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Here’s Why the EPA Could Be the Most Corrupt Agency of the Government - Links and Commentary

Source - Discerning the Mystery

by Shem El-Jamal, January 31, 2017

When we think of the EPA, we may think of the reputable and benevolent organization we have been taught to believe in. Upon hearing the very name, many Americans typically respond by assuming ethical and upright practice within this organization. However, when we look at the truth behind the acronym, the facade of official benevolence quickly disintegrates.

The truth about the EPA is that is it is far from anything reputable or exemplary from a professional or official perspective. This is an agency that has for years, been linked to fraud, scientific misrepresentation, cover-ups of corruption and collusion with other agencies, and environmental neglect on a massive scale for the sake of profit. When one looks at the inner workings of this agency, they see that the claim of "environmental protection" is only a cover for some of the grossest of governmental corruption.

President Trump Institutes Media Blackout at EPA

The recent decision of President Trump to suspend the EPA's influence in media was immediately demonized by the corporate media (along with the dwindling group of people who still subscribe to this media). Independent opinions are actually very healthy (if in fact they are truly independent), and are an expression of our freedom of thought. However, the choice to ridicule a decision without taking the time to learn the situation which surrounds it is not exactly a plan for success.

When we look at the reality of the situation, we may see the suspension of communication of this group of serial liars and defrauders was likely necessary, and not the edict of a totalitarian dictator as it was portrayed by corporate media. Though I do not necessarily like everything about the new president (or presidents in general), I do appreciate the revelations that have come to light due to his election.

James Gilliland: Trump, Marches, and PSYOPS Operations to Divide the World

To add, I do expect honesty, professionalism and thoroughness in media. I am sorry to say, but we have not seen such qualities in corporate media for decades.

When we look into the issues of corruption within the EPA from past years, the situation reveals the excessive need for an official overhaul of massive proportions. Until this overhaul and investigation can take place, this agency can be just as manipulative, self-advantageous, and destructive as we have seen in past years. As journalist Michelle Malkin said back in 2014, "Real environmental protection starts with draining this fetid swamp."

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