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6 Ways Mushrooms Can Save the World -- A Short and Powerful Presentation

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by Conscious Optimist

Some secrets are "secret" due to being deliberately undisclosed—others items of interest are secret because no matter how often you try to tell people, they remain pathologically deaf to such disclosure.  This is the case, in my opinion, with regards to the role of microbial and fungal life in the regeneration of our planet.  Put simply, mushrooms are the master chemists of the biosphere, and with their help we can solve a lot of the impending ecological catastrophes. We could, perhaps, avoid the prospect of rendering our own habitat uninhabitable for our species by using a wealth of knowledge regarding mushrooms that has been online now for years.

If someone found a way to assure a clean environment and the restoration of the biosphere, surely you'd know about it, right?  Surely someone would have mentioned it in the news, right?

Well, it turns out life isn't so simple.

Human perception filters out that which is unfamiliar to the beholder, and this is one of many easily identifiable reasons why society continuously ignores medical, scientific, and spiritual breakthroughs that have the potential to solve many of our problems.  Of course, there is the added complication that wherever you see solutions to key problems in human society, you are sure to find those solutions suppressed—if not outright censored and banned.

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Luckily you, dear reader, need not be part of the problem, and instead can become part of the solution—by becoming aware of solutions to problems!  Amazing, isn't it?

With that said, let me introduce you to a solution right now: mycoremediation, aka the process of healing ones body and environment through the introduction of beneficial fungi.  The field of mycoremediation is a very promising source of solutions to many ecological and health problems currently facing everyone in our current era of widespread chemtrailing.  This knowledge could not be more important or timely.

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I could go on and on about this wonderful topic, but instead I'll hand the floor over to pioneering mycologist Paul Stamets, whose presentation should be spread far and wide.

(As an aside, I would highly recommend purchasing his book Mycelium Running, for it contains numerous tables correlating mushroom strands to the specific types of toxins they remediate.  I could not stress enough how amazing this information truly is!)

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