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Trump Green-Lights the Keystone and DAPL - Links and Commentary

SourceDiscerning the Mystery

by Shem El-Jamal, January 24, 2017

The recent election of President Donald Trump has been a source of hope, confusion, and of anger for many people. This variety of emotional reactions is completely understandable, considering what we have experienced over the past few weeks and months.

We have heard numerous media sources lambasting the President-Elect even before he took office. These attacks from mainstream media have been a source of stress in and of themselves. On top of these, we have seen the Soros-funding Women's March on Washington gain momentum over the weekend of the January 21, 2017. This march seemed productive on many counts. Yet in some ways, the powers behind it seemed exceptionally questionable. Now it seems we have a new ingredient to add to the frying pan.

Dakota Access Pipeline - The Standoff between Corporate Kleptocracy and the Enduring Spirit of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe

Since its commission, the Dakota Access Pipeline has been opposed from every corner of the United States and beyond, and rightfully so. This project represents the epitome of violation of human rights in the U.S., and seems to have little if any economic benefit to the general public or to the project's investors. Considering the President's choice to continue the pipeline project, one may wonder (if they haven't already), "Just what is this guy thinking?"

We cannot say for sure what the thinking of President Trump is on this move to endanger America's waterways, but we can learn a valuable lesson. That is: It is fine to support an authority figure given we do not do so unconditionally. What is most important is that we hold our own power and our own ideals for the way society should run. If those ideals are for the greatest good for all people, they will be long-lasting given there are enough good people within society with the courage to maintain them. If the prosperity of society is endangered, then steps must be taken to correct the error so that the people can remain safe, healthy and free.

DAPL Corporation Just Told The Army Corp They Will Do What They Want And Keep Building ILLEGAL Pipeline At Standing Rock - Links and Commentary

I personally do not support President Trump himself. However, I do look forward to any good that may come from his presidency. This move to continue the Dakota Access Pipeline is not a decision I respect or support. Nor do I believe it is one that we would sit back and allow to let slide. The lives, health and safety of millions of people are still at stake, and whether it is the oppressive hand of the Cabal or the poor choices of their apparent opposition, authorities must be held accountable for the decisions they make.

It is important, I believe, that each of us remain centered and respectful, but that we do not allow irresponsible decisions to be made at any point. It is good to hope in a positive future. However, to ensure that this positive future manifests in full, we must refrain from depending upon any outside savior to solve our problems for us. Whether we support or oppose Donald Trump, we can all agree on the fact that humanity must be protected, and to do this we must be aware, informed, and active toward the greatest good for all people.

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