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Mysterious ‘Stone Circle’ on Mars Sparks Wild Claims That Alien Ruins Are Hidden Under the Martian Surface

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) The following video and article discuss a stone ring found by a Mars object hunter pouring through NASA's rover photographs. It is implied by the presenter that the ring is artificial in nature.

I am not a geologist, but I have long had an interest in the subject. What I found striking about the stone ring was the erosion patterns and layout of the stones, which appear to be contiguous or made from the same piece of rock. That is, instead of the ring being made of individuals stones assembled together, it looks like it might have been a single piece of stone at one point.

Notice toward the bottom of the image, the rocks appear to be broken up by in chunks that were likely once a single piece of stone. The even scoring lines along this same section look like water erosion patterns, similar to what is found around the Sphinx at Giza. 

Observe the faded vertical lines that appear in regular intervals.

Could this ring indicate evidence of an ancient megalithic society, one that was destroyed in some long forgotten cataclysm? Some suggest that is the case.

Recall the work of Dr. Thomas Van Flandern, who proposed the Exploded Planet Hypothesis, which states a massive super-earth-sized planet orbited the sun where the asteroid belt now resides. And in the destruction of that planet, the surface of Mars was ravaged. 

Also, other researchers have suggested there is evidence of large nuclear weapon explosions on Mars, revealed by concentrations of the Xenon 129 isotope. 

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Update: A geologist was kind enough to contact me and suggest that the rock formation on Mars could be what are called concretions. They form when water and sediment produce a kind of natural cement, which often results in an ovid or spherical body. 

If the ring is one of these concretions, then it would suggest Mars was once covered with water and had an active climate. A watery Mars is also posited by Dr. Flandern and officialdom has recently accepted the idea as well.

- Justin

Source - The Sun

by Staff Writer, June 16th, 2017

Bizarre formation was snapped by the Mars Rover and then 'discovered' by extraterrestrial hunters 

A BIZARRE “stone circle” that’s just been spotted on Mars has sparked some very strange speculation about its origin.

The weird formation was spotted by an amateur alien hunter, before being featured in a video by the YouTube channel SecureTeam10.

It was found in official NASA pictures taken by the Mars Rover.

In its video, SecureTeam 10 said: "This is a very strange formation of rocks put together in what appears to be a very artificial way.

"What we are seeing looks very different from the craters on Mars and the moon.

A view of the 'mystery circle' on Mars

"It almost looks as if these rocks were arranged in this circular formation or this could potentially be some sort of ruin that's part of some larger structure buried beneath the surface.

"I've never seen anything like it."

The circle could also be a natural formation—but this fact won't stop people speculating about its origin.

SecureTeam 10 recently claimed to have spotted an "alien spaceship" firing beams of light at Earth and also an "alien tank" on the surface of the moon.

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