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Joint Cobra / Kauilapele Interview by Goldfish Report – June 13, 2017

(CobraYou might want to listen to this joint Cobra / Kauilapele Interview by Goldfish Report:

Source - COBRA The Portal

by Cobra, June 22nd, 2017

Published on Jun 22, 2017

On this 100th GoldFish Report, Cobra and Kauilapele join Steve and Louisa to commemorate this 100th Report milestone by Uniting the Light. Topics discussed include the Spirituality, Frequency of Life, Holograms, Planetary Liberation, Antarctica, Secret Space Program, Meditation, Inner Guidance, The Event, and the importance of encouraging a Team-work atmosphere in the Light Worker Community and much more.

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(Stillness in the Storm Editor) I left the following comment on the video, and wanted to leave it here as well. 
I can't agree with Cobra more on the objective and subjective GROUP analysis point. Synthesis is so important but due to most of us lacking the skills to share our ideas in a non-binary Aristotelian way (non-judgemental), discussion often only goes as far as "yes I agree or no I don't." But there is so much more depth and soul growth we can do when we move beyond dualistic discussion methods, and into what can be termed over unity of enlightened discourse. When we do so with an open mind and heart, we need not focus on black and white conclusions, we move beyond them to the ocean of subtly beneath the surface, where all the real soul enriching growth takes place.

With support, trust, and proper rapport developed with our fellows, we can explore almost any idea with freedom and an adventurous uplifting technique, like a child explores the world with wide-eyed wonder and amazement. (I think this is one way we can begin to heal the mind virus of fear surrounding a lot of the dark truths that are emerging now). In my own awakening experience, I've had the pleasure of speaking with a handful of people who can interact in this way, and it has been profoundly rewarding for my personal process, but also rewarding for all others involved. A true blending of souls and wisdom.

Recognizing the power and potential of open discourse, I'm developing an awakening community Think Tank specifically for this purpose of objective analysis and synthesis, but this will also serve as a starting ground to begin discussions at all levels. The lack of rapport we have as an awakening community needs to be addressed by engaging in productive dialogs and talks. For far to long we've let the walls of separation keep us divided, even in fear our fellows on the awakening path.

But whosoever wills let them come and begin their training in the brotherhood and sisterhood of the human family—this is the intention of the think tank, to eventually become the spring board for a completely unified and cohesive force for change, healing, and evolution of consciousness.

The Cabal has destroyed our ability to work with each other at a human level—they've destroyed trust between souls (e.g. money solves this deficiency). The first step, IMO, is to learn how to do this again—we need to learn how to be tolerant, compassionate, and open hearted—actually listening to our fellows, especially the ones we don't agree with completely. Initially, only the bravest of souls will likely see value in working with others who might not totally agree with them, but in time, hopefully others will add their unique perspective to the discussion. And I think there truly is nothing that an awake, aware, and trust endowed population can't overcome. It's time to recognize our innate potential and really become the change we all know we can be. Together, arm, and arm, we can do it.
- Justin
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