Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Corey Goode Update: QnA Interview Next Week, Send in Your Questions

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) Secret Space Program insider and whistleblower Corey Goode will be recording an interview with Teresa Yanaros of Divine Frequency, answering general questions but also responding to allegations he and those around him have been accused of. Goode decided to respond questions related to dissenting opinion in a public way, with the goal of addressing as many concerns as possible, no matter how seemingly nonsensical.

Although the allegations against him are largely unfounded, the fear, uncertainty, and trepidation felt in the community is quite real and should not be dismissed carelessly.

The fact is, Goode is one amongst many UFO and ET experiencers who provides no evidence to support his claims. As a result, those interested in his testimony are more susceptible to discrediting campaigns designed to undermine honest exploration of what he has to offer. And clearly a great deal of uncertainty has yet to be addressed in this area in general, revealed by how easily doubt turned into outright rejection for some.

Last week, Jimmy Church of Fade to Black held a round table discussion discussing infiltration of the ufology community, which has been a problem since its early beginnings. Church and his guests shared that the problem of evidence to prove sensational claims of experiencers has always been an issue, and the more outspoken opponents of Goode seem to have a double standard in this regard. 

Generally speaking, I think this whole situation is a good opportunity to examine how we, as individuals and as a community, deal with information and discernment. The fact that Goode is willing to talk about these things openly and with the community's involvement sends the message that the work we're doing to change the planet is one where everyone's participation is meaningful.  

Hopefully what comes about will be healing and restore balance so we can focus on other issues we all face on this darkened world.

You can submit questions to

- Justin

Published on Jun 20, 2017

Hi everyone! With the recent disinformation campaign launched against Corey Goode and those associated with him, Corey wants to take this opportunity to shine light on slanderous allegations and answer your questions. I met with him today as he just got back in town from Boulder, Colorado from filming the latest Cosmic Disclosure episodes for GaiaTV. Please send your questions to for the interview I am hosting next week.

The interview will be posted on the YouTube channel.
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