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U.S. Scientists Have Developed a “Memory Wipe” Enzyme That Can Erase Memories

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) Within various fringe fields of research, the idea that the government has the ability to wipe a person's memory is well established. For years, anyone who suggested this was labeled a conspiracy theorist. But according to a study conducted by the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, it is possible to "wipe" a person's memories.

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Researchers identified an enzyme that is responsible for the storage of long-term memories, which if reduced, hinders formation. Although the below article implies this technique can remove memories that are already long-term, that isn't actually the case—it would just prevent long-term memories from forming if someone was experiencing reduced levels of the enzyme. What this means is that you would need to be exposed to a drug that reduces this enzyme, and thereafter, you wouldn't be able to hold on to memories of that day. Likely short-term memories held in wait prior to the reduction of enzyme levels would also be affected.

According to several researchers and whistleblowers, there are other means of altering a person's memories, using chemical or electromagnetic means.

In a recent interview, ex-CIA man Robert David Steele suggested that a government sponsored blackmail campaign employs the use of various drugs to seduce members of the government.

Steele says that a target is selected and seduced by a man or woman of consenting age. The target is then given drugs that alter perception, memory, and free will, like scopolamine, and is taken back to a hotel room that was prepared beforehand with hidden cameras. The person seducing the target is switched out with a young boy or girl, and they engage in sexual intercourse, which could comprise horrific acts, up to and including murder. The next day, the target would have no memory of what happened, yet the intelligence agencies have photos and video of the whole event, which they use to blackmail the target. Steele says that this is one of the primary jobs of intelligence services in the US, but according to other sources, this practice of blackmail via disturbing sexual entrapment has been a standard practice for centuries.

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The other point to consider is that often technology breakthroughs of importance to the intelligence community are quickly classified, only to reemerge years later once they have been integrated into society or used elsewhere. DARPA pioneered a great many technologies used today, decades before they were released on the open market—the internet is a good example.

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Although the "memory wiping" technology discussed below seems fairly limited in application, it likely is only meant as a kind of soft-disclosure—that such things exist and are being used en masse is highly probable. And of course, this idea of memory wiping sends a shiver up the spines of most people.

As disturbing as these things can be, knowledge of their existence is the first step in dealing with them. Much operates under the cover of darkness, which means the light of truth needs to be shined brightly so that others may know and be rallied to the cause of ending nefarious practices on earth.

- Justin

Source - Natural News

by Isabelle Z., June 5th, 2017 

Are there any bad memories in your life that you wish you could simply erase? Researchers might have found a way to do exactly that thanks to the discovery of the enzyme in the brain that plays a pivotal role in storing long-term memories. They believe that this enzyme could be targeted in order to essentially wipe distressing memories out of the minds of people suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). However, like many things that sound too good to be true, this development is raising red flags left and right.

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Scientists have long known that creating new memories and storing old ones involve the creation of proteins in the synapse, where two brain cells meet. For this process to be successful, genes must be expressed in the nucleus of the cell, and this is where a key enzyme can turn genes on or off as new memories are formed. It’s also believed that this enzyme, which is known as ACSS2, plays a role in the memory impairment that is seen in neurodegenerative disorders.

In the study, the researchers found that lowering ACSS2 levels in mice reduced the expression of memory genes, thereby stopping the formation of long-term memories. Mice who had reduced enzyme levels showed no interest in a ball they saw the previous day, whereas those with normal levels of the enzyme were interested in the ball.

Now the researchers are hoping to use this knowledge to stop traumatic memories from forming in people with PTSD simply by blocking the brain’s ACSS2. This might sound like a good idea to those of us who are haunted by some sort of trauma, but there’s also the potential for this to be used for more sinister reasons.

Another convenient form of mind control

For example, what’s to stop an agency like the CIA from erasing highly inconvenient memories from people’s minds? The police state could use it as a way to deal with people who it deems to be “anti-establishment.” A journalist who uncovers damning evidence about something like vaccines or GMOs could easily be made to forget that information before they are able to report on it. The possibilities are as endless as they are disturbing.

Of course, there’s also the fact that some of our bad memories likely serve a very good purpose. If we erase our memories of mistakes we’ve made, for example, what will stop us from repeating them later? If you wiped the memory of being stalked by someone, the next time you encounter that person, you might even invite them into your house!

This approach is also unnecessary if their stated goal is merely to help the traumatized and there are no ulterior motives at play here. PTSD sufferers can be helped with a number of techniques, such as healing touch with guided imagery and cognitive-behavioral therapy.

Creating false memories

On the flip side of this coin, it’s also possible to give people memories of incidents that never took place. It’s hard to say which scenario is more frightening. Psychologist Julia Shaw has demonstrated the ability to make a person remember committing a crime they did not have a hand in, even going so far as to provide vivid details about the imaginary event.

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While it’s hard to imagine why a criminal psychologist would want to convince a patient they did something they hadn’t, it does raise a lot of interesting questions. If she can do it, it’s hardly a stretch to imagine that others, including law enforcement and governmental agencies, also possess this capability. If so, there really is nothing stopping them from using it to convince those who oppose them or speak out against them that they committed a crime and lock them up.
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