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How To Unlock Your Pelvic Floor Muscles & Use Them To Help You Orgasm

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) Having a good orgasm is more than just getting off or indulging in some carnal pleasures, it is an essential part of maintaining health in all respects, body, mind and soul. While some spiritual practitioners contend that the release of sexual energy reduces one's stock of life force, this seems to be only one perspective on a complex issue. 

The ascetic path—the avoiding of worldly pleasures—is one method of evolving consciousness into the realms of spirit, but also requires incredible motivation and dedication, often hard to maintain in the modern world. And given how distorted sexuality has become, it is a valid technique to forgo the whole mechanism itself, especially if an individual is not able to heal the sexual schisms passed down from cultural traditions. 

But with the rediscovery of biology, energy science, and neurology, it is now possible to understand what these seemingly innocuous social norms do to a person's psyche. The fact is, most people think of their sexual urges as inherently bad, perverse, and unhealthy—helped by a cultural dogma that asserts it is uncivilized to accept these things. We don't even allow ourselves to see each other's bodies, and certain aspects of our physiology, like sexual organs, are considered taboo and offensive. 

What this does to a child is suppress their primordial sexual leanings before the consciousness of sexuality even emerges, usually when puberty begins. Children quickly learn from their parents and society that the natural state of their own body is unacceptable, which will include sex once these urges present themselves later. 

Since sexual expression is a social activity by nature, it requires socialization to balance and harmonize in a healthy way. But we don't let this happen; our first sexual experiences usually occur in complete isolation, sometimes discovered by accident. Furthermore, we don't talk about sexuality in ways that feel normal and accepted—it's usually an uncomfortable discussion at any age. Sex, by and large, has become a "black market" activity, and like all things similarly suppressed, they tend to become contorted because people cannot explore them in the light of day. 

But sexual expression, love making, is arguably the most intimate and loving act two individuals can do together, one that activates billions of years of biological programs specifically designed to cause pair-bonding, nurturing trust and forming healthy social relationships. In this sense, we are experiencing an intimacy crisis, one that can also be traced back to a lack of physical touch in general. 

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Taking stock of this from a demographic point of view, most people don't experience soul enriching sexual expression, the kind that heals and inspires. Studies have shown that the majority of women in relationships never experience a satisfying orgasm. Although men can reach sexual climax more easily, they are similarly deprived of enriching intimate experiences as well. We are living in the age of so-called sexual liberation, and yet, true satisfaction, intimacy, and psychological health associated thereto—is arguably lower than ever before. 

To find answers, we can look to the past.

Wilhelm Reich is one of many researchers who took a different perspective. What if sexual expression and development was an instrumental part of consciousness evolution and health? With this question in mind, Reich set out to discover the truth. 

To be sure, this is a vast topic to unpack here, but briefly, Reich studied sexual expression and mental health in various cultures throughout the world. In societies where sexual expression was allowed to evolve free of cultural dogma and suppression, people were happy, productive, and lacked many of the antisocial traits common in modernized societies today. He was even able to demonstrate with staggering scientific clarity that many of the destructive social movements of the past 100 years, namely fascism, is a product of pleasure deprivation, of which sexual expression has been the most maligned. 

Reich detailed his findings in many books, such as The Mass Psychology of Fascism and Function of the Orgasm. His most well-known discovery of Orgone Energy was actually just the first in a series of groundbreaking advances, that led him to conclude the suppression of our sexual nature might be the single largest factor in the manipulation of human consciousness than any other element. 

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In short, healthy sexual expression allows orgone energies to flow properly so that they can maintain the body, physically, emotionally, and mentally. When a person is denied the ability to release sexual energy in a balanced way, sexual deviance and mental disturbances arise, chiefly ones that compel a person towards violence and domination of others. And since almost every culture has traditions of sexual suppression, this means almost everyone on Earth is suffering from an unhealthy sexual expression, resulting orgasms are more akin to a sneeze in the pants than a soul enriching experience.

