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‘Star People’ and ‘Flying Shields’ Are Familiar Notions Inside Native American Tribes

(The Explorer Cultures with a deep understanding of the metaphysical planes of existence still recall a remote period in time when humans freely interacted with “people from the stars,” and it all happened on this planet we call our home.

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Source - Humans Are Free

by The Explorer, April 23rd, 2017

Prior to the merciless conquest of the Americas by the rapacious Europeans, there were various cultures in these areas not sharing the beliefs of the colonialists, but instead possessing unique belief systems, as well as precious ancient knowledge.

Much of this information had been eradicated by the colonialists of that era, but several ideologies were fortunate enough to surpass the test of time and are now offering bewildering insight, since these ancient concepts are contradictory to the established Western paradigm.

Surviving tribes speak of the “Star People,” a term referring to various beings of otherworldly origins who at some point in time descended from the sky in order to share some of their wisdom with the early inhabitants of the Earth worthy of their “gifts” of knowledge.

These timeworn peoples had established contact with diverse species of advanced extraterrestrials, proof of this standing the multitude of myths depicting such encounters.

Although disconnected by millenary periods of time, former cultures of the Americas speak of flying objects and technology so advanced that it could have been confused with magic. The narratives of the Native American tribes are particularly luxuriant in details.
“My people tell of Star People who came to us many generations ago,” writes Richard Wagamese of the Wabaseemoong First People.

“The Star people brought spiritual teachings and stories and maps of the cosmos and they offered these freely. They were kind, loving and set a great example. When they left us, my people say there was a loneliness like no other.” 
And he goes on saying that:
“If Star people did come to the Ojibway, where did they go? Where did they come from? Who brought teachings to them? What scientific magic did they own that allowed them to make such an incredible journey – and is it possible for us?” Hopi Indians know they owe much of their cultural heritage to their ancestors who came from the Pleidaes, and much of their lifestyle seems analog to the depicted attitude of those aliens.
Does this prove their origins myths hold more truth than fiction? It could very well be the case.

Petroglyph at Legend Rock close to the Thermopolis, Wyoming

The Dakota people allude to the same star cluster as the place from where their ancestors had arrived.

Not far from them are the Cree, who believe that at some point in remote history, their founding fathers descended from the stars, just that in spirit form, and have later materialized into human beings.

Lakota natives speak of mystical celestial entities which developed energy shields around them whenever transcending into the material world. They were often seen as luminous orbs of light and would sometimes adopt gifted children to journey with them across the cosmos.

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This entire concept of alien visitors is not at all new or unknown to the Native Americans, but they perceive this topic from a more spiritual point of view than us Westerners.

Author of Plains Cree, Stephane Wuttunee explains this more thoroughly in a UFO digest article:
“[My people] give far greater attention to the seeking of the spiritual understanding of things rather than going after ‘the truth’ as people from dominant cultures do. This is part of the reason why we tend to stand back and view or listen at first, rather than bare in with questions or take the hard, direct approach.” The tightness of Wuttunee’s community allowed him to lend an ear to the stories of his elders which comprised information that had been passed down one generation after another.
The stories often reminded of “distant relations and Star People living among the stars” that had established contact with his tribe.
“Far from being anything to be feared, Star People was just another term i grew up around,” acknowledged Wuttunee in his paper.

“I remember listening in awe and fascination at the thought of us having relations that lived off and outside our world, and sometimes spoke to them in my silent moments at night. I wanted to know who they were and what they looked like, if they had families like us and so on.”

“It wasn’t until my later teens that I discovered that people from the dominant culture were talking about the same ‘people’ as my elders did, though each sides’s sense of perception of these people seemed radically different from one another.” 
So, could Wuttunee’s words be the product of our modern-day understanding of extraterrestrials combined with the imaginative nature of his elderly’s tales?

It could be, but the fact that Native Americans have been talking about “flying shields” since forever speaks in favor of another reality.

Hopi petroglyphs displaying Star People and their “flying shields” hovering above their heads

Before the UFO phenomenon became a widespread media phenomenon, an Oglala Sioux mystic known as Black Elk (1863/1950) who had cruised along Buffalo Bill during his Wild West Show, depicted one of his UFO encounters, proving that such meetings were not just some isolated event, but they were instead embedded into the lives and culture of Native Americans.
“So, when I went to vision quest, that disk came from above. The scientists call that an unidentified flying object, but that’s a joke, see? Because they are not trained, they lost contact with the wisdom, power and gift.”

“So that disk landed on top of me. It was concave, and there was another on top of that. It was silent, but it lit and luminesced like neon lights…Then these little people came, but each little group spoke a different language.

“They could read minds, and I could read their minds. I could read them. So there wa silent communication. You could read it, like when you read silent symbols in a book. So we were able to communicate…They are human, so I welcomed them. I said, ‘Welcome, Welcome…”
There’s no denial that all Native American tribes maintain a vigorous bound with Mother Earth. They refer to themselves as the “original caretakers” of the Earth and condemn the Western path towards inevitable destruction.

According to them, the bond between this planet and her children has been severely disrupted, and this uprooting phenomenon humans are experiencing right now is the exact reason why it has become so hard to maintain connection with the Star People.

At the same time they offer a key to unlock this ancient and sacred union between the ETs and ourselves.

It comes in the form of a global awakening, a shift in consciousness that would make us once again worthy of reaching out (or being reached) by these advanced beings.

This may sound appealing and somehow realistic in the future, but I’m afraid that all Earth’s creatures are in the same boat, and the powers that be have all the necessary means to blow an irreparable hole through the deck, serving us all a one-way-ticket to the blackness of space.

More elderly wisdom in the videos below:

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