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Free Your Mind 5 Podcast with Justin Deschamps and Nathan "Crystal Damon" -- Truth Seeking and Sharing, Order Followers, Non-Dual Discernment, and more

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by Justin Deschamps

Nathan, also known as Crystal Damon, and I recorded a discussion on the last day of the Free Your Mind 5 conference. It was a great event, filled with great speakers, and most importantly, people willing to seek the truth and be the change.

As I shared in the post about this event, when people come together in trust and under the pursuit of truth and evolution, great things can happen. Events like these remind us that we aren't alone. But there's more that can be done.

The social capital gained from meeting others on the path shouldn't just fizzle out when the conference room doors close. I think we can take advantage of this metaphysical currency to organize into a more effective movement to be the change.

The era of collective action is upon us.

No longer can we assume that a few Atlas-like leaders will hold up the world on their shoulders for us, while we watch from the sidelines. The great work is one of trust, fellowship, and mutual support. But as of yet, this critical aspect of the freedom movement has yet to materialize. We are so desperately in need of cooperation and coordination.

I hope that in time, the seeming differences that keep us divided will completely dissolve, as they seem to be doing now.

We can help this by continuing to do the inner work of knowing thyself, making more clear our knowledge and understanding so as to shape our truths for sharing and discussing in ways that others can actually receive.

"Be wise as serpents but soft as lambs" and "walk softly and carry a big stick."

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- Justin

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Justin Deschamps is a truth seeker inspired by philosophy and the love of wisdom in all its forms. He was formally trained in physics and psychology, later discovering the spiritual basis of reality and the interconnected nature of all things. He strives to find the path of truth while also walking it himself, sharing what he knows with others so as to facilitate cooperative change for a better future. He is a student of all and a teacher to some. Follow on Twitter @sitsshow, Facebook Stillness in the Storm, and steemit @justin-sits.

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