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The Influence, Coded Meaning, and Philosophic Fabric of the Bible -- An Enlightening Lecture Series by Dr. Jordan B Peterson

by Justin Deschamps

Toronto University professor and outspoken advocate of free speech, critical thought, philosophy, self-improvement, and truth-speaking, Dr. Jordan B Peterson is producing a fascinating lecture series on the Bible. He discusses the work in a nonreligious way, analyzing it as a psychologist, philosopher, scientist, and human being. Unlike the often dry and dusty discussions about the Bible, Dr. Peterson casts new light on this age-old work. Whether you're a diehard Christian or an atheist, this series has the power to make you think differently about the world, in an empowering and uplifting way.

As was discussed in the article The Importance of Life Purpose, in order to activate our potential and feel the ecstasy of life, we need purpose. Without purpose, life is dull, depressing, meaningless, and provides a seemingly endless fount of suffering and hardship. But purpose gives courage to the fearful, it finds meaning in the meaningless, and it turns the struggles of life into opportunities for growth and attainment.

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In order to realize our purpose, exploration of life in the world must take place. The outer world provides a stage for this drama of the inner world of insight, meaning, and creativity to come alive. If we spend all our days never exploring other schools of thought and ways of being, this is similar to never leaving your house to see the world. So going on a mental vacation or adventure from time to time is a good idea.

An artist needs inspiration so they can paint. A musician needs insight so they can compose. And human beings need a diverse and eclectic experience of the world in order to take advantage of all that life has to offer.

The Bible, like many ancient works, is not just a collection of antiquated irrelevant stories, although it certainly appears that way to most of us.

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I'll admit, I've never actually read the Bible, but I know many of the stories it contains and how much of an impact it has had in our world. Dr. Peterson's guided tour through the work, which he does in a very dynamic and captivating way, made me realize that it is embedded or encoded with deep meaningful allegories about the nature of existence and being. Essentially, the human struggles of all ages are boiled down and rendered into a form that speaks to all people of all walks of life, if one can sift through the symbolism properly. This is arguably true of other sacred texts as well.

You need not be religious or a believer to be taken on the exploration of consciousness that this series has to offer. And if you watch it with an active and inquisitive perspective, like a child exploring a mystery, then no doubt it will provide something of value to you in your personal evolution. I'm frequently pausing the talk to scribble down insights and realizations that come to mind.

Below is the first of four episodes that are currently available. The series is still being produced at this time. The below playlist should automatically update with new episodes as they are released.

- Justin

PS: In case anyone is wondering, no I am not Christian, although I can recognize the value it contains. I am a truth seeker, and as such, I gravitate toward the truth wherever it leads me. And I've learned over the years that it seems the truth hides in all places—it is up to us to do the inner work to uncover it.

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