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ANTARCTICA — David Wilcock’s Parallax by GW Hardin

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) The following is a critique of David Wilcock's claim that Antarctica is the lost continent of Atlantis by writer and researcher GW Hardin. As always discernment is advised. 

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On the question of Atlantis, I would say that while we can, and should, discuss information freely, bickering about which unproven claim to believe over another is likely unproductive. Keeping an open mind and entertaining multiple perspectives is a better course than holding steadfastly to one belief.

- Justin

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Source - Ascension With Earth

by GW Hardin, March 31st, 2017

The recent exposés on Antarctica read like science fiction. Giants? Half-animal humans? Motherships? Leading the charge for full disclosure regarding recent Antarctic discoveries is David Wilcock. However incredible the information being divulged, what is most disconcerting is Wilcock’s claim that Antarctica is the ancient remains of Atlantis. All this does is confuse the truth around Antarctica, and frankly, it make no sense at all.

Wilcock has averred for a long time that he is the re-incarnation of the famous “Sleeping Prophet,” Edgar Caye. If that is so, then why hasn’t Wilcock bothered to check Edgar Cayce’s readings on this very matter? What he seems to have completely missed is that the “pre-Adamites” that he and Corey Goode describe must certainly be the ancient Sons of Belial (or Ba’al).

Let’s use Wilcock’s own authority (Edgar Caye) to show why Wilcock has simply missed the boat on Antarctica being Atlantis, and that the “pre-Adamites” are most probably the Sons of Belial, who were primarily responsible for the downfall of Atlantis. I will use three premises to show that Antarctica cannot be Atlantis:

1. The Edgar Cayce locations of Atlantis … pole shifts do not move only one continent

2. The Ancient Maps that Show Atlantis … 3 islands versus 1 continent

3. The Timeline of the “pre-Adamites” … who are the Sons of Belial

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The Edgar Cayce Locations of Atlantis

The legend of Virgina Beach, Edgar Cayce, produced volumes of information on the history of Atlantis (over 700 readings) and its destruction — most likely because of a massive physical pole shift. Interestingly, scientific evidence of physical pole shifts (as opposed to magnetic pole shifts) followed Cayce’s revelations on such phenomena. In several of Cayce’s readings (i.e. 364), he clearly locates Atlantis between the Straits of Gibraltar and the Gulf of Mexico. Here is an excerpt from Reading 364-3:
3. The position as the continent Atlantis occupied, is that as between the Gulf of Mexico on the one hand — and the Mediterranean upon the other….There are some protruding portions within this that must have at one time or another been a portion of this great continent. The British West Indies or the Bahamas, and a portion of same that may be seen in the present - if the geological survey would be made in some of these - especially, or notably, in Bimini and in the Gulf Stream through this vicinity, these may be even yet determined.
In other readings (5249-1), Cayce talks about the notion of physical pole shifts. However, when the Earth has a pole shift one continent doesn’t simply slip out of place in proportion to the others. In a physical pole shift the entire crust of the Earth slips, as if it were a loosened skin on a fruit, the fruit being the layers of the mantle. So there is no way that the remains of Atlantis, which Cayce clearly states slipped beneath the sea, meandered down to where we currently locate Antarctica.

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The Ancient Maps that Show Atlantis

Two primary sources of maps indicate that Cayce’s readings to be accurate. Around 1669, Athanasius Kircher, a German Jesuit priest, published a map of Atlantis in a book titled Mundus Subterraneus. This map was a rendition of the original which was taken from Egypt by the Romans circa 30AD. Here is Kircher’s map (note that it’s upside-down to modern maps):


Other maps are based on the writings of Plato from the period 360BC. In his writings of “Timaeus” and “Critias,” Plato describes Atlantis as told through Solo, who had traveled to Egypt. The Plato-based maps agree with the Kircher map as well as Cayce. The best evidence to-date does not place Atlantis anywhere near Antarctica.

Furthermore, all accounts of Atlantis have it splitting up into islands through its long history. In reading 364-6, Cayce states that the once single continent was reduced to three islands after three separate cataclysmic events, all of which he attributes to Sons of Belial. At the time of Atlantis’s final destruction, Cayce names the three remaining islands as Poseidia, Aryan, and Og. How does Wilcock reconcile this in contrast to the single continent of Antarctica?

The Timeline of the “pre-Adamites”

Corey Goode establishes the time of the “pre-Adamites” to be around 55,000 to 60,000 years ago. In Edgar Cayce’s reading 364-4 he reveals that the early existence of Atlanteans was roughly 200,000 years ago. Other sources (Hidden Mysteries of the Pyramid) place Atlantis’s origin even further back, some 300,000 years. The point is that the Atlanteans existed long before the arrival of the “pre-Adamites” (Sons of Belial).

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Other sources, along with Cayce, emphasize that the Sons of the Law of One, the original Atlanteans, strongly believed in the purity of DNA. So it is no surprise that the Atlanteans had deep conflict with the Sons of Belial, who both Cayce and Goode reveal to have manipulated DNA at will, creating not only abhorrent animal-human hybrids, but also a slave race. What seems more appropriate in looking at Goode’s material and close examination of Cayce’s readings on Atlantis, is that Antarctica was most likely the home base of the Sons of Belial, who established colonies all over the world, but especially on Atlantis.

About The Author

GW Hardin is a New York Times bestselling author and mathematician. He specializes in bringing the scientific and etheric worlds together in his writings. He has two websites …
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