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Corey Goode | Secret Space Programs, Aliens, Inner Earth Civilizations & Atlantis CLE 2017 Notes: Part 3

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) Part three of the CLE note series covers Corey Goode's Sunday talk from the Consciousness Life Expo event, entitled: Secret Space Programs, Aliens, Inner Earth Civilizations & Atlantis.

This is the the third of a four-part series of notes from the 2017 CLE event. For other parts in this series, click here.

Notes provided by Justin.

For a more complete overview of the Secret Space Program and Sphere Being Alliance, see the following.

For recent updates by David Wilcock go to Additionally, much of the information presented during the CLE event is also rendered in two series, Cosmic Disclosure and Wisdom Teachings

For a short time, you can purchase the livestream videos of this event here:

For commentary related to the information presented by Goode and Wilcock, see the Cosmic Disclosure Summary and Analyses series.

Note: The complete talk is also presented in video below.

- Justin

Conscious Life Expo 2017
Corey Good, “Secret Space Programs, Aliens, Inner Earth Civilizations & Atlantis”
Sunday, February 12th, 2017

Presentation Notes:
  • Goode was selected, partially, due to family history with the military and other programs. [During the Mount Shasta SSP Conference from 2016, he also said that he is a member of the Blue Avian soul group, along with his family.
  • His grandfather participated in Project White Coat (AKA Operation Whitecoat). 
  • Our consciousness is raising too fast and the Cabal have already lost.
  • MILABs (Military Abduction victims) often have PTSD but can’t remember what caused it.
  • Goode was introduced to ETs through VR and other methods of acclimation, which helped him come to terms with meeting one face to face when it finally happened.
  • Human beings are genetically programmed to respond viscerally to ETs, as in become overwhelmed by fear or have a desire to worship them as gods.
  • Christmas break 1986, just before Goode's 17th birthday, he was recruited into Solar Warden. The Captain of the ship he was placed in didn’t want “children” on board. As such, he was sent to the intruder intercept and interrogation program, where ETs were interrogated. After a year, he was reassigned to the Summerfield and was a specialist working with the engineers.
  • The Cabal are not all-powerful. They are a group of criminal syndicates. Some are pragmatic while others are esoteric—or have dark occult leaning.
  • Breaking Update and ET Exposure Effects: The MIC started to send marines into FEMA bases where something was hiding out. They were to break in and offer terms to whoever was inside. If they didn’t agree, they were to kill everyone. Some of the marines were not prepared for non-human contacts. They ended up encountering reptilians and did battle with them. The marines were not prepared and were incredibly traumatized. This was in the last two months. He doesn’t know where this base is located.
  • A lot of other bases are being cleared out.
  • Raw-Teir-Eir showed Corey a representation of what the human race’s consciousness looks like. It looked like someone who has severe PTSD, who has been extremely traumatized. The super consciousness of humanity has been in an “abusive relationship” with this reptilian group, like a husband and wife. 
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  • The Mayan breakaway civilization was originally transplanted to Earth from the Pleiades star system, due to some trouble they were having there. 40 million people were moved. They also left contingents there and had bases in the Kuiper belt.
  • We have a cellular memory when it comes to ETs, often provoking a fear response. Some negative groups feed off this fear, which is known as looshe.
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  • Channeling other beings: great discernment and skill is needed to reach out to beings telepathically. Be very careful. 
  • Declassified film of Camp Century Project ICEWORM.

  • The Military Industrial Complex build bases like this in cold places on Earth but also in the solar system and beyond. They fabricate materials with what is there. They started out using nuclear power, then thorium, now zero point energy. Everything was prefabricated—designed to fit together like puzzle by numbers. Goode helped to build one of these facilities on Mars, which was much lower tech than one might expect.
  • The ICC trades with over 900 different races, including 100 million people in human trafficking every year.
  • Recently Goode went to the Anshar city, to a place he hasn’t been to before. It was a hanger with 3 large egg shaped craft.
  • Gonzales, Karee, and three inner-Earth beings with the implants in the forehead were there. They were wearing suits that looked like chainmail, that when active, tightened against their bodies to fit. The helmet looked like a fencing mask
  • The Nazis discovered Atlantis in Antarctica in the 1930s but kept it quiet. They found strange bodies—some giants. It has become a “Cabal Disneyland,” with Cabal members visiting the area, as was seen recently.
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  • They found there massive ships from the pre-Adamites the MIC calls the Pinta, Nina and the Santa Maria.
  • On this voyage with the inner-earth people, Goode went to Antarctica to peek in on an excavation that was taking place below the ice.

