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#Triggered? Mass Hypnosis and Trigger Words -- Irrational States of Mind That Manipulate Us Via Our Alter Personalities

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) In our age of mass-mind influence and social engineering, is it any wonder that masses of people feel "triggered." This term is often used in psychological circles referring to when a person's "programming" becomes active, usually in relation to hypnosis. This begs the question, are people everywhere programmed to some degree?

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The answer to this question is more disturbing than we might like to believe. 

The human mind is programmable by nature, but unless the conscious mind participates in this process, the subconscious can be easily "programmed" by external influences.

Furthermore, the way in which we raise our children often lays the foundation for external programming, what I refer to as the primary abandonment complex. 

There is a critical period after birth when infants need complete and total love, support and acceptance, and if they don't get it, a schism forms producing alter personalities. These alters are created when the experiences of life are too much to handle (trauma), and as a coping mechanism, the conscious mind withdraws, leaving the subconscious in control. The alter personalities are characterized by their irrational, judgemental, and violent nature, which become active when the individual feels threatened in some way. 

What determines "threat" isn't necessarily rational either—the point is that what determines a threat is largely subjective, dependent on the individuals background and biases.

What has become "normal" in our society is the fractionation of the human psyche, producing generations who are easily triggered into unspeakable violence and group think mobs. The powers that should not be know of this effect all to well and exploit it to their advantage. Social engineers devise propaganda campaigns designed to incite the masses into a triggered state, so that they cease to be rational thinking people, and become a mindless mob.

This is a vast topic to discuss, but simply put, it can be argued that all mind control or manipulation works by tapping into the subconscious alters of a person. 

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And if one carefully analyzes the psychological underpinnings of various social movements throughout history, most especially the contemporary Social Justice movement, then it becomes apparent that swaths of people are being swept up by their alter programming.

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While this information can be somewhat jarring, it is also key knowledge and understanding. 

The likelihood that all people on Earth are "altered" to some degree seems quite certain. This means that everyone has some amount of irrationality that motivates them, reaching deep into their being to this primary abandonment schism.

Unless all of your beliefs, worldviews, and convictions are rational and consciously evaluated, then it is likely you too suffer from an "altered consciousness"—aspects of your personality that take over when you feel triggered.

Recall that the bulk of the advertising industry employs subtle methods of manipulating a person's insecurities, triggering them to spend money irrationally. Advertisements, in the main, do not work on the rational mind; they do their work on our subconscious irrational beliefs and desires—the very same ones under the purview of the alters we've created during life.

Thus, as a practice, we would do well to constantly assess and rethink our motivations. And we would also benefit from developing the ability to recognize when we are triggered and take steps to regain composure so as to avoid being manipulated.

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- Justin

Source - Truth Stream Media

by Melissa Dykes, May 11th, 2017

We live in a world where our television “programming” these days literally counts people down into the broadcast with flickering lights and fast spinning graphics so intricate, there’s no way someone’s conscious mind is taking it all in. The information then gets imparted and the viewing audience is swirled back out again… a lot like a hypnosis session.

Now, all we’re hearing about these days is the concept of “trigger words”… from blockbusters like Captain America: Civil War to the so-called hypersensitive Millennial snowflake phenomenon, the system is really pushing the idea that words can trigger anyone at any time (provided they are the right words…)

But the idea of “trigger words” is yet another concept that has always traditionally been related to hypnosis, brainwashing and Manchurian Candidates… and spoken about as if its a hokey, debunked, pseudoscientific joke if anything.

That is, up until recently.

Is there a concerted effort to make sure everyone knows how easily triggered they are?

Because it sure seems like it.

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