Monday, January 16, 2017

When will you realize that you are not the drop, but the ocean itself?

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(Ziad) Each day, I wait.

I wait for you to remember. I wait for you to realize who you truly are.

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by Ziad, January 2nd, 2017

You see yourself as a tiny drop in the big ocean of the universe. But you, my dear one, are not merely a drop.

You are the ocean itself.


How could you be the entire ocean when you experience your very real physical boundaries?

What you see is but a tiny fraction of your reality. It is an illusion. Your boundaries are limitless. You’re simply choosing to focus your consciousness on this little drop for now. But you’ve forgotten who’s doing the choosing.

There’s another you behind the scenes. And it is an ocean of love. Unbounded love itself.

It can’t be hurt. It can’t be changed. It can’t be contained.

It is limitless energy, and it’s you.

The real you.

This little drop that you think you are is a part of you to honor and to use, but it’s not all of you.

And it’s only when you forget this that you suffer.

You see yourself as a helpless drop, at the mercy of a giant unpredictable ocean. You see yourself as the victim of the storms.

But I wait for you to remember that storms can’t touch your essence.

Your essence encompasses even the storms. It is the stage on which the entire dance plays out. And the real you is never in danger.

So today, remember who You truly are. Remember that you are the ocean, choosing to temporarily experience itself as the drop.

But this is no ocean of water. It’s an ocean of pure love. Unspeakable love, beyond all words and description.

Rest in that knowing.

Connect to your essence and feel the love that you are and radiate it outwards. There’s no end to how much you can give.

And when things come to challenge you, don’t forget your true Self behind the scenes. Instead of resisting, let that Self embrace all that would tempt you to choose anger and pain.

For they are but drops, and you are the ocean itself.



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