  • With the egg shaped craft hovering nearby, they made their way over to a lineup of pre-Adamite bodies, mangled and disfigured from the original trauma tens of thousands of years ago. One was five-foot tall with a tall specimen that was clearly a product of genetic experimentation, part of the the slave class.
  • The suits these ancient pre-Adamite corpses were wearing during this mission allowed them to walk straight through walls.
  • At one point, the Asian looking inner-Earthers walked through an ice wall and came upon an ancient library, filled with scrolls and bound books. The Asians walked over to a tray, opened up a box with metal scrolls. One of them popped it open to reveal metal etching. Goode doesn’t know why they took these scrolls but suspects they didn’t want the pre-Adamites getting them.
  • Mandela Effect: Time is elastic and auto-corrects the time paradoxes of the past. Earlier, the SSP was trying to go back and fix time paradoxes. But later, they discovered from an ET race that the universe auto-corrects time disturbances somehow. 

  • Ascension is a co-created experience, with Earth, galaxy, and other groups in the cosmos.
  • Solar Flash Event: Some think it could be a massive coronal ejection, where the sun goes black for three days, then comes back. And a number of flashes will come off the sun while this is happening, fed by the energy pulsing through the cosmic web. Teir-Eir says the density change is almost completely a consciousness shift—only a little bit physical at first. Once the shift has taken place, human consciousness will be altered and then matter changes accordingly.
  • As this energy from the shift moves outwardly from the sun, it will bathe the earth, and move in from the poles. The energy feeds back through the entire cosmic web. In the local cluster, of 52 stars, the earth is near the center. There is also a galactic super gate near the solar system.
  • The Comic Disclosure graphic novel will be one way to help spread the information through fiction.

  • Teir-Eir told Goode that it is of no consequence whether people believe Goode or not, as long as they are exposed to the information, the seed has been planted. 
  • Similarly, in sharing this information, Teir-Eir implored Goode [and by extension all of us] to find creative ways to share the data with others. [This can be done using various campaigns. Some focus on the nuts and bolts facts, for those who are interested in the ufology side. Others can share the overarching principles and tenets of cosmic law and the service to others philosophy—that of high vibrational consciousness, seeking and honoring of the truth, compassion and service to others, altruism, fraternity, and so on. Goode has said the core message of the Sphere Beings is the most important part of his work, which can be shared in a rarefied fashion, divorced of "unbelievable" elements, so that the core message is received completely.]

