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Where Biology, Sexology, Atmospheric Science, Ufology and Spirituality Converge: the Science of Orgonomy, as Discovered by Wilhelm Reich

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by Conscious Optimist

Wilhelm Reich is a controversial figure amongst many circles, both “mainstream” and “alternative” alike. His is the story of a man who placed himself in the service of truth first and foremost, rather than social expediency or prestige, at every step of his career. And, like many pioneers in the field of science—especially those that go against the grain—his story, experiments, and findings are almost never cited for discussion. Instead, rumors and disinformation are shared with the public, presumably by those who want to keep his work secret, in an attempt to downplay the importance of what he discovered.

So who was Wilhelm Reich, and what did he do?

While it is impossible for me to encapsulate Reich’s work and story within a paragraph or two, we can say this much: he was, in the early days of his career, a protégé of Freud.

He investigated Freud’s notion of “libido” as a foundation to the human personality and managed to empirically verify that this “libido” is not only physically real, but it is indeed a distinct form of energy unto itself that permeates the cosmos.

This energy he referred to as “orgone” energy, for its orgastic, “pulsating” character, and its life-positive effects. Through his work he developed techniques to "greenhouse" or stockpile this energy (the most famous method being via an “orgone accumulator”) and used it to heal erratic weather systems. In addition to this, he developed a comprehensive psychological practice based on his findings and based around the goal of restoring sexual health to his patients.

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Again, I wish I could say more, but to adequately cover his work would take a lot of writing to accomplish, and I only want to prime you for the video below. But after personally reviewing his writings, I can say that Reich may be one of the most misunderstood people in history—especially regarding his findings on spirituality.

In 2017, even in the alternative media, I continue to see his work misrepresented and maligned by people who claim to be “on the side of truth,” yet seem not to consult Reich’s work directly when criticizing him.

One example of anti-Wilhelm Reich slander says that he taught “promiscuity” as a way healing one’s psyche—and yet, this could not be further from the truth.

Instead, Reich advocated genuine love between people. Not all orgasms were created equal, and Reich’s work focused on healing the patient's capacity for a fully satisfying orgasm—not helping patients become better seducers, promoting sexual deviancy—or whatever it is that people accuse Reich of promoting.

On this score, Reich discovered that sexuality—like breathing, eating, or physical contact—is an essential part of human development. Given that sex is used as a motivational device by advertisers and social engineers, it seems Reich's findings didn't go unnoticed by the powers that be. By this I mean, if you can get a people to suppress their most fundamental needs—like the need for physical love—then you can use this against them. And this appears to be precisely what has unfolded in our world, as sexual expression is still heavily suppressed while sex is used to sell all manner of products.

Labeling Reich a sex crazed maniac is just one of many examples of propaganda meant to defame Reich—for every breakthrough he made, he had a thousand critics.

To this day, I have never seen anyone refute Reich’s work on the basis of his writings or experiments. Instead, all one ever sees is sensationalistic garbage meant to smear his reputation.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, as someone who has actually experimented with orgone energy in the real world I can assure you that it is very real. And when more people learn about it, the controllers of our world will suddenly find it far more difficult to propagandize people into a false belief system.

With all that being said, I hand the floor over to Peter Robbins to share his work on Reich. The implications of this work do indeed touch many fields, such as UFO’s, mental health, atmospheric sciences, etc., and I think many of you will find this talk extremely enlightening and beneficial.

P.S. Frankly, I would love to sue many of the “bigger” names who have slandered Reich. My challenge is this: if someone has genuine proof refuting his empirical research, then by all means, bring it forward. But if one is merely going to parrot 3rd party slander—which is all that mainstream media and a good deal of alternative media ever does—then they are party to the suppression of medicine and to the persecution of the innocent and are fully and personally responsible for that.

Books by Wilhelm Reich:

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