Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Deep State Updates -- EX CIA Robert David Steele In Oslo – McCain, Graham, Rubio and Schumer Are All Being Blackmailed

(Victurus Libertas VL) I was invited by Mr Steele to rebroadcast this message on our channel to get the word out. There's a lot to be said for Robert Steele's ideas on Open Source EVERYTHING and Electoral Reform. Mr Steele also claims that Chuck Schumer, Lyndsay Graham, Marco Rubio and John McCain are being blackmailed into going along with deep state policies.

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SourceKauilapele's Blog

by Victurus Libertas VL, April 3rd, 2017

Article referenced by Robert Steele in video: 2017 Robert Steele: OSINT Done Right

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Commentary by Kauilapele:

[Kp update 2: After the US presidential election was finished, I immediately “got” that one reason Donald Trump was elected is that it would lead to an initiation of processes to a) “drain the DC swamp” (whatever exactly that means), b) restore the Republic of the US, and c) return the many stolen properties which THE USA CORP had illegally taken. Robert David Steele presents all this from a balanced perspective.]

[Kp update 1: for those unfamiliar with how the Kingdom of Hawai’i was stolen, and efforts to re-energize the Kingdom, readers may view the Kingdom of Hawai’i series of posts on this blog. Also view the “Pinky show video” and read this pdf flyer (related Kp blog post).]

Holy (and I mean HOLY) crap!!! And the exposure thereof, in particular for the Kingdom of Hawai’i. At about 20:48, he explains that the US “may well lose some states”, including Hawaii, and presents the fact that the Kingdom of Hawai’i was stolen. To hear that portion, please go to 20:48, and listen from there.

Very very very worthwhile (in my view) to listen to the entire video. You may have a different view of Trump and the reason he is here after listening to this one. PLEASE keep an open mind (and call in the TAPT, if necessary).
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