Question and Answer Section:
  • Q - Frequency of the Schumann Resonance is allegedly going to up 36 hz, will the ascension event come before full disclosure?
  • A - Yes the frequency of the entire solar system is changing. Humanity needs to raise with it, which requires inner work. Working through karma. All the negative experiences with lower vibrational emotions hold people back and these things need to be sought out and healed. Forgiveness of yourself and others is very important. Focus daily on being service to others. Get on a high vibrational diet.
  • Q - What jobs were you given in the program and why are you allowed to talk about this?
  • A - There are factions in these programs that want to come forward and push for disclosure. Namely, the MIC group. The Navy and Air Force are competing in space, to a certain extent. A faction of the Navy wants the truth to come out, confirmed by William Tompkins, who was authorized to come forward from that group.
  • Q - Are you optimistic about the eternal struggle between good and evil?
  • A - We’re seeing energetic changes all around us, causing evil people to become more evil and reveal themselves. And the good people are becoming more awakened. Eventually a tipping point will be reached. It’s time people start demanding answers and not let partial disclosure happen. They are going to tell people Atlantis has been found, which will distract a lot of people. Then they will reveal the Air Force, DIA, NSA program—the ones barely more advanced than the ISS program. And then they will talk about weird ruins on other planets. 
  • In Antarctica, for 14 years, high level scientists have been going down there to research, and film. They removed all the evidence of ETs and pre-Adamites. Later they will reveal these things though, saying the Cabal are related to these ancient beings. Goode says, the Alliance is not going to let this happen.
  • Q - Medical question about titanium implants for mind control?
  • A - Goode can’t confirm that. While doing computer support for a pharmaceutical company producing vaccines, he asked one of the bioengineers if they would inject their children. They said, “oh hell no!.” Saying, “there all all kinds of genetics we put aside those things, including insect genetics. And nanites that are inactive but can be turned on by the right kind of field.”
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  • Q - (Ascension and the Law of One related). How does the density relate to dimension?
  • A - Teir-Eir and Karee both said each density is just a different consciousness frequency. They could be seen, felt, and touched at higher densities. But some have attained such a high level of consciousness that they can manipulate matter, time, and space. They are able to teleport and do things that seem like magic. 
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  • Q - Questioners have been keeping a dream journal and many of them involve lessons, training, flying on space craft, non-terrestrial beings. Never any greys, reptoids, though.
  • A - There is a large confederation of benevolent beings trying to reach out to us. Goode has a lot of people emailing him saying they have an experience with a blue sphere and they find Corey's information and make contact with him. Goode says most of the people at the CLE are probably not from here. Most of the people that are waking up on Earth are likely not from this planet. Many of people are in contact with the Blue Avians, and all were given different missions.
  • Q - (Inner Work). What can one physically do to prepare for Ascension? What can people do to help Corey? Donate?
  • A - Yes donations are helpful. Crowdfunding of the graphic novel, The preparation is almost entirely a spiritual shift. The mind and body is so connected that we need to be careful what we’re doing and feeding our minds and bodies [and think about what we consume].
  • Q - Can you take more about the Alliance? Are they human? ET? Is their a linear timeline for when we’re going to hit the energy clouds outside the solar system?
  • A - We’re already hitting the energy clouds, started a few years ago. And anyone who is working for full disclosure and sharing truth, you are part of the Alliance. The Sphere Beings have said to Goode, people need to stop looking to the sky or elsewhere to change things. Only we can change things and be a part of the solution.
  • Q - World is in chaos it seems, in the media, etc. Any thoughts on media lies or if there is true exposure? Any blue spheres being put around other people?
  • A - If they put a sphere around someone, usually its for protection. Trump, despite his problems, is backed by the Alliance to get rid of the syndicate running the West.
  • Q - Have the Blue Avians said how many dimensions the universe has, is it 11? Could this be the reason why people see 11:11 around?
  • A - Teir-Eir said there is an infinite number of densities. Everything is designed to return you back to source, and we go through densities to do this. There are an infinite number of parallel dimensions.
  • Q - Steven Greer recently said the human trafficking is false, comment?
  • A - Greer is probably in contact with people pushing a certain agenda, and I can’t fault him for that. Everyone has their beliefs. And perhaps I have gotten some things wrong, and when full disclosure happens I’ll probably be surprised. The smart glass data could be wrong, and that was decades ago. I don’t fault Greer. He is doing the best he can.
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  • Q - Thank you Corey for risking your life.
  • Q - Why is Elon Musk so determined to get to Mars by 2026?
  • A - There is a time window of 2018 to 2024, for this Ascension event. They used various methods to calculate this. They expect the flash to occur then. The elites are pumping money into getting off planet. Some of the groups believe the flash will take out electronics, not that bad though. Some think it will be much worse, and these groups are seeding the idea that a continuity of species is needed, and already have some of this prepared.
  • Musk is trying to break free from the control system that want to keep us out of space. Same with Virgin Space. They want to take advantage of many things, including mining asteroids. Legislation has already been passed to protect this kind of activity, especially human rights violations.
  • Q - What did you see in the twenty-and-back program in comparison to what we see now, the alternative timeline?
  • A - I couldn’t answer that because the way the program worked, you had no access to Earth.
  • Q - Blank-slating memory-wiping question.
  • A - They use chemical, hypnotic, and electronic means to hide these memories, including false memory implantation (screen memories). But our memories aren’t just stored physically, they are also stored energetically, in the “cloud.” [According to the work of Eileen McKusick, the bio-electric field around the body, the aura, is where memories are energetically storied. Using tuning forks, she is able to adjust this bioplasma, which can have an effect on memory and mental processes. For more on this see the following video.]
  • Q - What is the nature of blank-slating?
  • A - Some people have triggers implanted so that if they encounter triggering information, they will turn away and get very skeptical. This ensures a person's programming won't get too badly degraded over time.
  • Q - (Protesting all over the country). What do the Blue Avians or you think about protesting?
  • A - Goode thinks there does need to be protests, but the control system is using divide and conquer. They are frantically trying to keep people divide against each other. We should redirect this passion in a way that we can work together and focus on the real problems.
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