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Corey Goode Update: Spy vs Whistleblower, Exposing Cabal Agents, Personal Discernment, Moving Forward

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) As some of you might already know, there is a coordinated attack against those associated with the secret space program insider Corey Goode. SITS came under fire last week, and I have prepared a response to those accusations, which will be posted shortly.

I say it is a coordinated attack because there are certain figures within ufology who are working together to discredit Goode and others, under the guise of "investigative journalism." But anyone who takes the time to research journalistic standards can easily recognize that such content is not of journalistic integrity. In order to discover the truth one needs to seek for it in an unbiased way, beyond the people who agree with what you think is happening.

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I have seen some of the material Goode alludes to in the following update. It will hopefully provide more of a complete picture of who some of these people are.

Let me say here and now that I completely support an honest investigation. You are encouraged to be honestly skeptical, to listen with an open mind but seek for substantiation whenever possible, and to avoid the temptation to believe or disbelieve things without a rational basis. This practice applies to all beliefs, worldviews, suspicions, and conclusions, most especially when dealing with such world changing information as a secret space program and extraterrestrial alliances.

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But if we abandon the search for truth, and seek only to validate our beliefs, we risk hurting ourselves with untruth. And if we present our biased conclusions as unquestioned facts, as some within this smear campaign have done, they harm the reputation of others and disservice the community. 

Information, speech, and words are powerful metaphysical things, energetic insofar as their capacity to alter consciousness. But how are you using these powers? Are they with honesty, integrity, and guided by a benevolent intention and recognition of natural law? Are we wielding our beliefs and truths like weapons of war or are we using them as tools for peace?

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It is all too easy for us to fall off the path of truth, and stumble into the quagmire of fear, paranoia, and self-aggrandizement. And I personally have a lot of compassion for those who may not know within themselves what they believe, and as such, are quick to succumb to fear. But at the same time, the truth needs to be defended. 

Culturally, the truth is a delicate flower. It needs to be nurtured, looked after, and protected from those who might trample it underfoot. Each of us has the potential, via self-work and growth, to gain more wisdom and in doing so, act as defenders of truth.

In a way, if you are reading these words, you are already clothed in the armor of seeking, you have already heard the call of the truth, and rally to defend it. But like all virtues and bounties of spiritual attainment, it takes work and steadfast dedication to keeping our truth seeking alive and vibrant. We must keep working hard to expose our mistakes and fears so they can be learned from and transcended.

I hope that we can learn from these episodes and be more discerning in the future. In a way, this is a kind of preparation for when full disclosure, or some event like it, takes place. We'll rely on our discernment skills and self-work to keep us calm and collected so we can guide things forward in harmony and grace. 

So while it isn't always fun to defend ourselves from untruths, it is an essential part of the work we are doing at this time. How we defend ourselves requires recognition of honor and duty to the truth, so that we don't cause harm in our effort to prevent or stop harm. 

- Justin

Source - Sphere Being Alliance Facebook

by Corey Goode, June 12th, 2017

Spy vs Whistleblower: We hope to return to normal and positive posting soon. Coordinated attacks like this have never been seen before in this field.

We are working with others to expose one of the largest Cabal Agent Infiltrations and operations in Ufology to be exposed since the time of the "Mirage Men" incident.

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We will identify one potential operative (Of a few we are aware of) and show their ties to a small Forum group and its leader (Another potential operative) who is up to their eyeballs in this operation. We will also show clear and direct Cabal influence and ties.

The information will be explosive and controversial but will be a disclosure this community deserves and needs. We are delivering it in an as ethical of a journalistic form as possible. So far the contact attempts of a few researchers to these parties have gone unanswered.

We wanted to give them the opportunity that was not given to people on our team who were targeted. We will provide the evidence we have collected to allow each of you to pull at the threads and investigate on your own. Then You Decide!

Why would such an operation be executed on Goode and those in his inner circle if there was no truth to the testimony? We hope, after some sunlight, that we can then begin to get some unity going and begin to focus our intent on Full Disclosure!

If you were sucked into this PsyOp don't be discouraged. Investigate the data we present and use your own discernment.

The PTB do not want unity and they do not want Tompkins, Wood, Salla and I to publish this book "A Case for a Secret Space Program" (Full announcement at the MUFON Symposium in Las Vegas/July).

When I said "People accuse you of what they would do in the same situation", I had no idea how accurate this statement was. Stay tuned, much more to come!

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Question -- What is the goal of this website? Why do we share different sources of information that sometimes conflicts or might even be considered disinformation? 
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