Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Looking Out from Within | Yvonne Palermo: Near Death Experiencer and Trauma-Based Mind Control Survivor -- February 14th, 2017 10pm EST

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) I will be interviewing Yvonne Palermo about her life and experience as a trauma-based mind control survivor. She also had a power near-death experience that gave her an incredible focus during this time of transition. 

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- Justin

Source - Groovie Bean

Listen to "Looking Out From Within: Justin Deschamps Interviews Yvonne Palermo" on Spreaker.

Just Who is the Groovie Bean?

... it is time to bridge connections as to why I have been doing all this!

Wanted to thank everyone that has supported me since i woke up 2015. Being a part of alternative media & piecing my own puzzle together navigating truth. To everyone I have had the honor to sit with on air...means we are doing ..together....sharing individual truths.. going within thereafter..healing... Activating you.

Those listening gracious thanks and humbled we all walk as one. This is not an easy path nor one that can be forgotten. 

Such a time we are in. Great changes combined with powerful knowledge sets, sensory skills, perceptionsDNA activators.

One's story matters more so after one can share it freely, then let it go to utilize the empowerment and grow while helping others.

My journey has led me understanding my truth seeking more answers, see and follow universal guidance, understand systems, share gifts given, navigate in and thru deep darkness, triumph programming, survive trauma, acknowledge I am a soldier, a warrior, an activator, a guide , a light, a friend, artist to transcribe, and saying the words 'I am' is ok. 

That foundation which was once shattered is now a fortress of sovereign me fully armed for the now and strengthened by complete authenticity. Seeing is done with eyes closed hearing done by isolation, touching with the mind, tasting with ones soul, smelling thru dreams. 

Going to repeat some words from my speaking engagement last year in regards to discernment's-
With all the lies going on in alternative media ask this question for everyone encountered - who are they without there story? Can you see them, know them without the story? Is there authenticity and an essence that shows with no hesitation? Are they acting as a God, guru all knowing messenger that has URGENT Intel, manipulating vices?

Know, no other being is coming to save you but you. The innerstanding comes thru innerwork. Key word is 'work'. 

Feeling after this year of pod-casting, hosting, creating, you tubing, and whatever else social media wise/tv/Speaking conferences etc... that most of you know who I am without my story, and it is NOW time to bridge just why my being has been and still is so immersed in this alternative medial.
I love you all. Thank you again for you.

Hope to have you join Tuesday night, gracious thanks.

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