Reich referred to this calcified pathological state as a person's muscular armor, a kind of stiffened energy body that prevents a person from acting rationally and with balance, whether in regard to sex or anything else. In effect, the denial of a base biological urge becomes a major disturbance that affects the psychology of an individual in an all-encompassing and often subtle way—making them ripe for manipulation.

Consider, for example, that if one were to be denied food for several days, the feeling of starvation and the resulting desire for food would quickly drive a person to desperation—all their thoughts and goals would be bent around the desire to eat. 

Sexuality is similarly all-encompassing. It is the thing we use to feel connected, loved, give love to others, and to make new life, tracing back over billions of years of evolution. And from a consciousness point of view, sexual expression is transcendent, it allows aspects of our being that are stagnating to be revitalized for growth.

Taking all this into account, the following article details a series of exercises one can do to enhance their sexual function, specifically for women. But the same exercises can be used to strengthen the sexual function of men as well, especially if prostate stimulation is something you're already comfortable with. 

Unfortunately, while so-called technological progress in society has taken place, these advances usually hinder biological function, such as proper exercise. If we sit all day long at a computer, in the car, or on the couch, the body begins to degrade, including our ability to have satisfying orgasms. 

And nothing can be more unnerving to a person than the ability to pleasure themselves, be it in the form of sex or otherwise. Beauty, in this sense, is a vital metaphysical sustenance that all creatures of spirit need to partake of. 

Learn to use and maintain the temple of your body properly, and all that life has to offer becomes a bit easier to grasp.
- Justin

Source - Collective Evolution

by Amanda Monteiro, April 13th, 2017

I’ve been on a quest to become more connected with my body and feminine energy in the hopes that I will reach that never-ending well of self love.

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I decided that if it were true, that my body is my temple, then I wanted to be sure that I was tending to its upkeep in the best way possible. Before allowing any individual to cloud my judgement when it came to expressing myself via emotions or actions, I wanted to make sure I was fully grounded in who I am physically, mentally, and sexually. The latter is hardly self explored.

Naturally, I became interested in exploring the Yoni Egg.

These heavy stones play a crucial role in helping women to better align themselves with their sexual organs and energy. Yoni means sacred space or sacred womb in Sanskrit, which seemed a perfect aid for my journey to Self Love. You can play around with the type of stone you’d prefer, as there are many options available, and we’ve even written about the Jade Egg, but to maintain the theme of Self Love, I opted for Rose Quartz.

Rose quartz is said to be the stone of universal love and encourages trust and harmony with relationships, as well as reinforcing unconditional love. It helps to purify the heart and protects against negativity. It even helps to invoke self trust and self worth, which I believe are key in loving ourselves.

So what muscle does this Yoni Egg help to activate? Your pelvic floor, of course!

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The pelvic floor muscles exist in both men and women and are located between our legs. They run from the pubic bone to the base of the spine at the back. They are shaped like a sling to hold our pelvic organs, like the uterus, vagina, bowel, and bladder, in place.

Why Is This Important?

Physiotherapist Julia Di Paolo encourages women to see a pelvic floor physiotherapist because they can help “ensure the integrity of your muscles remain during pregnancy” and she also suggests exercises to perform during pregnancy that will help your muscles and can aid recovery postpartum where a diastasis is present.

In her article “5 Reasons to See a Pelvic Floor Therapist,” Julia urges the importance of prevention, and says that while practicing kegels is great, many women don’t practice them enough or are doing them wrong, which can actually make an existing condition worse.

Here’s how to do kegels the right way:
  • To get a sense of which muscles you’re working, try to stop urinating mid-stream. That’s the area you want to target during Kegel exercises.
  • Imagine squeezing a pebble with your vagina.
  • Try your Kegels in front of a hand mirror. If you’re doing them properly, your perineum, or the skin-covered area between your vagina and anus, should contract with each rep.
Each rep should last 10 seconds ideally, but that’s not easy right off the bat. Begin with at least four or five reps of two-second holds, two or three times a day, and increase your hold time week by week.

