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Know Your Propaganda - "False Dilemma" - What is It?

Source - Discerning the Mystery

by Shem El-Jamal, January 18, 2017

In the spirit of disclosure and revelation for our awakening population, I decided to do something special. For our entire lives, we have been lied to and manipulated for the benefit of a select few elitists. These elitists have used a series of deceptive and underhanded tactics of social control to blind us from the truth behind their twisted version of reality. My intent within this series of shorts is to reveal all of the methods of control employed by these manipulators.

The NDAA Legalizes the Use of Propaganda on United States Citizens - Commentary and Links, Plus an Interview with Dr. Udo Ulfkotte

There are hundreds of tactics used to make the us—general population—believe numerous lies about the world around us. Most of these tactics are quite literally centuries old. Yet still there are a good number of people who still fall for them every time these methods are used. My goal is to stop the cycle of manipulation, and if you share this goal I invite you to join me is this revelation.

We start with a manipulative tactic known as False Dilemma.
False Dilemma

(Also known as: false dichotomy*, the either-or fallacy, either-or reasoning, fallacy of false choice, fallacy of false alternatives, black-and-white thinking, the fallacy of exhaustive hypotheses, bifurcation, excluded middle, no middle ground, polarization)

Description: When only two choices are presented yet more exist, or a spectrum of possible choices exists between two extremes. False dilemmas are usually characterized by “either this or that” language, but can also be characterized by omissions of choices. Another variety is the false trilemma, which is when three choices are presented when more exist.

Logical Form:
Either X or Y is true.
Either X, Y, or Z is true.
Example (omission):
I thought you were a good person, but you weren’t at church today.

Explanation: The assumption here is that bad people don’t go to church. Of course, good people exist who don’t go to church, and good church-going people could have had a really good reason not to be in church—like a hangover from the swingers' gathering the night before.

At this point, we may be thinking of numerous examples of false dilemmas that we've seen used in modern society. It is typical that any controlling establishment will couple this method of false dilemma with the divide-and-conquer agenda. This is done so that a population remains in a state of division and self-conflict instead of realizing and solving the true origins of their problems. We can see this clearly in American society.

American Mind Control: The Cost of Secrecy Part 1 – Examining the Effects of Secrecy, Propaganda, and Organized, White-Collar Crime

We have the fictitious dichotomies of Conservative vs. Liberal, men vs. women, gays and transsexuals vs. straight people, Democrats vs. Republicans, Blacks vs. Whites, and so on. In most recent times, we have one false dilemma that has been particularly traumatic for some Americans. This is that, "Either you mercilessly hate Donald Trump with all your might, or you're a racist." This is clearly ridiculous because in hating a hateful person, we waive the right to criticize. Instead, we become just like them, and may deserve just as much criticism as them.

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