Friday, June 16, 2017

Freelance Inventor Reveals: Free Energy Technology -- Zero Point Energy Generator

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) I can't confirm if this specific device is authentic. But I can state that—based on my research—so called zero-point energy is real and can be used generate power. Over-unity physics is taboo, but there are researchers who've demonstrated it is most definitely mathematically plausible.
- Justin

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Source - Energy Fanatics

by , June 15th, 2017

The link to the video was emailed to me by a reader. Thank you for the link.

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In the following short video, an electrical and electronics engineer explains and shows how his “free” energy generator works.

He refers to his invention as the zero point generator and claims that it can harness the unlimited energy within space. His free energy generator is conveniently small in size and has a simple but interesting design. However, does it actually work? Based on the content of the video, there is not enough information to determine if it is a working free energy generator. However, the video is very interesting to watch.

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