Saturday, June 17, 2017

#UNRIG, Robert David Steele -- Spanish Interview | Llamando A Todos Los Latinos

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) Denise Wilbanks recently conducted a Spanish interview with ex-CIA man Robert David Steele, wherein they discussed the UNRIG campaign that seeks to restore truth and justice to the US and beyond. Steele is working with another bright light and truth warrior in the quest for justice, former congresswoman Dr. Cynthia McKinney. Dr. McKinney is well known for her efforts to expose the child sex and human trafficking rings that the military contractor Dyncorp is connected to—likely part of the wider Pedogate scandal involving high-level figures in Washington DC and other places of power in the world.

Althought most of the SITS audience are English speakers, I want to present this video to help share the information with the Spanish speaking world.

Bear in mind, Steele often speaks highly of Donald Trump, and I think he does so because he believes Trump might represent a rare opportunity to make grand changes to our darkened world. In my estimation, Steele is pro-Truth, pro-Justice, and pro-Humanity—not a blind follower of Trump.

For an overview what is discussed in English, see the following interview by Jordan Sather from June 10th of this year.

Related Interview w/ ex-CIA Robert David Steele - #UNRIG, Suppressed Technologies, & How Trump Can Win (Video)

- Justin

by Denise Wilbanks,

Roberto David Steele comparte en forma eloquente y con gran compasión su vision para nuestro futuro geopolítico. El delinea como los Latinos tomarán parte vital en los cambios gubernamentales y reformas electorales. En este video Roberto llama a todos los Latinos que se unan en solidaridad y actúen ahora en este moviendo tomando auge.

Published on Jun 17, 2017

Roberto David Steele Llamando A Todos Los Latinos #UNRIG

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