Sunday, June 11, 2017

SITS Update: Mobile Website Problems and Changes

by Justin Deschamps,

Hello, all. I have a brief update today regarding the mobile site and web admin help. I have been receiving a lot of complaints about navigating the mobile version. The problem seems to be that when scrolling down to read articles, the mobile app accidentally navigates to another article. This can be very frustrating, for obvious reasons. But I have discovered a solution for the time being.

The template for the main website and the mobile site are blogger templates. These are provided to hosts so they can produce the look and feel of the site without being knowledgeable of HTML and Java coding.

I am not a coder. I've learned a lot about running a website, but I can't go into the HTML code to remove the "previous and next article swipe" feature—the one causing all the problems.

The workaround solution is to disable the mobile site and switch to a "mobile friendly" version. This will look just like the normal website, except the text will be formatted to fit your mobile screen. The only thing you should need to do is zoom into the narrow bar of text so you can read it.

Obviously, this is more cumbersome, but should at least stop the seemingly random switches to other articles.

As a long-term solution, I will ramp up my efforts to find another mobile template. And as an aside, I'm also searching for a new template for the main site, which needs an overhaul to take advantage of the new website features that emerged in the past few years. Gotta stay up to date!

As I mentioned in the SITS update posted recently, I'm swamped with other aspects of SITS, and I don't know how quickly I can find and implement better templates and designs.

If anyone is experienced with blogger, HTML, coding, and website design, I would greatly appreciate some help insofar as finding and managing the site. This kind of backend work can be incredibly time-consuming.

As always, if there are ever any problems with the site, I want to know about them! And this also applies for feedback about anything in general.

SITS is a reader-supported site in every capacity, including receiving advice, feedback, and insights from the readers about what articles resonate, what to research, and specifically, how they experience SITS.

We serve at the pleasure of the people. So appreciate others working with us to keep SITS relevant, high quality, and easy to use!
- Justin

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