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I am Going to the Free Your Mind 5 Conference -- A Pilgrimage of Truth Seekers and a Chance to Form Alliances

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by Justin Deschamps

I will be attending the Free Your Mind 5 conference near Philadelphia, PA from Friday the 7th to Sunday the 9th. There are a lot of great speakers who will be in attendance and I look forward to meeting more of my fellows on the path.

As is often the case with events like this, the energy will be high and potent. The awakening ones from various corners of the world will congregate at one location for the great work of seeking truth. And this tends to vitalize all who are present with a wonderful uplifting energy.

I hope to make new connections with fellow truth seekers, but I also want to make connections with those motivated to really be the change.

Waking up isn't easy. It makes us question everything we thought was secure in life, and it tends to unsettle our relationships with others. After waking up to greater truths, those people we thought were our trusted friends and allies, may not follow us into the abyss of self-discovery. All of this can make us feel alone and isolated—the polar opposite of what we need to heal and grow into what we are becoming.

Given this, going to a conference—a kind of awakening pilgrimage—can be incredibly uplifting and healing. Forming real connections face-to-face establishes a kind of spiritual fellowship that imparts vitality and motivation to continue on in our personal journeys.

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Once the conference ends, people usually go their separate ways. But why?

Consider that the powers that should not be are constantly meeting and discussing their plans and agendas. As a result, they are able to work together to effect their designs—to the detriment of all. What if we—those who care about the truth and care about making personal sacrifices to build a better world—continued to talk with each other and build relationships after events like this have ended? What if we formed our own positive think tank—an opposing force to the Cabal—and worked together to support each other through our respective awakening experiences, eventually becoming a singular group force that are active and effective agents of change?

Frankly, I think realizing any change will be impossible without working together. One awakened man or woman standing up against the legion of the Cabal can't win. But two awakened people together are a force to be reckoned with, and 10 are even better. We need alliances with other likeminded—and dedicated people.

With the internet, the space-time divides that have kept us isolated no longer represents a major obstacle to group action. But we have to make that step towards cooperation. We have to be willing to let go of the personal issues we have and grow into wise people capable of working with others—for the ultimate goal of making the world a better place, for all.

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With this intention in mind, I will be attending this conference with several colleagues. One of our goals is to make connections with those who are really willing to do the great work, who make the goal of self-improvement and honest cooperation the primary focus in their lives.

To be sure, the great work of becoming an optimum agent of change will be the single most challenging thing you or anyone else can do. But the rewards are almost unimaginable from where we stand now. And the sense of happiness, fulfillment and self-worth by taking on this sacred right of personal evolution will eclipse all other pursuits. And in order to do this work "right," we can't be distracted by the peddlings of society. Hence, eventually, as one walks further up the mountain of soul growth, they will need to let go of what was, to embrace what will be.

In time, I will be revealing more about this project, which is still in the metaphysical planning stages—but anyone can take this idea and run with it.

Everyone has the chance, right now, to work on themselves, address their personality blockages and setbacks so as to form healthy productive relationships. And this involves a willingness to seek the truth—most especially about ourselves.

Start a self-dialog process, begin looking at who you are, what you do and why, and what your goals are. Seek to resolve any inconsistencies that you discover. Discern when one goal conflicts with another, and do the work needed to sacrifice a shallow pursuit for a deeper more soul fulfilling one.

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The time to gather to be the change is now! And the fruit of prosperity is ripe for the taking, if we are willing to let the fruit of self-destructive materialism fall from our hands.

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- Justin

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