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Why I am Not a RADICAL Feminist -- An Eye-Opening Take on Feminism from a Self-Empowered Women

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by Conscious Optimist

Outspoken critic of feminism, Karen Straughan (also known as GirlWritesWhat on YouTube) explains in this video why she is not a feminist using unassailable logic, not to mention refreshing poise. There are several points laid out in this video that are not only important in the general conversation regarding women’s rights and feminist ideology, but are indeed applicable in many fields of human endeavor.

As a primer, I need to first make a general comment: neither you nor I have to agree with 100% of what someone says in order to gain value from their message. Chances are, if you were to find a way to get inside the heads of any one of your favorite thinkers and speakers, you’d most likely discover areas of disagreement between yourself and them. Unfortunately, many people take the intellectually lazy approach to research wherein they find a single disagreement with another person’s worldview and then proceed to discount everything that that person says from that moment forward. (Word to the wise: such an approach effectively renders one handicapped in one’s ability to live an honorable and constructive life.)

In the video Karen explains that she is an atheist for similar reasons that she is not a feminist. Essentially, she doesn’t feel that the existence of “patriarchy”—as feminists often describe it—has been sufficiently demonstrated for her to accept the idea that it exists. Now, whether or not you believe in God yourself is irrelevant to the arguments she makes against feminism, and that she brings her atheism into the picture for illustrative reasons is, itself, merely a teaching technique. Her critiques of feminism are not only valid, but penetratingly insightful, and discerning heads should have no problem getting a tremendous amount of benefit from watching this video whether they themselves are atheists or not.

I won’t say much more so that you can experience this video for yourself and see what you might learn from it. However, I do need to point out that towards the end she makes a few statements that are profoundly significant for students of world affairs and of the law. Essentially, she points out that while it is true political institutions are largely headed and run by men, this does not necessarily mean that they are engaging in the suppression of women under “patriarchy.” The important thing to note when analyzing any system is to look at its effects – although a lot of leaders and politicians are men, does this necessarily mean the system is rigged against women? Or are there other factors at play here?

You may have a lot of answers to these questions. But, chances are, you don’t have any of Karen’s answers to these questions (unless of course you’re already familiar with her work).

In consideration of all the above, I open the floor to her. 

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