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Update - Open ET Contact, UFO Battles, Galactic Alignments, a Planetary Shift into an Age of Abundance

Source - Discerning The Mystery

by Shem El-Jamal, December 9, 2016

This latest update from Kent Dunn and Gary Larrabee includes many different points to consider. The subjects range from skirmishes between ETs to planetary and cosmic alignments, the Secret Space Program, and a number of points on the subject of archaeology and ancient civilizations.

Update on the Cabal Takedown - Earthquakes and Lightning Storms Reported to Be Side Effects of Attacks on Underground Bases

Up until this point, we have heard many different subjects covered within alternative media—making it difficult for the average person to discern that which is true and credible from that which is purely sensational. Many of these subjects are extremely complex, and each of the online sources that discuss them tend to have their own unique way of communicating events. Some have a tendency for greater accuracy, while others are more questionable.

With regard to the subjects discussed in this video, it seems that aside from the belief systems which Kent and Gary hold, these concepts are accurate for the most part. Here is Kent Dunn and Gary Larrabee.

Video - Kent Dunn Reveals Hidden Truths to Expand our Minds to See the "Truth that's Stranger than Fiction"

The Mainstream Version

Reuters - Britain, U.S. sending planes, troops to deter Russia in the east

The Telegraph - Russia deploys nuclear-capable missiles in Kaliningrad as tensions between US and Russia become 'more dangerous than Cold War'

Though I do not subscribe to the religious belief systems that Kent and Gary seem to hold, I believe this video does include many important subjects. Many of us have heard of numerous scenarios of disclosure. Also, we have heard that the Cabal has been attempting to use a plan for partial disclosure as a diversion from their own demise due to the Pizzagate investigations.

BREAKING - Underground Bases Reported to be Under Fire, Cabal Being Arrested as They Flee - Video, Links, and Commentary

The Secret Space Program

We have also heard of the numerous efforts by certain influences within the Secret Space Program to attempt a controlled disclosure that would allow certain aspects of truth to be revealed, but that would hide a large portion of the truth from the general public. This was a selfish plan of the SPP for the most part, and would only serve to keep a few powerful people in control of the Earth while the rest of humanity went on without knowing all of the crimes commented against us in order to maintain this secrecy.

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