Can a Strong Pelvic Floor Really Make My Orgasms Stronger?

Yes. As sexual health expert Jennifer R. Berman, M.D, explains, “Increasing pelvic floor strength helps you get a better grip around his penis, which increases surface contact between your vagina and his unit. And it can enhance sensation, since those strong muscles become engorged with blood, which brings nerves closer to the surface.”

Not only does improving your pelvic floor increase sexual pleasure for you and your partner, but it also increases the intensity of an orgasm through masturbation.

Niki McGloster described her experience after only four days of working her kegels consistently:
By day four, my lift strength score had shot up to 56 percent, and I was ready to test the theory that a stronger vag makes for a better orgasm.

I’m a masturbation enthusiast, so let’s just say I was happy to be hands-on for this experience. Instantly, I knew this particular climax felt different. I was more sensitive and felt a stronger tightening down below.

When you are more in tune with your body, your sexual energy, and your feminine self, and are actively working toward bettering that connection, you will inevitably create more opportunity for yourself to reach a heightened orgasm.

Practicing with a yoni egg helps to create this amazing pathway of connection with you and your vagina. You can overcome past traumas just by being present and active in your practice of self love.

“Lots of ‘stuff’ has happened to me and this body; rape, abuse, sexual violence, five amazing natural births. What I am finding with my egg practice is connection.

“Connection and uncovering of deep truth, it has stirred up and uncovered ‘stuff’ that was stored and hidden; sadness, fear, shame and guilt. I am unlocking this stuff and moving it, shifting it from the places it’s been stored and freeing up the spaces for new growth and potential.”

I would recommend making this a weekly ritual for you and your body. This is a sacred time for you, and while there are many physical benefits, you will experience an emotional spike in how you care for yourself.

Before Using Your Yoni Egg

Below is information about how to take care of your yoni from Native You and suggested ways for practicing and using your yoni.

Now that you’ve got your yoni egg, it is important that you clean your egg before use. You do this simply by washing the egg with a mild organic soap. Then boil some water. Remove the pan from the heat and let the water cool for 4 minutes. (warning! Egg may crack if placed in boiling water) Now place the egg into the warm water. Let the egg rest there for 10-15 minutes for sterilization. Then lift out the egg gently with a spoon and allow the to egg cool before use.

We recommend
To work on a more spiritual level with your yoni egg we recommend the following.
The yoni eggs are made of crystal. Crystals carry a powerful vibration and energy and can pick up and capture our intentions and prayers. Crystals is therefore a great tool for you to work with on that you wish to heal on a deeper level.

Suggestion on how
Sit somewhere you will not be disturbed and hold your egg in your hands. Focus all your energy into your egg and fill it with the intentions you have for your practice together with your egg. It may be, for example:
– More love for yourself
– Heal yourself from within.
– Awaken your feminine power.

Take your time and feel what is right for you. It’s different for everyone.

About yoni eggs – How to insert the egg

It is important that you are in a relaxed and allowing state when you insert your yoni egg. Start by warming the egg by holding it against your vagina. Put the largest end to the vagina and the smallest end directed away from the body. Take a few deep breaths and allow yourself to become one with the yoni egg. Let go and trust in its power. Place your egg against the opening of the yoni and let the egg slowly find its way inward. Don’t force it just allow it.

When the egg is inside the vagina take another deep breath and relax. Feel its position and energy and just breath with it. You can, when you feel ready, start to experiment with your pelvic muscles. Contract the muscles to pull upward in the vagina canal. Relax the muscles to bring the egg down. Allow your breath to follow. Inhale when you contract the muscles and breath out when you relax them. This is a good first exercise.

If you have ever used a yoni egg or know someone who has, please share your experience below!

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