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UFO Community -- A Round Table Discussion | Jimmy Church, Fade to Black, June 14th 2017 7pm PST (10pm EST)

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) Host of Fade to Black, Jimmy Church, conducted a round table discussion speaking to the current anti-truth campaign focusing on the field of ufology, that will air this Wednesday at 7pm PST. I say anti-truth because those behind this campaign do not consider all the facts and evidence when "investigating" certain topics, and continue to promote their erroneous speculation as proven facts. But in reality, these so-called investigators ignore evidence, and this should prove to truth loving people that they aren't really interested in the truth, they are deceivers. And to be specific, I think this is the case because they claim to have truth they don't actually have, and consciously reject evidence without an honest look. This campaign is dividing the truther movement. Those who love the truth can't let this continue, because the truth must be defended for the benefit of ourselves and future generations.

Church recorded this short teaser of the show, which can be listened to here

While this campaign has been focused on certain figures in ufology, like Corey Goode, the manner in which it is being carried out reveals a far more destructive effect. Since evidence is being rejected without an honest look, the process of discerning truth itself is coming under attack, as throngs of people are considering these fallacious investigations as valid research.

I suspect that such persons are likely acting out of a good intention, but when they refuse to consider the truth honestly, it hurts all involved. People are being encouraged to ignore evidence to support a belief (ideological bias), and this is a dangerous thing to promote. It's the same anti-truth mentality that keeps the masses a sleep and the Cabal in power, and it needs to be called out for what it is. 

As I am one of the people who came under attack, I can tell you that the accusations being made are laughably untrue. Of course, that doesn't mean much to you, who wasn't there, but my direct experience gives me a unique perspective. Yet the accusations are sensational enough to trigger most people. And that's the point. They are designed (consciously or not) to trigger negative emotional states that can then be used to destabilized a person's consciousness, which allows suggestions to be received and believed more easily. And it's working.

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I haven't heard the round table talk yet, but from what was communicated to me privately, Church delivers an exposé that is sure to blow the lid off this campaign. 

Listen to the show by going to Fade to Black Spreaker channel when the show is scheduled to begin. I'll also add the archive to this post when it is available.

- Justin

Source - Jimmy Church

by Jimmy Church, June 11th, 2017

Listen to "Ep. 674 FADE to BLACK : The UFO Community Roudtable : LIVE" on Spreaker.

Wednesday night on FADE to BLACK: Has the UFO Community been infiltrated? For the last three weeks there have been attacks on conferences, organizations, authors, groups and researchers...all at the same time... who? why and why now? We have gathered a group of media and researchers to discuss what is really going on...do NOT miss this roundtable conversation!

7-10pm PST LIVE

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