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David Wilcock Update: "My channel is back up." -- Updates from Previous Article Added

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) David Wilcock posted on Fulford's report this morning that his YouTube channel,, has been reactivated. He posted an extensive article on the debacle on Saturday evening, which can be found below. He updated that post today, which I have added those sections of to this post.
- Justin

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Source - Benjamin Fulford

by David Wilcock, January 2nd, 2016

Comment by dwilcock on January 2, 2017 @ 11:43 pm

Yes, my channel is back up. I am about to write an update to the article:

The fact that a single individual was able to destroy my channel for that long, in an obvious fraud, is certainly troubling.

I am about to write the update to this article but my point is that this is not over. There is no way to know if the Cabal was behind this but some insiders have told me this is exactly how they do it.


As of about 8PM PST last night, our YouTube channel has been completely restored. No strikes, perfectly clean, as if nothing ever happened:

Then when you go over and take a look at the once-formidable or, this is what you see:

The phony website is still up, but since he only linked to himself, there is nothing to see:

This joyous event happened at some point near the end of while I was watching Olver Stone's new film Snowden. With all this stress I needed to see a movie.
Everything about it was amazing -- the acting, the storyline, the cinematography, the pacing and the amount of disclosure.
I was very impressed and moved. This film is a defining moment for the Alliance, and makes me feel as if Full Disclosure is absolutely inevitable.

The episode is called Mainstream Consciousness and Disclosure, and it debuted right in the midst of this terrible war against my YouTube channel.

You can watch us on Roku, Apple TV, Google Play, Xbox or PlayStation, or AirPlay it into your Apple TV, and have a seamless viewing experience.
In all honesty, I feel this is one of the best political expose' episodes I've ever done -- covering so many of the subjects surrounding the impending defeat of the Cabal.
It is also very strange to be name-dropping Podesta at the beginning, during a time right before the scope of the Wikileaks revelations had set in.

There were some definite synchronicities after my channel got restored as well.
One of Snowden's key messages was that if these problems are not addressed on a mass level, others will come along who reveal even more. They may be persecuted but they will not stop until justice occurs.
What just happened here with my channel is the cyber equivalent of the harassment of so many other insiders and whistleblowers that we have seen.
Corey Goode has said that genuine Cabal agents, hired to sabotage people like us, fit the profile of the Teddy Bear. This doesn't mean he is working for them, but it is entirely possible.
Then as the film has its triumphant close, Peter Gabriel is singing and honoring Snowden... and I had prominently featured two of his songs in this article!
Even better, the first thing I saw after recovering my channel was a 'numerical synchronicity' across the hit counters of two of my videos simultaneously:

The official video for my new book The Ascension Mysteries was at 349,491 views, while the video for my first book The Source Field Investigations was simultaneously at 1,288,288 views.

It was also a completely unplanned synchronicity that the exact run-time of the Source Field video and Corey's version of ENDGAME II were only off by two seconds: 1:52:19 and 1:52:17.
I had never noticed that until this happened. I just dictated the article in a series of about ten file chunks that I sent to Corey's team. There was no conscious planning around any of this.
Genuine synchronicity happens with no conscious effort. I believe this is no laughing matter. Hence I wrote an entire book analyzing the science of this phenomenon.

This fit in with other repeating number patterns that were appearing when I wrote the original update on the morning of New Year's Day.
Part One of ENDGAME was at 254222 hits at 7:57 AM, right when I came in to make the update, breaking a quarter million unique views:

Then after I posted the initial part of the update at 8:02 AM, the new article had 26 revisions and 26,637 views:

We were carpet-bombed with hate comments almost immediately after the channel was restored. We banned the accounts doing it and will continue doing so.
This was almost certainly the Teddy Bear continuing to try to pursue revenge through personal attacks from his countless alternate identities.
In all of my letters to YouTube as this problem went on, I have been asking to have my application for Content ID Verification approved.
This would create a digital firewall across all of YouTube that would make it impossible to steal any of my videos. It works retro-actively over the course of a few months as well.
In order to get my application to even file, I had to hammer out the dents on my AdSense account and get it approved, which I have now done. Up until then it was automatically declined every time.
I am sick to death of being ripped off. Given the scope and depth of his operation, I believe the Teddy Bear may have made over half a million dollars on AdSense revenues this year just from stealing my identity.
It seems absolutely shocking, but once I started investigating how much this pays and how many there were, that figure is actually very conservative.

If this works, we will implement a second channel, David Wilcock Radio Shows. 
All of our radio shows will live there as videos with the proper dates and credit on the splash screen. This will be found at
Then, within a few months, that will be the only place where our radio shows will live on YouTube. It is going to take work to locate and upload all of those shows but it is definitely worth it.
The reason I want this to be a separate channel is, to be honest, I dislike YouTube videos with audio-only content. Video is video, and radio is radio.
My complete rejection of "radio videos" is how this awesome "black market" was able to exist for so long.
By partitioning this content off into its own channel, I will have a repository of this audio so it cannot be stolen and re-packaged as "NEW 2017!" any longer. 
Furthermore, it won't clog up, where I have always worked to have a consistently high standard of video quality.

One big 'call to action' right now is to please go to my YouTube channel and subscribe.
Once you cross 10,000, you can access sets, equipment and resources at the YouTube headquarters here in Venice. I have never done this, but was going to show up if this deletion wasn't resolved.
We are at about 65,000 subscribers right now.
Based on what I have heard from friends, a Silver account gives you far better access to real people and resources at YouTube.
You will be notified automatically whenever I do a video, which is nice.
Between this and signing up for your free gifts at, you are helping ensure that we cannot be taken down as the Alliance makes its final moves.
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