit counts.  And if you have never checked out their material then I would highly recommend doing so!

Now, the Newsbud story is a perfect point of departure for us here at Stillness in the Storm (SITS) to talk a little about the reality of what it is to run an alternative media website.  The following will lay the groundwork for an even bigger discussion that will come in Part 2.

I am relatively new as a contributing writer for SITS, however I’ve known Justin for a few years, and I know I speak for both of us when I say that we got into this work because we felt—and continue to feel—a profound calling for discovering and sharing the truth (at least, to the best of our ability each and every day).  

Both of us have, in our own ways, spent almost our entire adult lives doing the best we can to figure out what is really going on in this world, and what, if anything, we can do to make things better.  In the process, both of us came to discover that the world simply does not resemble the “truth” we were taught in school and via mainstream media. Both of us have come to the determination that the world is in grave danger, yet also has the potential to transform in such a magnificently positive way. We hold out for the hope that one day slavery will truly end —that one day, humanity will finally take responsibility for itself, clean up its environment, remove child traffickers from positions of power, halt perpetual war, and so on.

Given these convictions, we’ve put in years worth of study time; we’ve sacrificed social status and material comfort for the sake of the truth, and we’ve all but dedicated our entire lives to the goal of restoring real knowledge and trust to this world.   

It’s been a harrowing journey, though the reward has been absolutely worth it: we are becoming ever-more capable of articulating important ideas, information, and concepts that need to be known by people who—like ourselves—would prefer to see humanity liberate itself rather than succumb to unending torment and potential extinction (extreme as that may sound, the times warrant such a statement).

I feel justified in saying that it is our integrity and dedication that makes SITS a worthwhile news source.  Effectively, when you read SITS original articles you are gaining the fruits of a lifetime's-worth of contemplation and research, much like other media services dedicated towards similar ends.  In a similar vein, though I do not personally know the folks over at Newsbud, I am certain the same can be said of them and their platform.  And I can say the same thing for many others.

This is one reason why the independent media needs our support, because—in most cases— we're all working towards the same goal: finding, understanding, and sharing the truth.

In summary: I ask that if you are a consumer of independent media, then please consider helping your chosen news source, whether that be SITS, Newsbud, or any other source you appreciate.

Help can come in the form of donations, like Patreon or PayPal, or it could come in the form of simple appreciation.  Ad revenue is a source of support for the independent media, which generates income when ads are clicked.  Often ads are the only consistent source of income for alt media, which often spend long hours producing content that is given away for free. While ads can be distracting, if it helps support the alternative media we've come to depend on for accurate news and information, surely it's a concession we can make.

Of course, the absolute best form of support, at the end of the day, is for each of you to hone your research skills, your interpersonal skills, your practical skills, your spiritual awareness, and to do whatever you need to do in order to get to a place where you can make a constructive and substantial contribution to the upliftment of our world.

We are all in this together, in more ways than one.

See you in Part 2!

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