Monday, February 13, 2017

Facebook Executive Arrested for Soliciting Sex from a Minor - Links and Commentary

Since December of 2016, the issue of unjustified internet censorship has been central in alternative media. There have been numerous instances of draconian attempts to silence whistleblowers and truth-tellers under the false label of dealing with "fake news." Beneath these attempts rests what looks to be an attempt at covering up the onslaught of revelations surrounding the issue of Pedogate (Pizzagate).

Let's consider for a moment, the recent moves by Facebook, Google, YouTube and other outlets to silence alternative media, claiming without any evidence that these outlets produce "fake news." These extrajudicial moves by these companies have been made with no government or public oversight. They have been quickly executed with complete disregard for human rights, and what amounts to little more than self advantageous intent to eliminate sources of information which threaten the establishment.

#PizzaGate - What We Know So Far - Video, Links, and Commentary

It seems obvious that the recent attempts to attack alternative media have been nothing more than an attempt to cover up the massive government pedophilia scandal (among others) currently being revealed en mass. This scandal stretches across all political parties and has encompassed the whole of the international political arena for decades now. Yet instead of revealing these crimes to the public, Facebook, YouTube, Reddit, and Google seem to be doing everything they can to stop this revelation from continuing.

Could it be that just as in the case of Dov Katz of Facebook, that these companies cover for pedophiles because they or those close to them are actively participating in similar crimes? We have heard from a number of whistleblowers that prostitution and pedophilia are commonly used as a means to blackmail elitists and heads of business. These business heads are then made to cooperate with in the criminal actions of the global Cabal, and if they ever attempt to double-cross the elitist group, they are either outed or murdered to silence their testimony.

REVEALED - How Thatcher’s Government Covered Up a VIP Pedophile Ring - Links, Video, and Commentary

I want this to sink in for a moment. Facebook—one of the main proponents claiming that Pizzagate is "fake news" and that advocates for draconian censorship—holds a standard that allows its executives to participate in pedophilia. We should keep in mind that this case alone does not spell guilt for Facebook. However, it is the reported commonality of pedophilic offense within American government, and the fact that Facebook so quickly supports unethical censorship that causes me to question the similarities between these close-knit institutions. Until this case can be connected with the rest of the rampant pedophilia, we have plenty of evidence to suggest the very strong likelihood that the relationship between government and media is more than simply monetary.

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